~ Mehlem, 20.04.2021 ~

Mehlem is a small town at the edge of the metropolitan area of Bonn.
It blends seamlessly into Bad Godesberg.

The vestigal old core of the village runs along a single street.
For the most part, Mehlem is essentially a suburb.

A broad promenade runs along the Rhine, flanked by 19th century villas looking upon the Drachenfels, the city of Königswinter, and the Hotel Petersberg above it.
The hotel is historically notable for the signing of the treaty named after it.

It's nice.

A short loop through a residential area...

...and back to the Rhine, towered over by the weathered ruins of Castle Drachenfels.

Schloß Drachenburg, a prime example of dubiously tasteful 19th century kitsch, was built on the hill next to it.

Farther upstream the houses give way to a camping site and finally meadows and groves.
From there you can see the Rolandsbogen in the distance.