~ Namedy, 27.04.2021 ~

Namedy is little more than a suburb of Andernach, separated from that city by a mountain.

It consists of but a few streets with houses, but it is notable for its castle.

The oldest parts of Castle Namedy date back to the late Middle Ages. It was expanded over the centuries, and even if wall anchors didn't spell out the dates of different sections of the castle, you can tell their ages at first glance.

Today the castle belongs to a branch of the Hohenzollern dynasty, to whom it passed in the early 1900s.
Much of the castle grounds is open to the public. To pay for its upkeep, it's being run as a hotel and an event venue.

Behind it lie only orchards, fields, and forest.

A small park, rich in flowering trees, follows the now-dry moat around the southern end of the building.
It leads to the courtyard behind the castle, which is closed to the public.

There are some playful masonry deocrations on the Gothic part of the castle, though some of them look like 19th century additions or restaurations.

The rest of Namedy is small and unremarkable.
Most houses and the church are modern, and it lacks anything like a town centre or real infrastructure.