~ Orsberg, 17.10.2021 ~

I took the ferry over the Rhine to see whatever village to which belongs the church spire atop the ridge behind Erpel.
(I didn't take the time to adjust the camera to the lighting conditions, and the lighting & colours look off in some photos.)

A decade and a half ago this hillside was green, a mixture of forest and pasture. Since then, new streets and residential buildings have spread across it. Construction cranes were pretty much a fixture of the view over these years.

Near the top begins the hamlet of Orsberg. It's small – at most a handful of streets, most of them recent. The main street sports a couple of old half-timbered houses as well as the church, which was unfortunately locked.

Behind the village, at the edge of the valley, lies a small horse farm (with a pair of sheep, too). The land flattens beyond here and gives way to open fields and woodland.

I did not explore much and had to run some of the way back to catch the ferry – just in time, too: it left about thirty seconds after I hopped on.