Rurumi's second anniversary! I love her new design, it has a great silhouette and distribution of masses—very fun to draw!

15 June 2024

Rurumi was very cute during "our" 3D date last year. I wanted to try and capture her energetic cheerfulness during that stream, draw her amazing outfit, and try out cross-hatching. The leg is a mess, sadly.

10 January 2024

A birthday drawing for Rurumi's 19th(sic) birthday. She had mentioned in passing that she'd like to see herself depicted as a slimegirl, so I tried to liquefy her design.

24 October 2023

Drawn for Woomy's 1-year anniversary as a streamer.

18 June 2023

Rurumi as a mandarin, drawn to commemorate her entering her final exams at university. She graduated successfully!

21 February 2023

Inspired by a heartwarming tweet about the Slightly-less-pretty One's loving mother writing her a letter.

02 February 2023

Doodled during a drawing stream by Rurumi Yumemi. I mentioned this in the chat. She was wearing this wreath of condoms in her hair, as she sometimes does, and asked me not to draw them, so...

01 November 2022