~ Colares, 13.08.2023 ~

Between Praia das Maçãs and Sintra runs a tram. There used to be more stops along the way, and it was general public transport, but nowdays it's mostly a tourist attraction.

The ride is a very loud, screeching, and bumpy one, but very charming. The route leads through the countryside, crossing villages and hamlets, and finally ascends up the mountain.
People often wave at the tram as it passes by.

It provides a nice cross-section of the area – you pass panoramic views of the mountains and landscape, follow busy roads, but also squeeze through backyards and past humble farmhouses.

Overall the ride takes around 40 minutes. The rails terminate on a street in Sintra, around a ten-minute walk away from the train station.

The row of houses here were built to accomodate English architects, gardeners, etc. during the years it took to build some of the nearby palaces and gardens during the 19th century. On the same street there is also a market on some days.