~ Sintra, 10.08.2023 ~

The mountain of Sintra is littered with palaces, villas, and parks, and the roads leading towards them are often lined with ornate fountains and statues.

The 1755 Great Lisbon Earthquake destroyed much of Sintra as well—and so one may spot Rococo ornaments around town from when it was rebuilt. 19th century Romanticism left its mark on Sintra as well.

Closest to the town is the Quinta de Regaleira, an elaborate neo-manueline palace built by practicing Freemasons and imbued with their symbolism.

Not far down the road is the neoclassical Setais Palace, now a hotel. A very elegant building, with a great view of the landscape in the back.

Some 2 km further down the road would have been Monserrate Palace, but as it was nearing noon, I instead turned back. Unfortunately I fell ill later that day and never got to visit it during my stay.

The wall of the road is punctuated with wells and shade, and its length is carved with the scribbles of tourists.

One very charming thing in this corner of Portugal are the elaborate gates, big and small.

After returning to my apartment to cook lunch, I realised that I didn't have salt, so I went to buy some in the downhill newer part of town.