~ Erpel & Unkel, 04.04.2023 ~

I crossed the Rhine from Remagen to Erpel, to walk from there to neighbouring Unkel.

Beyond Erpel's lovely but small old town lie mostly nondescript residential areas.
There was little worth photographing.

Between the two towns stands the humble medieval Castle Vilzelt, once surrounded by a moat.

This goat was as curious as I was, and jumped up the ledge to take a closer look at me.

This part of Unkel is called Heister. The small handful of half-timbered houses and the chapel indicate that this used to be its own village at one time, but nowadays it's essentially a suburb of Unkel.

The B 42 highway, another residential area, and a small business park separate Heister from Unkel proper.

Past the commercial buildings, with each street corner you step a century further into the past…

…and soon arrive in the narrow streets of Unkel's old town.

It's a long, winding street punctuated by little squares and lined with cafés and stores. Alleys branch off towards the Rhine.

The Rhine promenade contrasts with this mediæval street, and is lined with grand residences and hotels from later centuries.

Zig-zagging through the connecting alleys is worthwhile, and reveals more houses, courtyards and gardens.

A statue of Our Lady looks out over the river, and behind her a path leads up to the Gothic church of St. Pantaleon, surrounded by a cemetery. Its interior was splendidly remade in the Baroque manner, with a towering high altar, a richly decorated pulpit, an ornate wrought-iron chandelier, and fine carvings, gilding, and statues all over.

A former prison tower terminates the town walls.

Beyond, the promenade leads around the inside of a meander. On the other side of the Rhine the B 9 highway, a railway, and a small footpath all tightly hug the rock, topped by the occasional 19th century mansion.

Around the bend the view opens up again, and Remagen comes into view.
Overall, it's about half an hour at a leisurely place between Unkel and Erpel.

I arrived back in Erpel shortly after the ferry had left, and took another stroll around while waiting for it to return.