~ Laacher See, 27.03.2021 ~

The Laacher See is a caldera lake at the edge of the Eifel region.
Most of the land belongs to the Benedictine abbey of Maria Laach, founded in the 11th century.

The volcano underneath the lake is dormant and has not erupted in some 10,000 years, but occasional seismic activity betrays that it is only slumbering.

Maria Laach abbey thrives nowadays on its agricultural production (meat, eggs, fruit, etc.), metalcrafts, bookstore, and as an increasingly popular spot for local tourists.
The monks were praying the vespers when I arrived so I couldn't visit its Romanesque church, but the Latin chants from within were beautiful.

The Laacher See is popular among pilgrims, hikers, campers, and families alike.
A lakeside camping site, boat rentals, a sail club, a hotel, and a hiking trail around the lake & through the forest and the abbey's fields and pastures all find ready customers during the summer.