~ Bad Bodendorf, 22.05.2021 ~

comment("A walk past the old B9 linking Remagen and Sinzig."); populate(11,$i); comment("There is not much here: fir tree plantantion for Christmas trees, a farm, and a water treatment facility."); populate(17,$i); comment("Through the fields towards Bad Bodendorf, past the cemetery for the dead of the Golden Mile Allied concentration camp..."); populate(23,$i); comment("...there is the Schwanenteich, or Swan Pond. So named after the pond which serves as a refuge for swans and other waterfowl, the area features a petting zoo with sheep, goats, and ponies, and various large cages and enclosures with exotic birds, raccoons, and a few other animals."); populate(29,$i); comment("It's a popular place with parents and children. The free-roaming animals can be fed over or through the fence. Among the colourful birds, the parrots probably get the most attention, happily engaging in shouting matches with happy little kids. The weather and lighting didn't allow for good photos of the bird cages, sadly."); populate($a,$i); include 'footer.php';?>