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Rosettsara:Oh, just a minor nitpick,m but it's actually Lily, rather than Lilly
Full house
P.P. A.:Yeah, Lily will have to earn her second “l” over the course of the campaign
Rosettsara:Will she learn to Love again?
Ken (GM):no, he means "liberating Lichtenstein'
DrExplosion:she's gonna hold that L so long she ends up adding it to her name
Fiss:Ken, character sheet sent
It should do for now.
Ken (GM):woop woop
Fiss:[notice my optimism by putting the point if he'll survive more than 1 session!]
Ken (GM):Remember when Pod charged the line of nazi with SMG's?
Fiss:We really need to get him gaming here with us mwhahaa
Ken (GM):man, you know I dont have the required JuJu for a reincarnation spell like that; he'd have to go from furry to normal human and I only have the points for coffee zombie
and we both know he dont drink coffee
Fiss:Ooh, speaking of that, coffee time.
Ken (GM):zoidberg noises
Ken (GM) Airth, the Shattered World. A globe asunder, drifting countries floating on cracked continents, over a boiling roil of power and wonder below. A core of weirdness at the center.
Ken (GM) Ideology, religion, nationality; everything has been thrown to the wind and flux. Allies yesterday are enemies tomorrow, secrets untold in the depths and the skies, awaiting revelation
Ken (GM) Who are you , who would delve these depths and fly these skies? Are you adrift in the Roil, a shattered world of your own?
Bartholemew:“Yes,” Bartholomew thinks to himself, and takes a sip of vodka. He is leaning on the railing of the airship, looking out into the chaos, trying to find patterns in it, traces of the orderly universe lost to the storms.
Ken (GM):ominous
Ken (GM) The day is warm over Portsmouth, looking over the small sea of Ith. Gulls shriek and the noise of the city is a din below you, the Serpentis moored in the airship tower, alone on the crusty docks
Ken (GM) Fresh sea air rises up on the wind, and off on the horizon the sun dapples through the drifting clouds of the Stratos. Galicia looms somewhere West, and Visigard East. Ith, stuck in the inbetween, a little low and to the left
Lily had just emptied a can of food given to her earlier by her new caretaker, and inspected the inside to ensure that none would be left behind and thus wasted. Once she was sure the can was cleaned of all traces of food, she cleaned up and picked up her rifle, using the sling to carry it over her shoulder. She approached Bart cautiously, wondering quietly what he was looking at.
Ryan looks through the crowd at the dock, lingering excitement filling him despite his knowledge the folks there would rather trade in food and spice than the knowledge and artifacts he craves.
Ryan:"Fine day for exploring..." he mutters to nobody in particular.
Joush M. steps onto the deck, an elegant figure in miniature at perhaps five feet perched on glossy high heels that are well suited to her Commonwealth style dress. The dame looks like trouble even there with determined dark eyes and a stubborn set to her full mouth, walking to the rail and placing her hands on it as she gazes down at the city. She's after someone. "Maybe one of them will know something. Alexander was supposed to have come though here, after all."
Eliza steps onto the deck, an elegant figure in miniature at perhaps five feet perched on glossy high heels that are well suited to her Commonwealth style dress. The dame looks like trouble even there with determined dark eyes and a stubborn set to her full mouth, walking to the rail and placing her hands on it as she gazes down at the city. She's after someone. "Maybe one of them will know something. Alexander was supposed to have come though here, after all."
Ken (GM):[every....time]
Joush M.:Always with the forgetting to switch before posting..
Rosettsara:It's tradition!
P.P. A.:(It's BartholOmew btw)
Ken (GM):REE
Bartholomew:“Did he have any friends or contacts in this city?” the disgruntled doctor turns to ask the little lady, welcoming the opportunity for his thoughts to occupy themselves with something other then the apocalypse.
DrExplosion:what language is everyone speaking
P.P. A.:English
P.P. A.:Lemme check everyone's sheets
Ken (GM):hahahah
-point of order, can you fuckers understand each other
Rosettsara:Reference: Lily can do native spoken and written Visigard, Accented Spoken Galician, and Broken Written Galician
Bartholomew speaks Galician (Native) and Yanqui (Accented, but he's well-read in it), and only broken Visigard
Ken (GM):I see a lot of votes for Galician
with Ryan and johnnyunspecified
Ryan:I have a few points I can shift around for language if needed
Eliza speaks Galican and a little Visgragd.
Johnny speaks Broken Galician but is illiterate in the language, being a native Yanqui speaker
DrExplosion:(that is the language for the Confederacy, right)
Ken (GM):so Galician, with Johnny keeping up if he can?
@doc: yep, yankee-doodle-dandies
Eliza looks up to the doctor, nodding to the man and considering a moment before she shakes her head. "No, I'm afraid I don't think so. He was excited about the city in his letters, but mostly as a place to prepare for his expedition rather then to visit anyone."
P.P. A.:Bartholomew can interpret for Johnny a bit, bit it annoys him, so he'll only do it if necessary
Ken (GM):I mean, Accented knowledge is conversational, minus a bunch of double-entendres
DrExplosion:Broken should be enough that he can pick out key words and figure out when people are talking to him
Ken (GM):nds
DrExplosion:He's just not going to impress anyone with his poetry
Ken (GM):oh shit, johnny is gonna be the 'tonto'
DrExplosion:He's basically the Big Russian Guy except he speaks american
Ken (GM):oh fuck yeah
Bartholomew scratches his head. “…guess we'll have to show his photo around and hope someone recognises him. Hotels, equipment stores, whatever public office handles visas and permits…”
Joush M.:And you can always pick up more as we go
Ken (GM):[quirk; refuses to learn the local conlang]
P.P. A.:Johnny is so American he speaks only American in a setting where America (and English) doesn't exist
Ken (GM):hahahah
Lily looks around nervously, taking in the sight of the setllement before them. "If---if there's anybody to follow if they want to run, I can g-go after them, if you want. It will take time for me to know where to find the things."
Eliza nods up to the doctor with a gentle smile, then half turns from the rail and squares her tiny shoulders. "A very good idea.. Would you care to come with me Lily? Perhaps Doctor Bartholomew will aid us in employing a local private detective."
Lily nods
Bartholomew puts away his hipflask for later and nods. “Alright.”
Eliza:"I'd also intended to buy a firearm. I may need an expert recommendation. I'd hate to have a salesmen convince me of something that won't be much use." She confides to Lily with a gentle smile, then looks to the doctor.. judging his sobriety for just a moment before she sets off to debark from the Serpentis and into the grand tower.
Ryan notices some of his fellows about to disembark and slips up next to them
Ryan:"By any chance are you heading into town? Might I tag along?"
Eliza:"I would be pleased to have you with us, Sir."
Lily instinctively dodges Ryan as he gets close, maintaining a certain distance from him at all times in perfect sync with the man's own movements. "I will show you what is best. You don't need many things that cost more." She responds to Eliza.
Ryan runs to his cabin, grabbing his side arm and an empty backpack in case the trip proves fruitful
Eliza smiles just a touch at that, watching a moment then offering. "It's almost like you dance when just walking, Lily. I've found that to be true also.. just asking for the most -expensive- is a poor way to get the -best-."
Bartholomew slouches over into his cabin as well. He grabs his handgun, half-heartedly combs his hair, empties the half-empty glass of alcohol on his table, and comes back out dressed for society.
Ken (GM):[the man sweats vodka :P]
[perfect if you meet PVUT officials]
Johnny is already dressed and armed. He hasn't said anything, but you can tell that he can tell everyone else is about to leave and he's going to invite himself along.
Lily:"First you need to know if you want a rifle or a pistol. Pistols are good for close encounters or not wanting it to be seen. Rifles are easier to hit your target and more steady, but you will need to get used to them."
Ken (GM) You collect yourselves and ready to go about town; the Tower Bosun nods in acknowledgement of your passing, over his newssheet and cup of tea
Ken (GM) The walk down the tower is cool shaded in the iron and concrete building, the spiral stair inside walking the perimeter several times, down to the ground below
Eliza considers that. "Shall we buy a brace of rifles for expeditionary work and a pistol to carry for personal defense then?" She ask Lily as they walk. Descending the old tower to the ground with her thoughts on their task and a number of errands already listing in her mind.
Lily loses her stutter when speaking at length about firearms to Eliza, but it quickly returns when the reality of being in an unknown place with crowds of people sets in.
Lily:"I-if you don't mind learning both. It will be challenging."
Eliza:"I will try to be up to the challenge." She nods to Lily and looks to her clothing. "We have other things to shop for too.."
Bartholomew:“At least money still makes the world go around, if nothing else does anymore…” the scientist mumbles to himself.
Lily looks at Eliza curiously before turning to Bart quizzically. She hadn't gotten to know the man very much, but he was always drinking or mumbling like this. Often both.
Ken (GM) the city of Portsmouth is an old colonial town with a very modern chic of 'cataclysim recovery' ; the old roads are packed red dusty clay, the roofs of the whitewashed buildings a hot red tile of the same. Many sport either extensive rebuilding (like the port's concrete and iron structures) or professionally shored up structures in the city itself. The shadow of the docking tower looms but the bustle of the market is warm and bright, the heat of the day beginning humidly and with the rising scent of spices, meat and most of all, people
Ken (GM) The city is a true cosmopolitan paradise; palms and fruit trees grow wild in the green spaces, shading the likes of mustachioed Gauls, olive skinned Romanja and even plain-walking Confeds. Here and there you see gnome porters and even some dwarven merchants alongside the others plying their wares. The Bazarr of the Bizarre for sure
Ryan watches for those hocking more esoteric trinkets, but for the most part is happy just to absorb the chaos at a distance.
Eliza stops, given pause a moment simply to stare at the impossible scene before her, the new world created by the cataclysm shocking in it's strangeness as she walks along the people before stopping a likely looking man. "Excuse me Sir, I am looking for a Private Investigator. Could you direct me to someone that might know where to find one?"
Ken (GM) he stops and bows curtly, holding down his hat to gesture up the roadway "Just along here, little miss. You might look for the fellow with the Spyglass signage" and he smiles broadly, opening his hand to offer...a sweet taffy
Lily looks around, trying to take in the scenery and especially pays attention to hiding spots and escape points.
Ken (GM):"MISTAH RI-AN!" he offers broadly in accented tongues "Hyu come for the trejas of the don' belo?" he proffers a dwarven skull, crusted with bright blue crystalline growths, like a fungal crust of mineral
Eliza takes the taffy and curtsies like a child because it's easier to just go with this sort of thing then fight it every time. "Thank you Sir!" She says with artificial brightness, leaving the man and glancing to Lily. Making sure she's doing well with the crouads.
Bartholomew finds the scene overall familiar from the streets of Confederate towns, but he just cannot get used to all these fantasy creatures hobbling about.
Ken (GM):[an od dman in a bright red turban is talking up Ryan, just over yonder, FYI. His stall is full of weird junk]
Ryan:Ryan smiles brightly, despite the slightly grim trinket "Always, good sir! I have business in the city...but save me a gander at your treasures if you see anything I might like, I'll be back before dark."
rolling 3d6 vs 14 (Observation)
Ryan waves and follows his peers to make sure he doesn't lose them in the crowd
Johnny has spent plenty of time on shore leave in towns like this, so little fazes him or really grabs his attention, but it's always nice to get off the ship and stretch your legs, especially with company.
Ken (GM):Confed Swagger intensifies
Lily tugs on Eliza's clothing to get her attention
Eliza stops and looks to Lily. The girl is serious if she's willing to do that. "Hum?" She ask, looking around them casually.
Lily leans in to whisper. "Three. Black coats. Beards. Tall."
Eliza gets 7 vs 12 for Observation/Perception as she looks at the men, then around for any more. "Keep an eye on them for me Lily."
Eliza heads for the investigator's office while pretending she hasn't seen the men.
P.P. A.:Would the rest of the party have overheard this?
Ken (GM):PPA!: Roll PER minus 1 for your general buzz?
(From Ken (GM)): poke
P.P. A.:oops
Lily gets a bit closer to the other members of the party than she otherwise would, She keeps an eye on their followers.
Bart knows something is up
(To GM): 11
Bartholomew notices that they are being tailed; they don't seem like pickpockets—too tall, to conspicuous. He does not keep an eye on them, but he keeps their presence in mind.
Ken (GM) The group makes through the Bazarr, along the avenue indicated by the helpful man. The next street over, paved and quieter, has quite a few shop signs hanging in the breeze. Tailors, bookeepers and even a shiny glass sign for a private detective
Eliza:"It's a surprise. I thought the Secret Police would be more.. secret." She muses as she walks to the detective's office and stops a moment, waiting for someone to get the door for her. She looks expectantly to Johnny.
Ken (GM):[kek]
Lily continues looking for escape routes in the new street
Johnny politely opens the door for Eliza, as she is a LADY and the door is undoubtedly too heavy for her to open without straining in an undignified manner
Ken (GM) you head down the avenue as a group, lily looking every which way sternly, and the good lady CLICK CLAKing on her heels for the detectives
Ken (GM) the door goes JINGJANG with a bouncy springed bell, and you head inside. The smell of pipe tobacco, black coffee and book-must is incredibly strong in the stuffy office
Ken (GM) Youve Escaped, for the moment
Bartholomew gets nostalgic as his nose is tingled by this mixture; it's the smell of wise professors and better times.
Eliza:"Thank you" She mummers softly to Johnny as she walks inside and looks around. From heels to hair she can't be more then five feet but there is something dangerous about the determined set to her stubborn little mouth. The fact that she's half sure the secret police are already watching her doesn't stop her a moment as she walks inside and looks around for the detective. Reaching inside her purse already, she sets an envlope on the desk.
Ryan hangs out by the door, not having any particular interest in the PI, letting them do the talking
Lily hangs out by the door too, thinking to be someone in between the scary men and Eliza.
Johnny removes his sunglasses as he walks inside
The Man calls out from somewhere above in the Galician "Ill be right down! Apologies!"
Ken (GM):[adjusting sizes there for a sec
P.P. A.:>icons are at a 90° angle to the grid
Ken (GM) An aged man clomps downstairs loudly, then enters the office form the opposite of the darkened room; he's adjusting a steel vest on his chest with heavy leather straps, and a bright golden winged insignia on the front. His brush cut and scarred face widens into a broad smile at your group
The Man:"Hail and well met sirs, are you here about wayward mothers?" he chuckles to himself, looking you all over quizzically
Bartholomew:“Brothers, actually.”
Bartholomew returns the man's smile, however weakly, out of courtesy. He looks at Eliza, the client.
The Man walks through the office, round his desk and into the lamplight; he squints down at ELiza a moment, sees her dress and attire...and his look of confusion deepens
The Man:"I'm sorry?" he manages weakly
Eliza takes a deep breath as she looks over the man, considering a moment. "I'm looking to engage you to search for a man that went missing in the Cataclsym. Alexander Aquitaine."
The Man stares, wide eyed, like Eliza had a third head...or the voice of a woman in a child's stature
The Man:"Oh. Fuck me"
"I mean....shit"
"Hello Miss!" and he ducks a hard bow, dropping his head respectfully
Eliza waits a moment for him to get it out of his system."His expedition had stopped here for supplies. I'd like you to investigate that and bring me any information you can. His picture and information on the expedition are in this envelope. So is one thousand dollars." She takes a deep breath. "Hello, Sir. I hope you aren't too dazzled by my appearance to do your job? Are you.. really an investigator?"
Lily listens for any would-be people shuffling around outside the door.
Ryan:"Busy day at the market, it seems."
Ken (GM):[just adding the window now, derp]
Lily sneaks around under the window to see if she can get a good look at the men outside the door without being noticed herself.
+1 for yo tiny butt
Johnny looks out the window, keeping the door to his front
Lily sneaks... 12 vs 15 (Stealth)
Lily ...successfully.
Eliza looks like a child at first glance, but not many children wear that much gold. Flashes at her ears, wrist and throat, enough metal to pay the rent on the office for a few months. Hell, the girl's shoes are likely worth more then this man has cleared this week. It's the dress that might throw a person off. Dark silk cut perfectly to flatter , showing off a tiny waist and the elegant turn of the hip. An expensive purse at her hip.. but she looks worried, under all of that. Like she's afraid this might be another dead end. Like he won't be able to help find this Alexander.
Ken (GM) two of the men stand in the street, speaking conspiratorially to each other; the third man is nowhere to be seen from here
The Man:"Apologies miss, i dont know what I could have been thinking. Of course I can offer you...." he looks her up and down "some assistance
The Man gestures to the guest chair with an open hand, while he quickly shuffles aside to his own behind the desk
Ken (GM):[how uncouth!]
Eliza paces a moment in front of the desk before she forces herself to sit. Perfectly ladylike, other then the tiny hop needed to settle herself in the chair, then crossing her slender legs and resting her hands in her lap over her expensive handbag. "I am Eliza Aquitaine. What may I call you?"
Lily looks to Johnny and gestures, showing three fingers but pointing to the two outside.
Bartholomew addresses Johnny in Yanqui: “Any idea who those men are who followed us?”
Bartholomew:“Bearded, tall, dressed in black.”
Bartholomew speaks quietly enough to not interrupt Eliza and the detective, but loud enough that they can hear him.
Vallin Win:"Vallin, Vallin Win miss Aquitaine." He spares a glance at the uneasy group by his window "I wonder, are your retainers always so jumpy? I assur eyou the window doesnt bite" he offers as a weak joke. laughing ot himslef a short bit
Johnny:"We could try asking. There are three of us." Johnny motions towards Bartholomew and Ryan.
DrExplosion:(everyone in the party knows Lily is acktchually extremely dangerous, right)
Vallin Win:"Now, you say your Brother is missing Miss Aquitaine? I must ask, has he done this before?"
Rosettsara:(Depends on how much Eliza told them, I think)
Ken (GM) outside, the men continue to stand awkwardly close, definitely-not-eyeing the shop
Eliza:"I think they are still adjusting to the new world. I know I am, Mister Win." She smooths her fingers over her purse. "The thousand is to retain your services for the week and give you something to start. I would pay anything for my brother back. If you find him you can name your own price, but if you find any information, any lead, I will promise a thousand dollar bonus." She considers his question. "No. He is a very responsible person. He's gone on research expeditions before but always kept in touch."
Vallin Win notices the envelope on the desk; he listens to Eliza, and fondles the fat stack of money with wide eyes
Eliza:((oops, gilt, not dollar))
Vallin Win:[sack of Gilt coin? or like, stack of Gilt paper? both very valid]
Eliza:((Coin in this case. Outside Galicia she isn't asking the local to take paper))
Vallin Win has a half open sack in one hand and a heap of gold coins in the other, the room shines with the reflected polished gold
Bartholomew gets a bit nervous at the bold proposal, but decides to go with the flow. It's not like being rational worked out very well for him. He takes a swig from his flask, and nods. “Let's ask them.” He looks over to Ryan for confirmation, and asks Lily: “Can you watch the window?”
Lily nods
Ryan:"Agreed. Doesn't pay to be shy."
Vallin Win:"Miss, for a payment such as this..." he trails off and his eyes dart side to side, as if he were counting and measuring "You can have my ear and my eye for the indefinite future. Certinaly"
Johnny:"Excuse me."
DrExplosion:(that was in Galician, just realized my brackets disappeared)
(previous lines were in Yanqui)
Ken (GM):[{(languages ahoy)}]
Johnny excuses himself from the conversation he can't follow in the first place and opens the door to leave the building, confidently approaching the two strange men.
Johnny:[Yanqui] "Howdy."
Eliza nods. "If you have anything to report my ship is the Serepitis, docked at the Grand Tower. You can find me there, or reach me via telegraph." She assures him, then looks to Johnny. Nodding to the bold young marine then looking back to Vallin Win.
Ken (GM) immediately outside the office door, Johnny comes to the crouched figure of the third man, with a small brass horn to his ear; he appears to have been leaning on the door
Bartholomew follows within a few steps distance, less confident than the veteran.
The Man:"Bohzemoi"
Vallin Win startles at the commotion at the door, coins scattering from his hands
Bartholomew:[In broken Visigard] “[Sir, we are gentlemen. You want to know, you can ask us polite.]”
P.P. A.:(I'm assuming the “Bohzemoi was VIsigardian)
The Man stands suddenly, fearfully, and leans back defensively; when he realizes youre talking and not anything else...he listens. His moustache twitches
P.P. A.:Oh, moustache
Wasn't that Galician?
Ken (GM):Facial hair is a cross-cultural feature
P.P. A.:o ok :P
Ken (GM):hahah
Lily keeps an eye out for anyone else coming to support the men
The Man looks you up and down; underneath his now open coat you see the stark grey of a PVUT official and a red shoulder to hip sash of an actual officer of some kind. A long maus pistol in a thigh holster on his hip-to-knee. The men in the street have frozen, not knowing what to do
The Man:"Whe are here, fhor ze woman, LLIZA" he mangles the lady's name
Bartholomew looks to them and gives an uneasy but polite nod, acknowledging them.
The Man:"ZHE ees to chome, nao"
Ryan:"I rather think that would be up to her."
The Man stows the brass horn from his ear to his pocket
Eliza rises to her feet from the table and smooths her dress. "I belive there is some kind of commotion.." She walks slowly closer to Lily. "Trouble?"
Ken (GM):[woop, misclick there]
Lily:"The men are looking for you, and want you to go with them. They were spying on us."
Bartholomew leans back inside: “A few Visigardian gentlemen who've been tailing us would like you to come along, but they have yet to state a good reason to.”
Vallin Win shuffles about the floor, grunting, collecting the spille dcoins
Eliza:"Well then we shall begin by introducing ourselves? They do after all have me at a disadvantage."
The Man backs up from the door, keeping johnny in front of him
The Man has a perpetual sneering frown
Johnny calmly stands aside from the door, hands on his hips, the hilt of his sword plainly visible beneath his open jacket. His intent is not to threaten, but he could clearly choose to do so.
Lily:"They are at disadvantage."
Bartholomew:[In Visigardian] “[It is not polite not state name to lady; who are you?]”
The Man sees the big friggin sword, his moustaches brushes back and forth with a wiggle
Lily:"I can make them go away, Eliza."
Eliza speaks in Visigardian, slowly and carefully. Sometimes messing up a verb tense. "Are you here on official business Lord Drakonis? I am Eliza Aquitaine, these are my companions Johnathan, Lily and Bartholomew" She grins at something and looks to Lily. Giving her a tiny head shake no but winking to her. Letting her know not to go hot quite yet.
Ken (GM):[poor ryan]
Ryan:[Ryan's gotta learn somehow...]
Eliza corrects herself. "Official Business of Lord Drakonis.. Oh, and this is Mister Ryan."
Ryan:"Well met, I hope."
The Man:kekekek
The Man comes to attention at the address, and clicks his boot heels together and salutes wide and high
The Man:"MADAME!" he nearly shouts in excitement
"[Lord Drakonis the true prince asks you come at once. Please bring friends and follow us]" in the Visigard
Eliza lifts a delicate hand, showing a lack of ring. "Mademoiselle, in truth. I cannot refuse an official invitation from the Lord himself. Please, lead the way."
The Man 's words snap the tow men in back to attention, they flourish a salute, their coats opened to reveal their sashes, bright bloody red and gold-threaded under thick wool long coats
The Man stamps back in a parade stomp and flourishes his hands in a very broad way. He bows, indicating you follow him, his arm up in a stiff salute
Johnny rolls his eyes
Vallin Win:"By the gods, these officious bastards" the detective holds his heaps of coin to his metal belly, shaking his head
Bartholomew:“So this is alright?” Bartholomew asks the young lady.
Lily dodges the approaching detective
Vallin Win startles a bit at the sudden dodge, and he harrumphs
Vallin Win:"Cheeky little thing" he chuckles to himself
Eliza speaks softly to Bart in Galician. "Their uniforms look right and they know their bosse's name. Seems legitimate to me.. if things go wrong, I'm sure Johnny and Lilly will explain things to them and we can all go on our way."
Ken (GM) Outside, the royal guard stand at attention, taking the lead of the official man, the two behind falling into a wide posture with hands behind their backs
Ken (GM) You imagine they could break out the bagpipes at any moment
Bartholomew nods, and follows along. This strange display isn't any stranger than the lizardpeople in the streets, if anything.
Lily watches the whole display of formality with a quizzical expression
The Lord's Guard awaits you on bated breath; indeed the street is warm and windy now, the day promising tropical heat form the lagoon. A few passerby see the commotion, and watch with royal interest
Eliza walks out after a nod to Vallin. "Please find my brother, detective.".. Then out into the warm day. She rest a hand on Johnny's arm in passing, using him as escort and a prop to convince others to keep their distance. She doesn't stand so close to make it hard for him to get his sword if he needs it, however.
The Lord's Guard:"Ples, thees whay" he gesticulates back to the bazarr
The Lord's Guard marches forward, the two others taking up a marching pace alongside your group, a bit back to follow, eyes up and proudly marching
Lily trails along from behind, not trusting these men still, looking for any other followers and ambushes.
Lily shudders as she spots something in the distance
Ken (GM) the men march you along in a proud and jackbooted fashion, towards a large building alongside the square
Eliza knows Lilly is behind her, watching for trouble, so she focuses on what is ahead. Keeping alert, though a bit relaxed now. Unless they are playing a very complex con these men don't seem to be secret police.
Ryan:"Friends of yours?" he asks the young women
Johnny watches the tin soldiers with disdain, growing more patriotic with their every step and salute
Lily shakes her head
Lily mutters to herself in Visigard. "You can't escape home."
The Lord's Guard marches proudly, and smoothly removes folks who dont quit emove out of your way as he parades back to the building ahead "The Hotel L'Oronge". Inside is a bustle of white polished marble and ferns in gold pots. The concierge see your double-group approach and waves for the elevator-man to get ready for you, a brass carriage summoned from above to bring you up immediately
Ken (GM) the polite bustle of men and women and their servants make quiet commotion at your coming, the guard parading as they are. You hear snippet son the air of "Visigard pomp and circumstance"
DrExplosion:>Hotel L'Orange
smh the Dutch are scum
Ken (GM):hahahah
>Boer stare intensifes
Eliza walks with her head up and proud, looking around the lovely lobby as if quite used to such a place. Stepping into the elevator when it's ready and making sure nobody invades Lily's space.
Lily looks down at the ground as she passes other strangers
Bartholomew makes at least a bit of effort to straighten his posture so as to not embarrass his employer.
Ken (GM) the elevator arrives and a bellhop awaits with his little flat cap and tailcoat in a fine white. The Royal guard leaves his two underlings and ushers your troupe inside. There is just enough space that lily should be okay(maybe)
The Lord's Guard remains silent as the elevator clacks shut and the bellhop makes the ZHING ZHING of the controls lift you all to the top floor. The cage rattles a moment as it shudders to movement, and a faint jingling of a tiny bell rings off the floors as you ascend.
The Lord's Guard When you reach the summit, four little jangles go off and then the doors open on a well lit and airy space. A vaulted ceiling above and wide open windowless walls let the breeze dapple over burbling tiled ponds and green flower-pot gardens. Nearby a peacock ruffles wide it's feathers and you see ahead in the luxury, a white tiger lounging on a red velvet coushion "Penthouse, the operating occupancy of the Crown Prince" the little bellhop speaks quiet, reverently (or trying not to wake the tiger)
The Lord's Guard steps out, and holds out a stiff arm and wide hand, indicating you should head over to the cushion, and the tiger. A high backed chair in luxurious red leather seated beside it in the cool place
Eliza may be used to wealth but even her is left starring at the tiger a moment as she walks inside. A slow breath taken then nodding and walking as directed. "What a lovely cat"
Ken (GM):[oh no]
Bartholomew , despite this probably looking improper, takes out his flask and takes another swig. The tiger was just too much.
Ken (GM):kekekek
P.P. A.:Good thing the bottle doesn't hold enough to get him drunk.
The Lord's Guard squints
Ken (GM) Ahead, the tiger lifts its head and yawns, toothily. It stretches and rakes its claws along the stone floor, long limbs and wiiiide pawas
Lily spots the cat and looks a little more cheerful
Ken (GM) and a hand drops out from the highback chair, to rest on the tiger's scalp, scratching behind the ear
Ken (GM) the hand boasts a gold ring with a fat red ruby on the fourth finger, and a gold-tailored silken shirt on the arm
DrExplosion:10/10 bond villain
Ryan:[watches for lasers]
Ken (GM):pew pew
Lily follows Eliza, temporarily forgetting the apprehension at being in an unfamiliar place to take a closer look at the kitty.
Eliza waits a moment to see how the man will play things, standing elegant and poised as she looks to the ringed hand.. then back to the cat.
The Man seated in the chair lifts the hand, and beckons you come from the elevator, silently. The tiger stares, white eyes interested but half-closed
Bartholomew rights himself and follows behind the two midgets.
The Man:GASP
The Man remains seated. As you enter the room the cool sea breeze is sweet with flower scent and fresh water air. Men stand in the far shadows of the pillars holding up the room, on the far periphery looking out to the city aorund you. The noise below is missing, and only the commanding view remains.
Eliza walks closer and waits.
The Man sits, lounging in a tall chair. As you round his seat his bearded and coiffed visage regards you with a smirking interest, if not a sneering aloof quality. He sits with an open silk shirt, a long coat covered in gilt and fashion draped haphazardly over shoulders. In his other hand, a short cane topped with an apple-sized emerald gleams. he fidgets with it lazily as you enter the room
The Prince speaks, finally "I am the Crown PRince, his lordship Drakonis. I welcome you to my godly presence" he waggles his ringed hand with a kind of lax and un-lordly demeanor. The tiger rolls over slowly, and stares, belly half up to the air
The Prince looks you five over, eyes resting on each of you. It rests a bit longer on the ladies, and stops on Eliza
The Prince:"You are quite exactly what I was expecting, Lady Eliza." and he sighs, standing up from the chair
The Prince ruffles the sweat from his shirt, and makes a short bow to the Lady
Eliza:"I'm pleased to hear it. Lord Drakonis." She says briefly, inclining her dark haired head to him and asking at last. "My brother came though here just before the cataclsym. Did you meet with him?"
The Prince smirks
The Prince:"Yes, quite"
"He had a very interesting bit of work to do, didnt he?" the prince stands, the short scepter planted, his stance wide and relaxed. He taps his chin
"Youve lost him then?"
Eliza:"He is a very curious and determined young man." She agrees, then frowns. "He has not been seen after the collapse. I am trying to find him.. is there anything you can tell me?"
The Prince smirks again, his bushy eyebrows raising and a look crossing his face of some odd interest.
The Prince:"I can tell you a bit, though I must warn that it is astate secret to be sure"
"Would I have your assent..." he points the scepter at the lot of you, waving it about to each"...that you would swear an oath to secrecy?"
Lily looks around to everyone else
Eliza:"Yes, of course. Anything you tell me will be held in the strictest confidence."
Ryan nods as well, uncertain anything he's told would interest him personally anyway
Bartholomew stares back blankly, the alcohol having done its job well.
Johnny can't even understand what they're saying, he couldn't sell them out if he tried
The Prince grins, toothily
The Prince snaps his finger and raises his scepter. From the shadows comes flappily running a small man in red and black robed suit, a wide square hat on his head
The Prince:"Scribe, proffer the required documents to be signed En Writ, if you would"
The Man nearly slaps himself in the ink-stained face with a salute, and hastily yanks rolle dup documentation from his sleeves to be quickly handed to each of you, bearing a red-wine colored waxed seal with golden ink, of the Csar crown
The Man steps shuffling and flat footed paces between each of you, offering up quilled pens and a pot of black ink he reveals from another pocket, spilling it on the white marble floor with a little "oops"
Eliza starts to read slowly, then ask Lilly.. "Could you translate this for us, please?"
Ken (GM):[the documentation is in the Visigard]
[you recognize your names produced on the bottom of the pages, nearby a signatory line
Lily squints and repeats every word as best as she can in Galician.
Eliza:((Eliza dosn't trust her Visgradian for a legal doccument, but Lily's a native speaker))
Ken (GM):"The signatory [your names] hereby declares a swearing of a binding and legal oath to secrecy, regarding details provided vis a vis the Crown Prince Lord Vidis Drakonis of Visigard and her domains, to be held in utmost secrecy and regard that punishment should be meted out in the utmost immediate lethal way upon the Prince's requirement, should he deem it required by his divine mercy"
"Hereby sworn and signed by [your name here]"
Eliza shrugs and signs the NDA.
Ryan likewise signs his life away
Ken (GM):[standard fare, really]
Lily signs it nervously
The Prince waits, arms crossed, tapping a foot lightly. The Tiger yawns again, and licks it's paws
The Prince eyes Bart and the Confed, equally
Lily eyes the kitty some more
Ken (GM) The beast takes notice and stares back, panting lightly. Sniffing interest and panting with whiskers raises, waggling at the girl
Bartholomew listens to what Lily says, and glances over it himself—making out a few words and piecing together the gist of it, and finding that Lily spoke the truth. He signs it.
Johnny turns to the professor and asks in Yanqui, "What the heck is going on"
Lily looks a bit sad as she continues to look at the big kitty
Bartholomew:“[He wants us to sign a document in which we swear an oath to treat everything we are going to be told with utmost secrety, and that we're going to be brutally murdered if we share any of these secrets. Seems legit, though.]”
Eliza makes a mental note to try and understand Johnny's lanauge. It sounds like 'bow bow bow' to her.
Ken (GM):hahahah oh god
The Prince smirks
The Prince:"[Quite legit. On the level, even]" in the Yanqui
"In the future, scribe, the Crown would appreciate the inclusion of a brief translation in native tongues, if you could be bothered" he frowns a bit, disapponted
The Man:"Yes mi'lord, sorry mi'lord."
Johnny nods and frowns a bit. "I don't like it, but okay." He signs his name.
Bartholomew blushes very slightly, embarrassed to be speaking this informally in this very forman context—and also a little tipsy.
Eliza:"We are guest here, after all.. It's no trouble"
The Prince squints and frowns. "You of course means to say Your Imperial Highness, scribe?" as he watches with some scrutiny the five documetns collected stamped and offered to the prince by the cowing little man
The Man:"yes, your imperial highness, of course" and he bows againa and again, deeply, shuffling sideways from the room with hands over his head
Lily glances at the Prince quickly, somewhat afraid to catch his attention in the moment, but wishing to memorize his face for the long term. She must know who to avoid in the future.
The Man escapes, stage right. The Crown Prince smirks in his wake, and tucks your lives under his arm
The Prince smiles broadly
The Prince:"Yes, Lady Eliza, your brother did disappear from the world on the night of the Cataclysm. But do you know under whose orders he worked? Who's will he performed?"
The Prince looks conspiratorially back and forth in the room, stretching his neck to both sides of the wide windows, the sea air on his hair
The Prince:"Mine" and he winks
Eliza stops herself from replying, letting the prince have his moment and encouraging him to continue with a nod. The news surprises her, clearly.
The Prince:"There is an Order, to the world, my Lady and of course an certain fact remains that 'Men must be ruled'. It is the sworn duty of the crown, an inheritance of divinity and providence of the just. " He spreads his hands wide, and curls the fingers back over the scepter to stamp it down , at his feet "Order. Must be maintained." he says, with some pomp.
"Your Brother, Lords preserve, should he still be alive, can be found in the Underworld. He was sent on a mission in darker days of the war to serve me, and my Crown. Specifically, to find my crown. The lost regalia of the Czar."
"Your brother supported the Royalists with some fervor. Should you find his remains instead of his fellowship, I should certainly find it in my duty to dub him a sainthood."
"perhaps name a province after him"
The Prince msirks, and chuckles to himself a little
Eliza takes a deep breath to compose herself. Visibly holding herself there and she considers a moment, swallowing hard, then speaking. "Is there some kind of proof of this? Some information on where he might have gone on this treasure hunt?"
Bartholomew mumbles something about there being an order with the world, but inaudibly.
The Prince grins in a vulpine way. he snaps his fingers over his head, and again a little man dashes into the room with a platter, and a bit of an envelope on top
The Prince snatche sup the paper, and waves away the man
P.P. A.:(gonna reboot then PC when it dies in a minute)
The Prince steps forward, to Eliza, and half bows to her, offering her the paper in his ruby-ringed hand. It is folded and sealed bearing a waxed crest of the crown prince, and a second seal in the House Aquitaine
Eliza breaks the seal with a soft crack of wax and opens the envelope with a frown on her ruby lips, reading quietly.
Ken (GM):"To my beloved sister Eliza..." it goes on to read
Ken (GM):muahahahah
Rosettsara:It really flew by
Joush M.:"To my beloved sister Eliza. Kill the person that gave you this letter. Will Explain Later. PS: Please bring chocolate biscuits, have run out."
Ken (GM):i KNOW right?
P.P. A.:To my beloved sister Eliza
Reply to this letter or your brother will die in his sleep
Ken (GM):"Seriously, you know those little Gaulic ones? with the Mint? Just I dont care if ya gotta stab a guy, gimme dat shit"
Fiss:Girlstab Cookies
P.P. A.:Thanks for the session!
Joush M.:Thank you for the game! I'm excited
P.P. A.:Time really flew by
Ken (GM):I just had to give a red herring chase with guards, and you guys just HAD to not take the bait and like, talk to them
P.P. A.:This was a lot of dialogue, scenes, and things happening
Ken (GM):finding the tempo
Joush M.:I'm curious if Lilly is going to kill this guy and steal his kitty
P.P. A.:Nah, it's great
Ken (GM):describing drugged up white tigers
Fiss:Must run, but looking forward to more!
Joush M.:Take care Fiss!
P.P. A.:\o
Ken (GM):4 points all around guys
and ladies
and short stacks
P.P. A.:hey!
Ken (GM):next week Legal documents and footnotes, the adventure awaits!
P.P. A.:>12 unspent points after the 1st session
back to hoarding as always
Ken (GM):JFC
are you doing that on purpose again!?
P.P. A.::V
Ken (GM):goddamn son
P.P. A.:nah, couldn't think of something to spend my last 8 points on
Ken (GM):dood
P.P. A.:Maybe I'll come up with something by next session
Ken (GM):big fuckin robot arms n sheeit
Joush M.:Let's see.. 1 point to get Broken Yankie, 1 point for Extreme Sexual Dimorphism, 1 points for Handgun and 1 point for getting Visigrad to Accented
P.P. A.:like some obvious fluff/background skills that I forgot
Ken (GM):VisiGARD
P.P. A. tried to remember what subjects he had at school and distributed 1 point each to those
DrExplosion:Probably going to spend at least a couple of sessions learning Galician
Rosettsara:4 points into Holdout
Ken (GM):holdin out MUH WANG
P.P. A.:\o
Ken (GM):[Oh man Ive drunk way too much coffee today]
Joush M.:g'night Ken!
Ken (GM):aight, imma poke fiss
Rosettsara:Okie dokie
Ken (GM):he has been poked
allright;where last we left our heroes
The GM leaned how to use the desc command
Portsmouth stretches out below you, the city on the edge of the sea of Ith. Spiced wind blows softly through the dark gallery, mingling with the heady wine The Prince holds in his cup. Shadows disguise the poorly hidden men of the exiled royal where they stand vigilant over your meeting.
Joush M.:Welcome Fiss, was worried you might not make it
Eliza stands reading a letter, the pettie brunette's poised and graceful, holding onto her composure as she reads a letter that claims to be from her brother there in the room with the drugged tiger and prince.
Lily nervously looks between her companions and the shady fop looking down at them.
Johnny watches for guns
Lily meets the Prince's gaze and narrows her eyes as she fully memorizes his appearance in her mind's eye.
The Prince returns the stare to Lily, with a grin
Lily:"Eliza, we should go."
Eliza brushes her eyes with a hand and reads the letter a second time before carefully folding it, returning it to the envlope and putting it in the handbag. Her head tilting to the side as she studies the Prince. "How did you come by this letter, if I may ask?"
The Prince:"As he departed on his glorious mission, he sealed the letter for you, gave it to me personally to hold, should the time come that you would ask questions. The Imperial Visigardian ship he departed on sailed South from the continent, into the Atlantean Ocean."
Eliza focuses a little. Lily wouldn't have said that if it wasn't important and she nods just a tiny bit. "Where was he bound for?.. And I apologize, but I find myself overwhelmed. I will need time to compose myself and continue our conversation." She cursties gracefully and takes a step back.
The Prince:"Take whatever you need to steel your resolve, Miss Eliza. Ask my manservant Stephen, and he shall bring you stout tea or perhaps even a cigarette"
The Prince turns, and continues to elucidate to the others
Eliza:"Thank you for your consideration, your grace." She turns and walks back to the elevator.
The Prince:"The ship he departed on was a prize of the fleet; a modern cruiser of the most capable designs, sealed for underwater exploration and fitted with Levistone engines and even radar detection systems to scour the ocean floor. His explorator group would be the vigilant detectives on the hunt for their elusive quarry, in the great name of Drakonis" he clenches a fist to the scepter, and the fine linen glove squeaks against the polished wooden rod, in his excitement...or fury
Eliza stops to listen.
The Prince:"The lost ship he sought was deep within the Atlantean sea, victim to the treachery of the lost colonies of the accursed confederation" he spits the word, as if it tasted vile
"a week into his voyage...the Cataclysm" he sighs
Ryan:"Most inconvenient." nods
The Prince:"The regalia has been thought lost since...until recently when an agent of the mighty crown came to us with new informaiton. Scattered reports from scavengers that in the Underworld lay in rest the lost ship, Ophidian, and perhaps her great treasure within"
"What do you think, are the glorious soldiers of the House Aquitaine enough to delve this treacherous journey into the Roil and the hideous Underworld below?"
Eliza:"I would go anywhere to find my brother, Your Grace. House Aquitaine has retained some very fine people to do so." Her gaze lingers a moment on the others, nodding to Lilly, Johnny and Ryan. Also Bart, if he's not drinking from a flask right now.
Lily stands her ground underneath the Prince's fiery presence clearly enduring the overwhelming urge to flee immediately
Lily has clearly been set off by something
The Prince smirks, and runs a finger along his chin as he eyes Lily in return, again
Eliza:"Excuse me please. I shall be on contact very soon." She promises the Prince, then walks to the elevator. Not touching Lilly but mutely inviting her to join her in escapeing the Prince's opulent penthouse.
Lily obliges rather quickly
The Prince 's eyes follow the ladies as they leave, and he cocks a hand on hip as loves to watch them go
The Prince:"You're some lucky men, you three. I can only imagine the .... escapades that will follow in your time"
DrExplosion:(This isn't in yanqui, is it?)
Ken (GM):[no, Visigard. But he does make a point of doing a double-eyebrow raise to you, and obviously at the girls]
Johnny isn't sure what's going on but he knows he doesn't like it
The Prince sighs contentedly to himself, and smiles in a vulpine way
The Prince:"Regardless, take this information with some pause, boys; consider my words. You can find great reward if you undertake this task for me. You may answer now or later, but it would be...very wise to make an ally of my house"
"Go, in peace and with my Grace bestowed upon you. See to miss Eliza and her Valkyrie"
Ryan bows his head politely
Ryan:"In these troubling times, allies are a great treasure, your Grace. Thank you."
Bartholomew flushes and simply mutters "Gonna need a drink, I believe"
Ryan turns to Bart and nods.
Ryan:"I think I saw a pub on the way. Couldn't hurt to grab a round."
Eliza nods up to the men as they join them in the elevator but stays silent for the moment. Not wanting to get caught talking about the Prince in the Prince's building.
The bellhop starts the mechanism to motion, and your party slinks down below the penthouse, opulence retreating into the darkness above
DING DING "Main lobby"
Ryan steps out with Eliza, giving her a nod as assent to talk about what is on her mind when she deems things safe to do so, but otherwise is happy to look placated by the events of the day
Eliza walks though the lobby, only asking once they reach the street where the noise around them and the distance from the Prince and his people has grown a bit. "Lilly.. you saw something up there I didn't. Could you tell me what it was, please?"
DrExplosion:(just going to keep assuming this is in Visigard unless otherwise stated)
Lily looks around to ensure that there are no eavesdroppers before elaborating. "The kitty. It was given stuff to be calm and stay by his side and not to think."
Lily:"For show. And then he treated all his helpers like playthings. He looked at you like he wanted a new doll."
Ken (GM):[kek good call, bart will give you a nudge and some interjections if you get too far behind]
Lily:"People like that are the worst people."
bartholemew "he had a few choice things to say about you girls as well, Lily. A typical aristocrat"
Lily:"You helped me, so I want to help too."
Eliza nods. She'd seen the same things, but the way Lilly's way of putting it makes her shiver despite the warmth of the day. Switching languages, she speaks slowly and carefully in yanqui. "Thank you for the escort, Jonathan. I know that most have been confused to you. May I tell you what was said?"
Eliza speaks it like a first year student or someone running a dry cleaners.
Ken (GM):[kek, lovely]
[also, nice accidental racism :P]
Bartholomew nudges the group into a short walk towards a nearby bistro, wiping off tables for the opening of the luncheon hour service. He orders a beer from the waiter "Or whatever you have that serves to wash an ill taste from the mouth"
The heat of the day rises combatting the soft breeze form the Sea, and the bustle of the city grows around you. A lovely backdrop for such conspicuous happenings so far
Johnny:"Everything he said was secret, right? Easier for me to keep it secret if I don't know what was said."
Ryan:"On pain of death, I'm sure."
Bartholemew takes a deep drink of cold refreshment at the mention of death
Eliza stands and waits for someone to pull out her chair at the bistro before sitting, considering the situation. "My brother's letter seemed authentic, but didn't confirm any of his claims about working for the Prince." She looks thoughtful. "I didn't realize the Imperial remnant retained the resources to field a new, powerful ship.. I'm not sure how much we could trust what he said, or what he wants from us."
Lily wouldn't know what to order, and so just uncomfortably takes a seat, eying the other patrons suspiciously
Bartholomew:"And a submersible as well, Miss; quite the ship if it's real"
Eliza studies the menu a moment. "Coffee and a bit of fresh fruit? Brie and whatever your fresh bread is too, please Garcon." She glances to Lilly. "Two of those, in fact. And a glass of whatever juice seems best."
Lily:"That man wants something from us."
The waiter nods and scoots at the direction
Lily:"Maybe to be playthings like the others?"
Eliza:"That's the problem isn't it.. His claims seem.. bold for a man holding court from a hotel room." She nods to Bart across the table and kicks her feet, high heel a few inches from touching the ground as she sits in the chair. "I could imagine Alexander joining an expedition to find a lost ship. It would be the sort of adventure to appeal to him, but.. He was hardly a czarist. He had no interest in Vis politics." The small brunette nods to Lily. "Or money. He certanly wants someone to go search for his lost ship."
Lily ponders. "Maybe...he wants to make you sad and has fun with that."
Eliza:"I despise that sort of man. At least the ones that want to fuck you have an honesty to them."
Lily:"Whatever happens, don't believe his lies."
Ryan:"Everyone is struggling for control since the cataclysm. Some seek it out in simple ways, some not so much."
Lily nods solemnly
Eliza nods firmly at that. "I'll try to get all the information I can out of him without committing us to his mad cause.. I'd also like to buy a firearm today." She adds in yanqui. "I want to buy gun. Could someone help me select one and teach me to use it with safety?" Her Gallic accent heavy as she tries to put that statement together like someone working on a flat-pack bookshelf without instructions, then nodding as if satisfied.
Lily looks at Johnny
Ken (GM):[GSAP]
Lily then speaks, but to Bart so there will be a translation. "You're good with weapons, come help?"
Johnny thinks for a moment. "Gonna kill someone with it, or just try to look scary?"
Eliza:"I won't have it just to be a prop. The world is dangerous. I need to be dangerous too"
The waiter reappears with brunch service, and lackeys. They set out a meal for the ladies, crush some fresh zest on the juice, and abscond like the trained professionals they are
Johnny:"You are dangerous," Johnny nods in affirmation.
Eliza smiles a touch at that and takes a sip from her coffee before adding just the right amount of sugar. Offering some of the food across the table to him. "So you won't help me get a gun?"
Ryan:"A Gun is easy enough to learn how to use. The key is knowing when to draw. But it couldn't hurt to learn before you're forced to learn."
Lily inelegantly wolfs down whatever is placed in front of her
Johnny:"I'll help, yeah."
Ken (GM):[anime OM NOM NOM ensues]
[okay, small time wipe then; you guys are gonna get to shopping and provisioning a bit? Exploring the market and taking a bit of time to set up the madame with a musket?]
Eliza looks to the older man thoughtfully and tilts her head to the side. "So how do you learn 'when'?" She ask, then smiles and nods thankfully to Johnny before starting to eat.
Joush M.:Yep! No need to do the nitty-gritty of lunch and shopping
Rosettsara:(Whoops, new mouse has new buttons that automatically act as a 'back' button when pressed that i'm not used to)
Eliza:((Welcome back))
Ken (GM):[auto-marcos!]
Rosettsara:(Lily will help Eliza choose a gun, and watch her back, really)
DrExplosion:(Johnny also ofc)
Ryan:"I'll let you know when I figure it out." smiles at Eliza
Ken (GM):[bart will keep day-drinking]
Ryan:[Mimosas are hardly drinking....oh hey, why is the floor on my face?]
Ken (GM):lol
Rosettsara:(We can pick him up at the end of the day at the local jail)
Ken (GM):harsh; hes certainly had harder days.
this is more of a 'lubrication against aristocract'
The morning passes with quiet hurriedness; several shops in the area specialize in historical heirlooms, wartime curios, and straight up firepower. With little investigation a sidearm or longarm of legal impunity can be sourced for the madame.
Eliza takes the expert advice to find a handgun suitable for a young lady and a supply of ammuntion, trying to get a very fine example of one. She also keeps an eye out for anything else that might be useful on the trip
The bustle of the Bazaar is as always, bizarre. You rub shoulders with folks from all walks of life; cowboys and holy men, veterans and deserters, explorers and pirates
Lily advises reliability and hardiness over fanciness and glamour, along with easy to find ammunition types
Ken (GM):-the type Z is recommended for utility and punch, as well as ammo availability; hard to ignore the stopping power of a hand cannon
Johnny is surprised to discover that Lily's understanding of firearms frankly surpasses his own, though he gladly offers tactical advice and aesthetic opinions.
Johnny carries a Type Z on his hip, loaded with a 12 gauge slug. He advises Eliza against doing the same.
Ken (GM):oh shi-
dont wanna be mistaking her for a mech-pilot?
DrExplosion:nah just worried it might break her wrist
Ken (GM):hahah
theres a collapsable shoulder stock!
-the proprietor argues
"Perfect for arming the small or young with deadly force!"
Eliza settles on a Victory 7mm, the firearm resting confortbly in her hand and studied critically. "It seems like a fine weapon. Do you think five rounds will be enough? And it's light.." She's found most weapons too heavy.
Rosettsara:("It's a nice gun, i'll give you that. But the engravings give you no tactical advantage whatsoever, unless you were planning to auction it off as a collector's item.")
Ryan:[Every stock is collapsible if you're brave enough!]
Ken (GM):kek
the morning wanes to heavy humid heat, and as the wind dies the sky is alight with cargo ships, passing sky-debris and the scent of the rising city around you; pungent and too-human
DrExplosion:(Johnny to Lilly: "You're pretty good")
As well, around this time, something interesting occurs in the Bazaar proper; a shriek, a commotion, and cries of fear and panic! Some sort of fracas is occurring down the way at a familiar stall; Ryan's fez-capped friend seems to have run afoul of some short-statured well armed individuals!
Eliza looks up at that and can't resist involving herself, despite the potential danger. Starting closer to the fracas.
Fierce looking in their black uniforms and slick armored helmets, the red scaly claws and short whiplike tails of SBI mercenary Kobolds strike an imposing tableau. "Where eez it?!" their leader bellow in a yarking shrill voice "Where eez the ARTEEEFACT?"
Ken (GM):[what DO?!]
Lily attempts to disappear into the crowd to get into a good position against the violent fopdoodles
Ken (GM):[I am absolutely writing down 'fopdoodless']
Lily: stealth roll, and Tactics roll please!
Ryan:"Well, that's no good...."
"Might I ask you fine folks to run backup while I see about my friend there in the market?"
rolling 3d6 vs 14 (Stealth)
rolling 3d6 vs 4 (Tactics)
Ken (GM):>vs 4
oh shit
Eliza:"I'll help if I can, Sir." She says to Ryan, the small brunette walking with him and pleased at the show of loyalty in the face of the little SBI demons.
Ryan sees Lily damn near blend into the crowd and decides that's a Yes. He makes sure his safety is off on his machine pistol, and jogs over to get involved with his Fezzy friend.
The aforementioned Fez-laden man is cowering on the ground, on pleading knee with the lead figure; the shop-stall behind him being torn asunder by scaly uniformed clawed hands, smashing urns, ripping open boxes, and upending his entire livlihood
Ryan strides up and stands over the nearest Kobold.
rolling 3d6
Ken (GM):vs
Ryan:10 vs 12
Ken (GM):[boistrous and foreboding then? do tell!]
Ryan:"OY! You little pissants want a discount you ask the man nicely. You need me to call in the city watch?"
[substitute whatever they call the local constabularies]
Ken (GM):[thats 99% of the way there]
DrExplosion:(fug I had bad timing to go afk)
The Kobold turns and regards the newcoming, craning up and UP to Ryan as he brings down his righteous defense. Black shielded sunglasses sit perched on the draconian snout, and a cigarette hangs from the side of his fanged mouth. He sneers
Ryan:"You're about to pay this good man for everything you've damaged, or I'm making sure to rub your scaly little snout through every last shard."
Johnny sticks with Ryan, ready to back him up if things turn ugly
Ryan:not so subtly opens his longcoat, revealing his armed status
The: kobold Kommander "HWee are done kcheere" he barks out in gutteral accented Galician "Go about your own biz ee ness, human-man" And he reaches into a pocket to discard a fistfull of gilt coin to the cobblestones. Fez snatches them up
Ryan grabs the Kobold by the shoulder and glances at the shop-keep
Ken (GM) "the Kommander" whistles in his teeth, and his half-dozen other kobold subordinates scamper out of the stall, and form up behind him
Ryan:"Is it enough? Or is this little one needing a lesson."
[redact as needed, if he scampers faster than I can grab]
Eliza stands back in her expensive shoes and haughty attitude, arms crossed under her breast. Not involving herself but making her support clear.
Ken (GM):[youre good, hes still there and snatchable. Hes incredulous at the grab]
you hear the sound of holsters unsnapping from the retinue behind him
Ryan keeps my hand tight on the Kobold's shoulder.
The Kommander raises a claw to hold the soldiers fast in theri place
Johnny puts a hand on his sword in response to the sounds of gun leather
The: Kobold "No tawble. No trawble"
the Kobold: "HWe are done.... no hard feeels for this soft pigflesh man"
Ryan lets go after a moment.
Ryan:"Yeah, no hard feels."
The Kobold whistles then, a shrill chirrup, and stalks off through his comrades, who follow in lockstep behind him
he lights another cigarette, chomping down the stub of the old one like a soft candy
Ryan continues frowning as he looks over the shattered stall of treasures from the past, then helps the shop keep up
Ryan:"You okay, friend?"
Eliza:"I'm glad that resolved without violence." She says, breathing in, then out, then walking over to the Fez-wearing man. The rich girl offering a hand to help him up, then tidying a little.
Mister Fez is grateful and sweaty, while harrowed and hopeful. A weir dmix
Lily reemerges from the crowd next to Eliza as though she never left. "Scary."
DrExplosion:(gotta afk again)
Fez: "I have seen better days Mistah Ry-an. My many dozens of theanks to you and your firneds"
Ken (GM) as Fez bows to Eliza, deeply, scraping up misplaced coins as he scrapes the ground with his robes
Fez: "No troubles miss, I thank you too, personally"
"You are a petite angel of mercy and justice"
Bartholomew wanders over out of the crowd, stein in hand
Bartholomew:"What did I miss?"
Ryan:"I know you at least well enough to know they weren't mad about your return policy. What on Aerth were they screaming about artifacts for?"
Eliza inclines her head politely to the man and collects things from the ground, putting them back into boxes and boxes back on the stall. "Some SBI dragons seemed to want something from this poor man."
Lily:"People always want something."
Fez: "Ah! They sought my many gilded treasures of the underworld, my good man!" and he speaks aside "But they do not think to search me bodily" and he produces a red velvet bag with a drawstring, pressing it to Mr Ryan "I believe this is of interest to you, Sah"
Fez goes about cleaning the remains of his stall, placing things back in their places and thanking everyone who helps profusely, while cursing and swatting away the myriad beggar children who pick at the debris
Ryan 's concern turns into curious delight and he looks into the bag and the contents within
Lily returns any coins she picks up to the Fez-man
Eliza declines to roll to resist Charitable. Gold would be a dangerous burden for beggar children, but she rewards the beggar children for the things they collect (and return) by giving out the silver Gilt coins from her purse. About the size of a dime and worth $4 each.
Fez is very grateful to the girl. He smiles at her in a fatherly way, and produces for her a trinket from his robes! A small carved figurine of a dwarf, from one piece of stone; a little warrior-man. The egg-shaped thing stands up when placed on a flat surface, teeter tottering back to a stand when poked
Fez: "For the pretty valkyrie" he says with some gushing admiraiton
The Kids scramble to help and are paid dutifully; many are strange faced and mishapen, but agile and quick
Ryan:"Good sir, this is an exquisite piece! I'm almost afraid to ask how it might lighten my coinpurse....but I must."
DrExplosion:ew, ugly people don't deserve money
Joush M.:Don't say that, Bart can hear you!
Lily is puzzled by the term valkyrie being applied to her, but curiously accepts the gift anyway
Eliza smiles and clearly feels better about herself as the children take the coins, then walks to Ryan and Fez, wondering what this is about.
Fez: "No charge! No charge sir, I must impress to you how much I always appreciate your business and your patronage. You are a gleaming star of virtues in this steaming shitpile of a city " he ducks a side "Apologies misses for th elanguage, salam"
"Take it and go on your journeys my good firend Mistah Ry-an, as you must"
"I thought it might be a curious inclusion to your collection"
Ryan:"You are beyond kind, good sir...I will of course bring you any wares I come across on my such as yourself who preserve the past through these treasures are beyond their value."
Ryan tries not to tear up, but it's clear he's borderline emotional
Eliza shakes her head, hiding a smile behind her hand. "Peace upon you." She says with barely hidden amusement at Fez's excitement, then looking to Ryan curiously at he passion. Very curious now about what he's found.
Fez: "Go! Before the little wretched thing return with their taskmasters. They will not find the likes of me here today!" And he waves you off, smiling if a little bedraggled
Ryan smiles and promises to devote some time with his friends to look it over once they are back on the ship...or at least somewhere without Kobold eyes watching greedily
Lily:"Thank you."
the noontime sun peaks at it's zenith, and the bazaar returns to it's chaotic soup of humanity and movement
Eliza:"Let's return to the ship and think things over?" She ask Ryan, then repeats the question to Johnny in yanqui. Bad yanqui.
Ryan shakes the man's hand, clasped firmly with his own, though there may be some coins he is forcing the man to take within. He makes sure the man takes them...a tip and a thank you, if not a payment
Ryan:"May fortunes and knowledge smile on us both. Thank you sir!"
Lily stays close to Eliza
Fez nods and bows
You head back to the ship then, a new gun and some ammo, a new treasure and many more questions, all the lighter in hearts and purses
Lily checks to make sure they haven't been followed or shadowed by those kobolds from earlier, or even by the Prince and his people
Ryan:Despite wanting to have a bit of privacy before looking the item over, Ryan is clearly excited to share the love of his profession with his peers. He is almost bouncing in his step.
The dockmaster waves you in again at the sight of miss Eliza, his morning tea now a bottle of some dark liquor. Bosuns and freighthandlers work in the heat, other small cargo vessels now here disgorging wares into the tower and throughout the city. Your private vessel is secured on the highest dock ring and alone, no other ships of her class up eight stories over the ground below.
The Serpentis is as you left her, locked and secured grounded and anchored by electro-umbilical to the tower. She hums slightly as you board, and the wind whistles as it passes you by. of the inner hallway hatches is ajar. And there is a musty smell throughout the corridor. Like unwashed bodies and sulfur
Eliza takes a moment to realize why they are up so high; with no need to take on or let off cargo, the ship dosn't need to be that high.. She walks across the bridge carefully and smiles as they return to their salvaged ship, then nods to Ryan. "Shall we go to the lab to see this thing? You seemed quite excited." The mobile field lab was one of the (many, many) things she bought for the expedition.. but she's cut off by the scent and the fact that it seems they've been boarded. Falling silent and letting the others take the lead.
Ryan:"A capital idea!"
Lily readies her rifle and defensively stands in front of Eliza
Johnny draws his sword once they're on the ship and moves to investigate
Bartholomew draws his pistol, checks the rounds, cocks the hammer, and then glances about warily
Ryan shakes out of his revelry as he notices his fellows arming, blushes and rapidly readies his own pistol to follow
P.P. A.:[Let's see if it's feaisble to read up]
Ken (GM):HI PPA!
youre drunk and armed!
Ken (GM):and there is someone on board
Eliza sets the box down on a side table and opens it, taking the pistol out from inside and carefully loading it as explained by the weapons dealer and Lilly.
P.P. A.:He'll stay on autopilot until I've caught up with the backlog (if just to know when and how we got back on board)
the rattle of metal and magazine CLICK CLACK CLICK CLACK as the gun is loaded, and tense quiet moments pass. There is nothing but the sound of hot wind and craking vessel around you
from somewhere up the hall (towards the quarters in the belly of the ship) there is a CRASH
Eliza follows after, finger off the trigger and safety catch engaged.
Johnny chases the noise
Ryan:"I swear, if we've picked up some particularly large rodents, I am not going to be pleased... They have a penchant for eating old scrolls"
Ken (GM):[barging forward then?]
Ryan:yup for me. Fortune favours the brave....or at least those not hiding in the back
Eliza hides in the back.
Ryan nods, Eliza is smart lol
DrExplosion:yeah Johnny is barging, sword in hand
Joush M.:Kidding, but she dosn't get in the way. She knows she isn't as useful battleing boarders as the others.
Through a straight-shot hallway into the belly of the ship you come to the deck of interconnected rooms youve called home for a short while; inside one nearby you hear a young boy's voice cursing the Lords of Vitrus and struggling against something
Lily advances forward, but keeping enough of a distance to let the frontliners do their thing so she can back them up with long ranged firepower.
Johnny pounces into a room, atop the intruder!
Johnny points his sword at the intruder, calmly but firmly demanding an explanation. "Don't move. Identify yourself."
the Intruder: squeaks out with a cracking voice 'I'm sorry! Sorry! Really and truly I am sah! I jus, got to exploring and got into the room and there were so many books and I hadnt seen many in my time sah outside the monetary and oh boy can they be quite adventuresome and I got to thinking I'd get to one on a high shelf and well..."
Ken (GM) The Young intruder's boy-like wonder is self-evident, and his ramblings go on at machinegun pace
Eliza peeks in, wrinkling her tiny nose. "It's too bad you didn't discover the bathing facilities first."
Inside Ryan's cabin, past the bulkhead door, a young man is pinned underneath the various bric-a-brac an antiquinarian collects, as well as an oak bookcase they were stored on
Bartholomew , who has found his way to the noise, is looking and listening with vacant eyes. “Wish I still had that enthusiasm.”
Bartholomew:“Sorry to tell you boy, but most of the stuff in books is just bullshit.”
The Young Intruder appears to be an unwashed old child or young man; he has a bad haircut, an eyepatch, yellowed teeth in a sheepish and fearful grin and a badly weathered cloak
The boy:: "Oh thats dreadful to hear mistah Bartholemew sah"
Eliza:"I'm very charmed by his happy enthusiasm, but if you want to keep him you'd best wash him off first.. " She blinks and looks to Bart. "A friend of yours?"
Bartholomew shakes his head. “Looks like a stowaway.”
Lily looks at the boy curiously. "A bad one, too."
The Boy: "No ma'am! No Sah! I'm not a stowaway I'm not! I'm a god-fearing Virtuous Squire I am! Here on m'Lady's service and to do her deeds as required!"
Ryan looks over the others and shrugs
The Boy looks up with a hopeful single eye
Eliza:"My first command is that you hold still and allow Jonathan and Mister Ryan to free you from where you are pinned. Then you will be escorted to the crew's locker room and be bathed and put into clean clothes. After that, you can make introductions." She commands imperiously.. then ask Ryan. "If that is agreeable to you, Captain?"
Eliza may be the owner, but on the ship there can be only one captain.
Ken (GM):[Oh shit, Ryan just got promoted in place]
Joush M.:It's a fiend promotion, based on him being the one with Airship skills
Ryan looks flustered but nods
Lily:"I'm not sharing quarters."
P.P. A.:The Captain is an NPC but we're playerist, NPCs can't be Captains on player ships
Ryan:"Uhm, sure, let's get you introduced to the water-closet, boy. You're not to touch another piece of parchment without gloves...and a wash...and without my supervision!"
Eliza nods and turns to leave the cabin. "There are uniforms in the ship's store, hopefully something will fit."
Eliza nods firmly to Lily and with that ask her. "Would now be a good time for my first lesson with the firearm?"
Joush M.:Oh! I diden't realize we had a captian))
Ryan:[We just all found this floating ship and decided to camp out until nobody told us to leave]
Ken (GM):hahahah
[You are your own crew so far! No NPCs, unless you get to hiring a merchantman crew]
Ryan shows the boy how to use soap
The Boy instroduces 'imself as 'Squire' (or SKWIYAH)
Lily instructs Eliza on how to handle her gun safely and properly.
Joush M.:In any case, there are 12 surplus military men's uniforms in the ship's storeage, half winter and half summer weight. There are also women's extra-small uniforms with better tailoring and quality, but it's unlikely they would fit the boy.
P.P. A.:[Oh, I thought/misremembered that you mentioned a small skeleton NPC crew]
Ken (GM):[I posited the idea but we never settled on it; I could lean either way]
Eliza:((Could we have an engineer and a few airshipmen, maybe a navigator if we don't have one? Or we could hire one IC))
Ken (GM):[the ship is technically a large High performance machine, one captain could technically fly her alone with only mild panic]
Joush M.:Ha!
DrExplosion:Johnny has Airshipman at 12, so I think that makes two of us
Ken (GM):With a navigator, captain, engineer, comms and gunner, you'd have a staff. plus deckhands for the cargo hold and crane
Lily could fill in for a Gunner if needed
P.P. A.:Bartholomew would make sense as navigator
Ryan:Ryan basically trained to be as useful as possible on frontier fording else is he supposed to explore ancient ruins? Fund expeditions himself? bah!
P.P. A.:>Easy enough, at least when the stars aren't hidden by floating fucking islands.
I have the points to spare too
Ken (GM):shakes fists at flying islands
Eliza also stocked the ship's arms locker with ten rifles, ten thousand rounds of ammunition and one hundred pounds of TNT, assorted fuses and detonators. The ship's storeroom holds neatly set racks with boxes holding radios, gas mask, tools, lamps and outdoor gear. On the ship itself, a workshop for battlesuit repair and maintenance and a field lab are tucked away. Last, there is the large truck strapped down in one of the holds. It's all neatly put away by professionals, but can be a touch overwhelming.
Bartholomew loooks after Ryan and ‘Squire,’ and wonders aloud: “Maybe he's a spy by the prince or something, or just a thief who made something up when he got caugt.”
Bartholomew:“'least he's human.” He sticks his gun back into his pocket.
Ken (GM):I missed the casual racism
Lily makes especially clear to Eliza that she is not to turn the gun on someone unless she plans to shoot
Eliza nods to Lilly, careful with the weapon and taking the girl's attitudes to heart. Treating it respectfully and always considering before she fires. "Was today very stressful to you? You performed very well."
Ryan eventually returns with a hosed-down young man in a uniform about one size too big for him. He seems to have shaken most of the filth off his coat and has it tucked under one arm.
Ryan:"Our young Squire here has been given the lay of the land and the law of the boat. He should be a fine member of the crew assuming he doesn't get airsick."
Lily:"I will be less stressed if we get far away from that man."
Squire awkwardly salutes and grins broadly, minus a few teeth
Eliza:"I will expect that to be laundered.." She says of the coat, but then looks to the young man with the eypatch and sets her firearm down on the table before her, safey on and pointed in a safe direction. "It's good to meet you. I am Eliza Aquitaine, this is my friend and companion Lilly. They call you Squire?"
Joush M.:does he sound like a local?
Squire bows deeply and awkwardly, dropping his coat halfway down and muttering curses to himself as he tries to recover
Ken (GM):[He appears to be some kind of Galician, though he has a thick accent of a Northerner on the tongue. A Briton perhaps, but his pedigree is indeterminate]
Lily keeps her distance from the boy as is usual for all strangers, giving him a suspicious look-over
Squire:"Miss, i swear on my good graces to serve ye an ye house, and to u'old the great name of Aquitaine" he says, with some gravity
"Nothing else in me loife would measure up, than to serve"
Squire sounds like a cross between a cockney vagabond and a Vitrusian Missionary
Eliza:"That is quite an oath. I'm inclined to allow it, but I would like to know more about you first. Such as where you came from and why you are here." She ask as the wind toys with her dark hair. She and Lilly are much a kind, petite and slender yet Eliza is dark where Lilly is fair. "Let's hear your story."
Squire blushes and stands, hat-in-hand, or rather, coat under arm
Squire:"Not much tah say ma'am, I grew up in the war, an then the Cat'clysm, spent the last thousand days in port, 'ere and there in the Roil, got m'self to Ith when I was big 'nuff to stand up with a sword in me 'and. " he rolls a shoulder, and looks off to the middle distance as he speaks. "I 'ad some 'ard times Miss, some long dark night where I was jus' survoivan, making sure I breathed and lived and saw the tomarrah..."
Ryan nods subtly, backing up the kid's story with what he's seen of the boy
Squire:"But then, I 'eard of the world above, the lands we 'ad once before. The Empire of galicia. The Czardom of Vis'gard. All that. It was glorious" he gets wet-eyed
Eliza gets 10 vs 12 on Body Language to try and get a read on the boy, though she's inclined to believe he is telling the truth.
Squire:"And I learned of the knoights, the squires oo served 'em. And thas a good thing, that work. That destiny. Noble. Righteous. An' I wanna be your squire Miss."
Eliza nods and takes a deep breath. ( 11 vs 12 for Charitable )
Bartholomew leans on a wall, listening, somewhat moved by such naïve but frank idealism (the alcohol making him sentimental as well).
Eliza:"I shall allow you to joint he crew on a trial basis. In one month the Captain shall report to me if. If he is inclined to retain your services and you have proven yourself, I will consider accecpting your oath. For the moment.. the ships store has grooming kits. While you have little use for the razor inside just yet, I imagine the soap, wash cloth, brush and tooth powder can be useful to you. In my service you will endevor to be clean and respectable looking."
Eliza doesn't melt and hug the boy or anything, having resisted her first soft hearted impulses. "We have room in the crew bunks for him, Mister Ryan?"
Squire salutes smartly and beams broadly
Lily breathes a sigh of relief at the prospect of not having to be near the boy often
The hot sun dapples Portsmouth with it's radiant light. A young man's smile shines through a dark past, and the future seems that much more likely to be a bright prospect as well
Eliza makes sure Squire's first job is putting Ryan's cabin back together until he's satisfied with the work.
Joush M.:Thanks for the game Ken! It was a lot of fun. I'm very cruious about where things are going
Rosettsara:Thanks for the session, really enjoyed it
Bartholomew:That's the least ominous “DUN DUN DUNNNN” so far
P.P. A.:^
Thanks for the session (what I caught of it, and the backlog that was enjoyable to read)
Joush M. makes a mental note to replace the flare guns in the personal equipment list with Type 1, Lock-Load, “Z” as a more suitable tool
I love it
@joush; definitely Type-z flares. The fact they can take explosive rounds is incidental
hopefully next week Im not on head-meds and we're all in a regular swing again
Joush M.:Good luck with your tooth thing!
Ken (GM):because HO DAMN am I loopy roight nao
rest up folks, have 4 points each
P.P. A.:Usually it's like [character thought dead shows up again] DUN DUN DUNNN
[dark magic is revealed] DUN DUN DUNNN
not [on a sunny day, a hopeful boy is given a better future] DUN DUN DUNNN
Ken (GM):between this week and next, we should decide if youre gonna hire any skymen for the ship
and then I can make NPCS!
P.P. A.:\o
Rosettsara:Will be ready in just a few minutes here
Ken (GM):hail and well met, people who slept
Joush M.:Good morning, Sleepers
DrExplosion:sleep gang
Fiss:I spent all night printing Ninja Turtles. I really should have an emergency "turn off the 3D printer if it overheats" switch
So far it hasn't burnt down my house, but you never know...
The skies of Ith are red with sunset and the hot wind dies to a mugggy heat. The scents of dinner roasting across the city permeates the sea air. You have three offers to choose from, sent to lady Eliza today; Galicians, Visigard, or dwarven crewmen....
Rosettsara:(And back)
Ryan beams at the thought of having Dwarves as they could prove invaluable as they descend, but he realizes the secrets they seek may be better uncovered by a reliable crew they can trust versus locals pretending to know the way.
Ryan:"Any thoughts, Eliza? I'm afraid I haven't heard much in the way of any of these groups reputations..but I admit I haven't had my ear to the ground for that kind of thing."
Johnny votes for the Galicians simply because he doesn't want to have to learn more than one language at a time
Ryan:That's a good thing to consider, too.
Eliza studies the letters in her cabin a moment, frowning thoughtfully then going to speak to Ryan about the problems inherent in hiring crew here. She'd dismissed the Visigrad 4th's Company quickly, expecting them to be loyal to the Prince. "I asked around and checked their references. The Clearwater Clan were well liked by their previous crews and seem capable. The Purity Order seems.. strange, somehow, but I suppose it is a good thing they hold their religion so close."
Ryan nods, looking over the letters as much as he dares without trying to be rude, trusting her judgement as much as anyone.
Ken (GM):The dwarven missive was made in passable galician, albeit in a strange handwriting
Bartholomew is present, and seems to consider the two options. After a few moments, he makes a weary face, and decides to say nothing.
Eliza:"Oh, the Clearwater Clan's letter was quite.. blocky, but in perfectly understandable Galacian. They may speak our language."
Lily wouldn't have a preference either way, though naturally voicing complaints about any person who seemed to disrespect Eliza or otherwise appeared to have ulterior motives.
Eliza gives Ryan the letters, nodding up to the much taller man as the girl considers him. "You are the Captian here. While I may be the owner you will be the ship's master underweigh, so I consider your opinion on this very important."
Ken (GM):RIP DAta; missives in the chat
dwarves sent a sheet with ink-block lettering
galicians hand wrote
Visigard 4th sent a telegram
Ryan:"The Prince is going to have us on a leash of sorts regardless, I suppose...I don't think I'm the only one who suspects the young boy as a possible spy as well...We are a big, floating beacon for attention in the city for as long as we are here. Prince, Kobolds, or others...we will have to be lean with our trust regardless."
Eliza:"I wish he'd just say what he wants. I shall send him a message asking for all the information he has on the ship that went down and where we might start looking for Alexander."
Lily:"If the boy tries anything, he won't be seen again."
Ken (GM):@eliza; Noted; you can likely expect something by morning
Ryan nods carefully, not disagreeing with Lily, though he clearly looks less eager to harm another if he doesn't have to
Ryan:"Let's focus on our ship then. I can send a message back to each group asking for their airship experiences and familiarity. If the dwarves are both familiar with our technology and speaking our language, that may be a good combination. We could find many guides down below...but how many will speak with us in our own tongue?"
Lily does look troubled despite the certainty in her statement, and wanders off a short ways to look down at the settlement below them
Eliza nods to Ryan. "I'll try not to take long in the radio room then." She says to the older man and walks to the room with a small giggle. Lilly's joking.. right? She dosn't ask, perhaps because some questions don't need answers, and carefully uses the Ship-To-Shore radio to place a call. She is careful to reveal no classified data on the open channal, but gets the question across for the Prince, then lets Ryan make his calls to do the phone interview with the dwarven clan, or to invite them aboard for a proper interview. It's only then that she walks to Lilly at the rail. "Everything okay?"
Ryan walks off to the radio/comms room to do a bit of vetting
Ken (GM):Messages sent
Ryan:[I'm thinking Streetwise & Airshipman rolls if you need any random chance here, otherwise I'm basically just asking for a quick 'Have you worked on engines like these before'?]
Ken (GM):yes please Ryan
Ryan:target is 12 for both, and I'm feeling lucky if needed :P
rolling 3d6
rolling 3d6
That should be OK actually
Streetwise is beat by 10, and I basically won't know if they're lying about the engines / tech until I see them, so whatever
*beat by 2
Lily:"Miss Eliza. I will do my best to protect you, but i'm still only a child. You may not know this, but I have killed before. They were all older men who didn't know better. I don't know what my chances are in a serious fight where I don't have that advantage. And there's certainly nobody to protect me as I do for you, so i'm thinking of how to work on that weakness. If I can."
Bartholomew gets up and walks over to Lily, since the choice between Dwarves and zealots doesn't excite him either way, although there would be good arguments to be made either way.
Bartholomew:“He may be a spy, but if spying is all he's doing, there's no need to be hard on him.”
“Plus he didn't look like the kind who'd backst—” He looks at Lily, and considers that she, too, does not exactly look like an assassin, and shakes his head. “…it's good to keep an eye on him, but don't worry too much.”
Bartholomew takes a sip of… water, of which he is holding a glass.
Ryan returns to the crew, finding them in one of the common areas as tea is dispensed I'm sure
Eliza nods somberly to Lilly. "Perhaps I can help with that. If you teach me to defend myself I can watch your back while you protect mine." She assures the young assassin, then considers Bartholomew's words. "He's on probation until he's proven himself, one way or the other."
Eliza turns from the rail and nods to Ryan. "Did your calls go well?"
Ken (GM):about an hour later
Ryan:"Very well. Both the Dwarven troop and the Galicians were happy to provide roster details. Both will be a fine crew....again it seems we may be spoiled for choice as the only thing of note would be the experience of their doctors. The galicians have a polished medic with fine credentials, while the Dwarven Medic seems at home in war-zones and has done triage before. I assume if he's been on crews with humans the physiological differences can't be too terrible...I hope."
Bartholomew:“If medicine is as sound a field of science as physics, I'll take the field medic.”
Ryan:"As for the visgardians, they have offered to provide detailed experience upon a morning interview...How they knew of my request is a bit curious as I had only just started to call them....Perhaps a bit of foreknowledge."
Ryan nods at Bart
P.P. A.:*army doctor
(or whatever the proper English term is)
Ryan:"I pray we will not need a medic at all, but it does seem like we're venturing into an area where long, pleasurably mild hospital stays will be the rarity."
Lily nods to Eliza and Bart
Ryan:"Let's assume that the engines and our wounds will be equally cared for...and a spy or tracking is part of our deal with the Prince....what would you all prefer?"
Eliza:"Ugh. The prince is clearly listening to our calls. How rude." She shakes her head, breathes in deep and lets it out. "Humm.. The Galacians or the Dwarves. The Purity Order should be my first choice, but for some reason I find myself hesitating. I'd be happy with either. I suppose I have a slight preference for the Clearwater Clan if Alex has vanished under the Roil"
Ken (GM):(Clearglass)
Ryan:"I'm in agreement. While I don't think we will be able to count on the Clearglass Clan for knowledge of every nook and cranny, they'll most certainly be able to reach out to others who might. Assuming they are not exiles from their own homelands...but I don't believe I saw anything about that on their roster."
Lily:"I don't like the Prince. I've seen his look way too many times."
Ryan nods
Ryan:"Then, let him observe from the shadows versus inviting his presence."
Ryan smiles and prepares some tea for himself
Ryan:"So, unless we want to wait for morning to be wowed by the zealots, shall I send confirmation to the Clan?"
Bartholomew shrugs.
Eliza nods to Ryan and almost forgets herself and touches Lilly's hand, wanting to comfort her, before drawing back and clasping her hands in front of herself.
Ryan:"We could always ask the kid too. Maybe he's heard a few things."
Squire startles nearby, half spilling a bucket of mopwater and dropping a brush, at the mention of his name
Lily does her best not to facepalm
Squire:"You'd like...MY opionion Sire?!"
Squire sputters, wrings his hands, but has an odd smile on his face
Ryan:"Why, yes, Squire...what say you? You'll have to be a round a bunch of new people with potentially large egos and demands upon yourself as we all serve this mission. Have you any experience travelling with Dwarves?"
Lily backs a step or two away to escape the boy's radiating enthusiasm
Ryan:"I know you've had some taste of the chaos as the Cataclysm occurred, so you've probably seen enough jack-booted crews shouting commands...would that be more familiar and safe? Or do you hope for something new?"
[Enthusiam Damage, 1d6-2 per minute radiation]
Squire humbles up real quick, and collects himself
Squire:"If I have a stake in the conversaiton, then I say Dwarves sire; they'll take your word as ammunition and load their guns with it, I'm sure. The dwarves Ive worked with are impossibly loyal."
Eliza wanders back to her cabin, putting away her new pistol in it's lovely box then takeing down the phonograph, picking a disk and setting it to play. Soon enough a lovely voice is singing as she walks back outside to carefully follow the instructions on cleaning the weapon after it is fired.
Ryan nods, pleased by the reassurances but making sure the others are at least satisfied enough.
Squire:"And I don't take well to the firebrand preach'ahs, sah" and he absently rubs a hand against his arm
Ryan raises an eyebrow and nods at the boy pointedly.
Bartholomew nods unenthusiastically as Ryan's eyes meet his; he's fine with the choice.
Ryan:"Alright. I'll send them another message to meet us tomorrow. We may as well enjoy one more night with a quiet airship."
Lily raises an brow at the boy's change in speech before going to Eliza to assist her with the process, giving pointers.
Ryan clasps his hand on the boy's shoulder and nods before heading back to the radio room.
Squire beams! And then goes about finding part of the deck to scrub
Ryan:["We've reviewed your resume, and would like to offer you the job. Benefits start in 3 months or 2 Epic Badguy bosses Defeated]
Ryan purposely avoids tempting Bart's interest by mentioning Dwarven spirits/ale, but figures that might happen all on it's own anyway
Ken (GM):kek
Lily would beckon the others over to them once Squire was out of sight and earshot
Ken (GM):so two dear Johns and one acceptanc eletter
GASP conspiracy
Ryan:Yes. Ryan will thank the other groups, come up with reasonable, non-bridge-burning, generic excuses, and send a timetable to the Clan to arrive mid-morning so ideally they can tower-break by evening and get a few miles into open sky before diving down the next day.
After finishing, he'll meet up with Lily for top secrets
Ken (GM):perfecto; ryan gets a few calls in, and as the stars come out hes got incoming dwarves
Ryan:[INCOMING!!!! Dwarf Tossing commences]
Eliza cleans the weapon with Lilly's help, setting out all those fussy little bits carefully and smileing a touch, admitting just between the two of them that she hasn't really done much cleaning herself in her life as music plays on the phonograph.
Ken (GM):["OCH laddie whaddya mean byu 'fastball special?' An why ya handin me a grenade?"]
Eliza! IQ based GUN roll, at a +5 for instructed easy task and taking time!
Lily speaks quietly once everyone was close enough, hoping the distance and the music would prevent Squire from eavesdropping. "The boy is hiding who he is. He's very bad at it, too. Maybe we should let him keep thinking we don't notice until we need to."
Ryan nods at Lily
Eliza rolls 10 vs 13 (8 default + 5)
Bartholomew raises an eyebrow and nods, looking serious.
Ken (GM):[eliza manages to keep all the pieces, and put them back in their places, like they should be]
Ryan:"The fact he was looking through my papers and research instead of a food hamper when we found him lends me to suspect as much."
"Curiosity may be a powerful thing, but that was pretty brazen."
Eliza nods to Lily. "I don't really know much about the.. type." She carefully compresses the spring and slides the weapon back together with a well oiled sound, then slips the pin though to lock it together. "A street mouse hired to infiltrate us and steal information?"
Lily:"Or maybe someone is threatening him."
Eliza nods. "In any case, we shall watch him and take his prohibition seriously. I imagine we shall find his true colors soon enough."
Ryan nods at that.
Lily:"If not, we could always try to ask him privately if he's in trouble..."
Ryan:"He's been beaten, possibly tortured deliberately. But he's also a boy in a new world...we'll learn more soon I'm sure."
Lily quickly realizes she would probably top the list of people they'd send to do that, and promptly shuts up.
Ryan:"I don't mind being the...good cop if one of you wishes to apply a reasonable bit of pressure."
Ken (GM):[hah, good point]
Ryan:"But either way, we'll have a whole clan of spies coming in tomorrow...let's tackle one conspiracy at a time." smiles brightly
Eliza nods to Lily and Ryan. "I would ask him, but it's unlikely he would be willing to admit to any painful personal problems to me." She says thoughtfully. "Let's try only a good cop so far, Mister Ryan. You can ask him if there is any trouble he is in and offer a sympathetic ear."
Lily:"I'll do my best to protect you, Eliza."
Eliza smiles brightly to Lily. "I know you will. Thank you." She considers a moment. "How do you feel? Today was a lot for you."
Ryan senses the conversation has moved to more personal matters. He yawns, stretches and politely bows out, with promises of a nightcap with Bart should he want a quick snifter of spirit
Ken (GM):[pfft, enabler]
Ryan:"I'll be in the galley grabbing a quick drink. Good night all. Good fortunes for us all..."
Lily contemplates the day's events, and visibly becomes anxious, before settling on something else. "I'm hungry."
Bartholomew acceps the offer.
Lily nods at Ryan and Bart, seeing them off, from the usual distance, minus a few centimeters.
Ryan:[+3 Reaction Bonus showing up to a Dwarven business meeting hung-over. +5 if you're still drunk]
Ken (GM):hahahah
Ken (GM):so bart and ryan have a nightcap; eliza helps lily manage her 'human emotions'
Johhny cleaning his sword?
Eliza nods to Lilly and heads to the galley in the grand ship rather then press for what is on her mind. The pair getting something to eat as music plays quitely on the grand airship as the wind tugs at the pennants.
Ken (GM):or "cleqaning his sword'?
Joush M.:In the showers, getting everything shiny and clean. Muttering to himself. "Goddamn Galicans and Vis never shower enough."
Ken (GM):still wearing his sword
Bartholomew looks out to the stars, half-drunk, and recounts: “There was an observatorium on a hill outside of the city. Been there often, they had a modern telescope, and…” His eyes turn from the depths of the night sky to the dept of his glass. “…used to be that they mapped distant galaxies from there.” He takes a gulp. “Now they use the stars and galaxies to calculate the position of their observatory.”
Ken (GM):[oh snap]
[thats delightful]
Ryan listens, one sheet to the wind himself
Johnny offers to take the boy Squire under his wing and put him to work on the ship
Squire is bright eyed and in wonder at the prospect, especially as youre like, "A re-oal knoight!"
Ryan:"I wonder what the heavens saw when the earth shattered under us... some days I think I will become a poet once I dig up all the words and souls lost. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to write about it."
Ryan finishes his drink and deliberately tips the glass over the edge after making sure nobody is below.
Ryan:[and that's how Solo Cups were invented!]
Bartholomew:“Be sure to send me a copy. Maths couldn't make sense of the world, maybe poetry's the better language for that.”
Ryan smiles and nods, patting the man on the back.
Ryan:"Maybe nothing makes sense anymore...but hell, it feels good to try to put it all back in order sometimes. Goodnight, good sir."
Ryan stumbles, catches himself, and with a bit more care navigates himself to his cabin
Bartholomew:“Good night, here's to our crew of Dwarves.” Bartholomew empties the last of his glass, and leaves for his quarters as well.
The night encroaches and slips around you like a warm cloak; the night is warm enough to keep you out of your sheets overnight, and quiet enough to keep you rocking to bed easily. Come the morning, the smell of slightly overcooked grits and spitting bacon rashers hits you; Squire has opted to feed the crew...and himself. Generously from the stores
Day One Thousand and One
Lily decided to inspect what she can of the ship before a shower and bedtime
rolling 3d6 vs 14 (Observation)
Eliza turns the music off around midnight out of consderiation for the others before getting to sleep herself. In the morning she bathes, dresses and comes to check the galley wearing a light blue sundress with a white hat and a matching ribbon around her waist, the slender young woman beginning the day with a cup of coffee with milk as she looks to the efforts of their newest crewmember.
P.P. A.:oh, Alcoholism is vs Will
Squire has not 'ruined' the galley, but there is smoke, grease and a bit of mess, everywhere
Ryan wakes up with steely determination and dresses in his ruin-exploring clothes. Hardy canvas patches over fine, light wool and cotton. He looks ready to take on the least with a shovel.
P.P. A.:so 14 instead of 12
no hangover, yay
Ken (GM):the differenc ebetween a Galss, and a bottle
Squire:"M'lady! Mornin!" he has put together what appears to be scorched grits and torched bacon, alongside an orange and wedge of cheese (parmesan?) for the missus
Ryan:"What the young one lacks in culinary skill, he makes up for enthusiasm," munches on some bacon without complaint
Eliza nods with a polite sort of sleepyness. "I normally take only fresh fruit and toast for breakfast, Squire, but thank you." She sits and eats what she likes from the plate, shattering the crispy bacon and kind of enjoying it. Testing the grits out of pure curiosity, then nodding. "Of course, I will expect this place clean enough to gleam."
Squire begins bashing into the mess with a rag and gumption; there's plenty of food for ten people
Johnny eats stoically but comments harshly. "The ship's cook is a sacred position. We need a better one."
Squire is a clumsy fuck
rolling 3d6 vs oh no
Bartholomew doesn't complain, but now he wonders what Dwarven cuisine is like. Can't be worse than this.
Ryan:"Squire and I will help the Dwarves get settled and load any provisions they may need. We'll also make a trip to the market for our own stores just to top things up."
Lily yawns and eats whatever she's given, not being particularly picky, but somewhat hesitant at first that it was Squire who prepared it.
Eliza:"If the Clearglass Clan doesn't have one I shall have to hire one. Unless.." She looks to the others. "Do any of you..." She gestures vaguely at the mysterious kitchen, no idea how any of that works.
Eliza considers. "Oh, I had intended to see about a shop in the market. There are a few things I'd wanted to buy. More clothes for Lilly, that sort of thing."
Squire doesnt start a fire, but there is too much steam very quickly, and a spilled box of borax
Squire:"Shite, shite, shite" is the refrain
Bartholomew makes an empathic declining gesture; he wouldn't want to subject his crewmates to his bachelor cooking.
Lily 's ears perk up at the mention of clothes, having stolen glances at some of Eliza's more elegant wardrobe earlier during her searches
From the control tower, there is the clattering of a loud brass bell nearby and a blast of a voice over loudspeaker "*Crew of Serpentis; onboarding crew of Serpentis!"
Ryan:"I'm a great cook at the campfire, but I'll discuss this with the Dwarves to see if they'll be wanting for a cook as well...can't be too hard to hire someone with a bit of skill, it just will depend on their bravery."
And then the rising wail of....bagpipes?
Ryan quickly finishes up and mops his mouth clean of grease before rushing to the sound
Eliza nods and looks to Squire. "Don't swear, fix it. You have the tools you need." She assures the boy sternly but gently, then rises and heads to the rail to see what this is about.
Bartholomew hears the bagpipes, and instinctively adds a shot of rum to his morning coffee.
Bartholomew immediately regrets this as it kinds tastes weird.
Lily covers her ears instinctively
On the docking tower in the early morning light are five dwarves and their baggage; one woman with platinum blonde hair behind her, two fellows smoking pipes, a taller one in a gleaming breastplate under a blue jacket (playing the pipes) and a broad and taller fellow in front sourly staring at the Serpentis
rolling 3d6
Ken (GM):[critical hit to shoot the bagpipes?]
Ryan smiles calmly and professionally (instead of giddy and exploding with joy)
Ryan:[vs Xenophilia lol]
Ken (GM):ahhh, Self control rolls
Ryan strides up to the party and offers a warm greeting.
Eliza stands at the rail near the gangway and heavy chains, water pipes and electrical cable connecting them to the dock. "Humm, is this when they ask for permission to come aboard?"
Lily keeps her distance from these strangers and their awful noise
Ryan:"Well met, Clearglass Clan. I am Ryan Gigg, we spoke over the missives yesterday."
"Welcome aboard the Serpentis!"
Vulcan nods at the greeting, and makes a hand-motion to the piper to cease. He trails off quickly and skillfully
Lily exhales
Vulcan: Thank you misterrrrRyan (his accent rolling broadly and proudly
Ryan:"Allow me to introduce you to the exploratory party."
Bartholomew musters the newcomers. They look perhaps a little boorish, but they look and speak like people (unlike those kobolds). He hopes for the best and will be duly polite.,
Vulcan: "This is my son, Medic Stitcher. My Niece, Brightsmile Clearlglass, and my brrrrrothers sons Lucky, and Threeshots" he curtly bows, bringing up his forearm to his forehead
Ryan makes mental notes, then introduces each of the party but lets them speak for themselves...whatever rank we have is secondary to the fact we are all here as free explorers
Ryan:[just to clarify did we decide we had a Captain and all that?]
Ken (GM):[yeah, Eliza dubbed you capitan]
Joush M.:Yes, Eliza told you that you are cap'en until you die or she finds someone better
Ryan:[Ahh, OK lol *ups my leadership once I have a moment]
Lily "I'm Lily." is pretty much all she says to them in the end. There was no point in telling them her skills or anything, as they'd find out in due time. Plus they're people she never met before, and approaching them or talking to them was stressful.
Rosettsara:(Yeah, Ryan is definitely the Captain)
Ryan will tactfully offer introductions if nobody is chatty also, but it's all good lol
Eliza curtsies deeply to the dwarven party and looks them over curiously, but with an effort to keep the staring to a minimum and be polite. "I am Lady Eliza Aquitaine, this is my traveling companion Lilly, Natural Philosopher Bartholomew, and of course our security officer, Jonathan Legg."
The dwarves dutifully listen to the spiel of names, and nod along. The pipesmokers tap out their ashes and Medic stows his bagpipes aside to stand proud in the dawn with his breastplate a-shining
Bartholomew:“Bartholomew Leclerc,” he used to introduce himself as ‘Doctor,’ but stopped doing that after the Cataclysm, “navigator and stuff. Nice to meet you.”
Vulcan: "Miss Eliza, as head of Clan Clearglass, it is my honor to offer us to serve your house and your ship. We swear our duty to you, as is the way of our people"
Vulcan raises one arm, and drags back the sleeve of his coat with the other bearing his forearm tattooed and marked as it is in the dwarven way
Vulcan: "Youl excuse the hastiness of my work miss" and he pulls from his pocket a short metal rod with a thing fixed to the end.
"Where is your word-smith, and his branding flame?" he asks, perfunctionally
Ryan:[Look out! He's got a THING!]
Eliza nods somberly to that. "Thank you very much, Jarl Vulcan." She looks curiously at his tattoos. "Shall we discuss your qualifications, capablites and expected compensation over tea and coffee?" She comes forward and takes the rod carefully. "I'm afraid I don't understand your question?"
Vulcan: "I would swear our duty to you miss..." he looks momentarially cross with himself
"But of course, an interview. A demonstration of skill and fortitude!"
"I get ahead of myself, of courrrrse" he growls half to himself
Johnny produces a cigarette lighter from his pocket, flicking it once and causing a flame to spring forth. "Need something like this?"
Ryan clears his throat.
Eliza:"Oh!.. oh. Oh. Traditionally, our agreements for employment are sealed via a signature on paper and brief payer.. Yes. Let's conduct our interview first." She says, the brands having clearly knocked her utterly off balance, shaking her head to Johnny.
Vulcan makes a 'round up' gesture to the others, and wordlessly they pick up their bags and line up. Their clanhead bows shortly and allows you to lead the way
Ryan:"Absolutely. Let's have a tour of the ship first."
"I am confident you'll be quite at home in the Serpentis, but fortune favours those who don't assume!"
Ryan leads the way
Bartholomew:If Ryan is leading them, Bartholomew falls a bit behind to talk to Eliza: “I believe—or I'm guessing, rather—that they seal employment contracts by tattooing something on themselves.”
“A ‘word-smith’ is probably a guy who makes those tattoos…”
the dwarves follow your lead and come aboard the ship. They silently take your tour and nod along where you indicate anything. Only Vulcan speaks
Eliza:"Ryan Grigg is my captain and will ultimately make the choice if you will be a good fit." She explains as she walks along, then nods to Bart and speaks softly. "I've never heard of such a thing, but he bares marks of previous employers. It must be their way. I feel so flustered."
Bartholomew looks over to Johnny and wonders if he might have any experience doing that. He himself sure doesn't.
Lily follows from behind the group
Bartholomew:“Yeah, never heard of this before either. In the Confederation you settle things with a firm grip of the other's wrist.”
Eliza:"I thought I was being kdnapped the first time I was caught in The Clasp" She smiles to Bart.
Bartholomew laughs at that. “Hah, I can see that.”
Ryan keeps a close eye on the dwarves to gauge their familiarity with the equipment, but is mostly content that they will be honest if they come across something that they won't know to fix/work with
Eliza tries to get a feeling for them as people as they tour the ship and Ryan leads the discussion and assessment.
Eliza gets 6 for Observation or Body Language.
Ken (GM):Eliza! Perception(or related)!
damn son!
Joush M.:vs 12
Bartholomew keeps an eye on them too. 11v14 (PER)
Lily provides a fourth viewpoint 12 vs 14 (Observation)
Ken (GM):[damn guys]
Eliza is quite pleased and tells Ryan as much in private at the end of the tour, letting him know she is inclined to employ the clan and that he has her approval if he wishes to extend them a generous offer.
Ken (GM):[through all of your independent observation; the dwarves are a respectful band of close family who are led by Vulcan. Hes a capable engineer of levistone, and speaks of his experiences onboard many different ships that went down to his world from above.]
youre confident these guys arent full of hot air
Eliza notes that the offer is $600 per month for the engineer and ship's surgon, while the airmen will be paid half that. Five shares each for the 'officers' and one each for the airmen.
P.P. A.:(which would be fine if this was an old-fashioned airship)
Ryan:[Oh the Humanity....the blimp puns are incoming....]
Ryan confidently offers the Clan the position after a brief chat about purse-string loosing and conferencing with Vulcan to see his needs for provisions
Vulcan graciously accepts; the pay is fine and the shares fair
Vulcan: "I am confident you will line our coffer with gold and ruby, Captain Rrrrrryan"
Eliza sweetens it with a note that the Captian may authorize hazard pay bonuses, and that there is a very rich reward offered for finding her brother.
vulcan does go on to explain the dwarven way of deal sealing; he would indeed happily set a brand to his arm, with miss Eliza's blessing, to 'seal the deal' as it were
Ryan:"Your experience below the Roil will be as valuable as any treasures we unearth - I'm confident we will all be quite pleased. While our mission is our own, we are a ship that values each I welcome any wisdom you can share."
Eliza:"I would allow this of course. I would ask.. ah.. am I expected to be branded in this?" She ask him gently, embrassed at that and a little nervous.
Ryan:(basically indicating we're doing what we want, but let us know if we're flying into Dwarf Ghetto" )
Vulcan: "Oh! No miss, this is my deference to you! Our signaling of fealty, and our proud honor to hold"
Ken (GM):>dwarf ghtto
"He's holding the musket sideways! Thats a killshot! Thats a killshot!"
Vulcan: "The ritual simply requires you or a second of your, heat the brand for me"
Eliza nods and they trade tradtions.. the dwarves given a neatly typed contracts to review and sign while she studies the brand, then carefully heats it over a little lamp she normally uses to heat sealing wax. The blue gas flame gleaming as she does her part carefully and respectfully.
Vulcan signs and has his clan join him. Lucky leaves an X, but is whapped shortly and gives a rune-scratchy signature. The brand is heated and proffered, and a quick kiss of the seared metal later, the contract is finalized
the smell of hot skin sizzling bubbles up to you like the bacon you had earlier. Vulcan doesnt even grimace, splashing the wound with a dash of something black from a skin on his hip, and some words in dwarven, runic and dark following.
Ryan:[Ominous voice from the heavens
Eliza is suprised by that and how metal their tradtions are. She is also glad she dosn't need to get branded too.
the second he is done, his clan break silence and relax, gibbering to each other quickly and excitedly in their home tongue, happily whooping and cheering to each other
Ryan:"We'll be wise to observe these traditions should we need to barter down below" Laughs...but isn't joking
Lily covers her ears aagain
Ryan:"Squire!" claps his hands, hoping the boy is done putting out his mess
Brightsmile breaks away from her brothers quickly and relaxes by undoing a heavy sash (scandalously) and winks at lily, smiling broad and happy
Squire appears in a flash holding half a mop, dripping soapy water. he is smeared with flour
Squire:"SAH!" he salutes wildly, the mop goes flying
Lily wipes off some of the water splashed on her in the process
Squire visibly dies a little inside
Ryan:"Ahh yes, Vulcan, this is Squire. He is the junior of our crew, and is still learning and earning his place in our mission. But he can assist if you need anything if we are indisposed. Squire, this is Vulcan Clearglass, our honoured partners in sky, metal and earth. You will treat all reasonable orders from these fine Dwaves as my own."
Eliza rolls 9 vs 12 to resist Charitable.
Ryan:[* Senie's laptop keybord seems to miss letters, forgive any typos]
Eliza doesn't help Squire out, instead giving him a stern look and a humph before she nods to Lilly.
Squire:"Sah!" he salutes again
"Excuse me a moment, sah!" and he scrambles to unmess the deck
Ryan:"We'll let you get settled and will be heading to the market for any last minute provisions needed. If you'd like to join us, or have any requests, we'll gladly have delivery tonght or before we disembark."
Bartholomew adjusts his glasses as he eyes the Dwarves, but decides to save his question for later, and to let them settle in first. He needs to think about whether he needs to buy anything while he still can, anyway.
Eliza:"Shall we collect some things, Lilly?"
Lily:"Can I pick out something I want?"
Vulcan: "Solid stone, mister Ryan; I'll get you a short list, but we're prepared for deparrrrt" he corrects himself
Ryan:"Let's hope all-out war isn't necessary....but it's clear we are in fine company should it be needed." *Laughs...but again, doesn't seem to be joking"
The dwarf and the man laugh heartily without mirth at the prospect of diving below the lands of Airth. Sadness at the edges of their eyes
Eliza nods to Lily. "Yes. I'd like that." She says with a gentle smile.
the dwarves make to stow themselves belowdeck in the crew quarters and cargo area. medic et aquainted with anything sharp and meaty; you find he's a cook as well as a medic
Lily has an idea of what new clothes to get now, and has her sights set on getting a summer dress first and foremost
Joush M.:hopefully he has two sets of knives
Ryan:Convenient...and concerning. :P
Ken (GM):;)
Ryan:"Waste not want not!"
"What's for lunch?"
"Apendix. Nobody needed theirs, right?"
Bartholomew writes a note that he needs to check out an electronics store to buy portable measurement instruments for measuring Sparkstone currents and whatever radiation can be detected outside of elaborate laboratory setups
Eliza heads to a draper to find Lily clothes that she likes, excited by the prospect of seeing more of the reserved young woman's personality. She doesn't even know the girl's preferred colors yet.
Ken (GM):bart: tools(electronics/sparkstone engineer TL6)
Eliza and lily: MAKEOVERRRR
Ryan and Squire head to market, obtain wares, take back the expensive electronics themselves and get rations/feed/ale delivered by reliable couriers
Johnny spends his time going over nomenclature and terminology with the dwarves, to make sure everyone is on the same page before anything potentially stressful and confusing happens
Joush M.:There's a full field labratory on board that Bart might be able to find those tools in, but for siutations where he wants something lighter then 200 pounds and needs external power that could be good..
Ken (GM):Medic would like to drag Lucky along on that as well; four sets of hands, and he wants to use the budget money on say, some spices and choice cuts
[Oh right, the lab]
Bartholomew goes with Ryan and Squire so he can look around if there's anything he didn't realise he might need until he saw it, and to stock up on liquor.
Ken (GM):[breaking bad in the basement of Serpentis]
Ryan:Gladly invites Medic along
Ken (GM):Johnny is given the short list of cussing, and many common slang terms
Lily seems to favour a very light beau blue, barely beating out light pink and white
Ken (GM):The dwarves are glad to hear any choice terms they havent learned yet either
Ryan:[Dwarven Ryan Cranston leans in "No...I AM the Duergar!"
Ken (GM):hahahah
Lily:8 vs 14 (Observation)
Lily gets her hair straightened out and untangled as well, likely at Eliza's insistence. Once done, she pointed out the man with the mustache following them
Ken (GM):fyi, dude, over there, miss
Eliza takes out a makeup mirror and fusses a moment with her eyeshadow.. and get a glimps at him without looking.
Joush M.:one of the prince's men?
(To GM): 8v14
Ken (GM):the samesuch guard from yesterday, tailing Eliza and LIly in the clothiers
Eliza is pleased Lily was able to get her hair done without trouble, trying not to ask too much of the girl she knows dislike being touched.The simplest way to dodge the man fits with her idea quite well however, and she walks into a shop specializing in women's clothing.
Ken (GM):he is alone this time, it seems
Eliza wonders if he dares brave women's lingerie and dresses.
Rosettsara:(Also, for the dress, I'm thinking it's just summer clothes, status 0 or 1?)
Bartholomew has a thought, and turns to Medic: “What's the weather like down there? Hot? Cold?”
Joush M.:1 works. That's the 'dressing down' clothing level for Eliza. She will also be on the lookout for motercycle leathers, however.
Medic: "The depths are unpredictable now, but more cold than warm. At least until you get into the flame clan's holdings"
Rosettsara:(Got it.)
Eliza on a second dress, so Lilly will have a spare if she likes the first, and a steamer trunk (to keep her things in and for any private items a woman might require).
Eliza spends $2600 gilt on Lilly's clothing, and another $400 for hair treatment, cosmetics and ect.
Bartholomew:“I see, thanks.” He remembers to buy another change of warm, padded clothing. The deck of the ship can be chilly, but there it's mainly the wind that's cold (and wind-resistant clothing that keeps you warm).
Ken (GM):["But of course!" the stereotypically parisian clothier handles all the trimmings, and set you up with a lovely leather clad trunk you could hide a dwarf in]
Ryan:[Dwarves look nervously at each other as you bring a coffin-sized box on board]
Lily follows Eliza inside and disappears enough to be able to sneak up on the guy if he follows along, without being seen herself. Or tries to, anyway.
Joush M.:The ship's stores do include two sets of Gallican Military surplus winter uniforms for each person
Lily:9 vs 14 (Stealth)
Ken (GM):>two sets
shes planning on attrition guys
Ryan:I'll purchase a few bits of survival gear...some fire-starting kits, ie, tinder-sticks, flares, etc just in case we end up battling the cold for long periods.
Lily and Eliza slip into something more comfortable, and disappear out the back, giggling (with hands on sidearms). The stalker is lef tin the dust
Bartholomew also buys some more paper, ink, etc. in case it will be hard to come by.
Eliza is quite happy to escape the man.
Ken (GM):totally reasonable purchases
Eliza also makes note and simply places an order for something forgotten. Ten sword-bayonets for Falkenarth Self-Righting Bolt Rifles.
Ken (GM):They have those in stock! They come in cases of twelve but will waive away the difference for such ~elegant ladies~ (fearfully looking at pretty Lily with her thousand yard stare
Anything else y'all wanted to get up to while in the last bastion of civilization?
Lily now looks ridiculously adorable, totally unlike the person who left with Eliza earlier, except for the look in her eyes
Ryan:Lots of paper, ink, supplies for charting and writing observations, a few spyglasses, etc, but basically we're pretty much going to wing it....responsibly, but wing it regardless
Ken (GM):awesome
bundles in tow and portered boxes heading for your ship, you make your way from the market and back to the ship before lunchtime
Ryan pauses at the shop front of a fine wine merchant and dips inside just before they head back
Ryan comes out with a smile and a receipt for a shipment
Ryan:"For when we have cause to celebrate," he tells those with him.
(6 bottles of VERY fine, fancy wine, to be delivered and hid away)
Ken (GM):brillinat
ammo for bart to not disappoint
Eliza smiles and looks Lilly over in her new dress, nodding and complementing her appearance. "You look wonderful."
Joush M.:Any chance of getting a leather rideing suit like Eliza's for Lilly?
Bartholomew comes by a 2nd hand bookstore and takes a look. He buys a book on traditional Sparkstone craftsmanship, a book with old fairytales (the Grimm equivalent), and—in a moment he would later blame on still having alcohol in his blood—a copy of the Virtus holy scriptures.
Lily looks at the ground, some crimson appearing on her face as she mutters a weak "Thanks" in response
Ken (GM):@joush; definitely. They will barely need to adjust a young man's gear for her
Bart does NOT burst into flames wielding his purchases
Bartholomew has it wrapped in some paper
Ken (GM):kek
Eliza also gets a mischievous look in her eyes.. then offers her a second package. A leather coat, tightly cut to fit close to the skin. Gloves, chaps to protect trousers, and good rideing boots. Dark leather trimmed with crimson and sized just for Lilly. "It's much like mine.. if we find a chance to ride, or get into real trouble.. it might be useful." Even a hood included, to protect the hair and head from abrasions should one fall at low speed, or to perserve a lovely corpse from a fall at high speed.
Ken (GM):>thelma and louise intensifies
Lily accepts the gift quizzically. "Thank you."
Joush M.:Leather suit, DR 2, Weighs 14.3 pounds cost 2k
Ken (GM):>comical sound of a sack of coins hitting a table
>leather armor pops out
I love it
Rosettsara:(got it)
Eliza puts things away carefully and checks the holds, makeing sure everything is delivered and put away properly.
the crew make their jaunty way back to the ship as the mess of porters deliver their good for them alongside their own baggage
Lily reserves a special place in her quarters for her new clothes, and finds herself being a little more shy than usual now that she can't hide behind her old shabby clothes and old military coat
Ken (GM):Oh shit, character development
dynamic emotions
the ship is a mess of deliveries at the moment, folks scurrying this way and that at the top of the tower passing packages to the dwarves (threeshots and brightsmile) and signing off on the work to Johnny
A porter in a heavy coat and slick hair is having a brief aside with Johnny as you return
Ryan:"All's well?"
Threeshots: "Why all this dead tree slice mistah Ryan? We have all the kindling you could want, and oil too!"
Ryan:"Oh, just my own personal bad habits, Sir Threeshots...I tend to make a great bit of mess when recording my thoughts...nobody seems to believe me otherwise."
Threeshots: "I see! I'll get this moved to your quarters then, and the control room!" he laughs off the exchange
Eliza twitches her lips in a smile at the question, looking to Ryan and the dwarf. She watches Johnny and the porter.. trusting him to handle things.
Ryan smiles and bows his head in thanks, then does a quick round of the ship, making sure nothing is sneaking around in the chaos and confusion...
rolling 3d6
Ryan keeps a solid, steady eye between the decks...and the horizon, watching for other ships as well as misplaced things...anything that might end up spelling an 'issue' in their coming launch
Ryan walks over to Johnny and the courier he's talking to
Lily goes to make sure Squire's accounted for, hopefully without being seen checking up on him
Ryan:"Johnny, anything to report?"
Squire is found loading boxes in the pantry with medic; the dwarf is making him dispose of packaging as the cook straps down the pans and bit in there, safely on magnet racks and behind cabinets
Bartholomew brings his purchases to his room and puts them onto the relevant shelves and into the relevant boxes
Johnny nods at Ryan when he approaches. "Keep an eye on this one," he says hastily before swiftly walking away, moving with an apparent sense of urgency.
Ryan nods and offers a hand shake to the man in the coat. "You must be terribly hot in that. It's like a Bazaar up here, don't you think?"
The Man nods to the comment
Ken (GM):"Too hot today for a Visigard coat and tails, I'm sure" he winks
Ryan:Quieter What brings you to the tower?
Ken (GM):"Quickly! I'm being tailed by those creatures from the SBI!" and he jams a leather document case at Ryan's gut
Johnny stands menacingly, sword visible but sheathed. "What's in the box?"
Ryan takes the case as nonchalantly as he can. "Where?" he asks without looking around
Johnny points at the box in case the man doesn't speak Yanqui
The Man: "Im sorry, I'm so sorry. They daughter" he stammers out
From in side the box, a short but distinct utterance of "Fucking pigskin" yaps out in a kobold voice
Ryan shouts in alarm
rolling d6+7
The porters and deckhands alike, flinch and duck in response to the wordless shout from Ryan, freezing in place
Somebody drops a box of bayonets, they clatter to the ground, the case buckled
Lily springs into action.
Ken (GM):Johnny! You have the drop@!
lily! roll init too!
wat do Johnny?
Johnny draws his sword
rolling 1d6+6
From inside the box, there is a panicked sounding shriek of fear and rage; AUTOMATIC FIRE BLASTS OUT THE SIDE OF THE WOODEN BOX!
DrExplosion:(can you draw two items at once or does it always require two Ready Maneuvers)
Ken (GM):are you ambidextrous?
DrExplosion:no but he has off-hand training for his sidearm
Ken (GM):ah that scool then yeah
DrExplosion:if he's able to draw both he will, otherwise the sword is sufficient
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs
The distinct sound of automatic gunfire chatters off from the inside of the box! Holes appear, spraying up and out of it and the top of the box erupts with kobolds!
Shrieking that their comrade panicked and opened fire with them inside the box, but still, KOBOLDS
Fiss:Oh, you best be knowing there'll be Kobold for tomorrow's lunch....
If they taste good. I'm not sure if Kobolds are good eatin' or not.
Eliza:"Delivery for you.. from DEATH!"
Joush M.:OOC Thank you for the game! It was fun. Lilly is adoreble
medic: "You reall yneed to slow roast or stew em, but Squire, Kobold is just as good eating as gator, or voidmonster"
DrExplosion:Lily confirmed for mascot
Rosettsara:Awesome session, thanks~
Bartholomew:Thanks for the session!
Ken (GM)::D
I was afeared there was waaaaay too much dwarven dressup and shopping
Joush M.:"So basically hot dogs?"
Ken (GM):but I aimed to betray and ambush with kobolds
and lol
and some more lol
Bartholomew:I don't mind
DrExplosion:Kobold kebabs coming up
Fiss:"Kobolds? You mean 'Angry Emergency Rations'?
Squire nods along as the dwarven doctor cook regales him with tales of braised monsters from the depths
Bartholomew:Our party (and crew) still need to get to know each other
Joush M.:Just kidding. We won't eat the kobolds. Just wrap them in a shroaud and respectfully drop them over the side
Bartholomew:so this kind of slice-of-life session worked pretty well for that
Fiss:Yeah, it was a good 'get to know' session. Lots of fun
P.P. A.:oops, forgot to switch back
Joush M.:Of course, this works better on a boat then on an airship hovering over a town
Ken (GM):oh thank god
Fiss:*get to know
the place we're from...
We're from...Halifax!*
Ken (GM):>linen wrapped kobold slams into some guy's sandwich cart
DrExplosion:Johnny purposefully stuck around to get used to working with the new dwarven crew before we take off, since there will be plenty of social time later
Rosettsara:Building character like this makes the later stuff matter so much more
Ken (GM):Johnny now knows how to swear in two mor elanguages
DrExplosion:He's got a guitar and a duffel bag full of guns, he's good on shopping for a while
Joush M.:>Bagpipes echoing down from above playing amazing grace
Ken (GM):"My cabbages!"
>from high above "...Sorry!..."
>small bag of gold WHAPS into the guy form above
Lily giggles, Eliza blushes as she realizes she kille da man
P.P. A.:Good night!
DrExplosion:also just to be clear, shooting first here isn't going to violate Johnny's Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents), right?
Ken (GM):>Kobolds
>they opened fire, blindly
Rosettsara:I'm pretty sure the enemy openly stated their intent to cause harm already
Ken (GM):"Fucking pigskins" etc
threats of violence from within 24 hours
Fiss:yus. 4 pts I assume?
Ken (GM):4 points!
DrExplosion:just making sure
Ken (GM):everyone earned their Roleplay today
DrExplosion:don't want to get penalized by accident
Ken (GM):hah
Fiss:+1 for the Blimp puns?
Ken (GM):"SIGH I really shouldnt have killed those kobolds" moping intensifies
said nobody EVER
DrExplosion:Johnny knows all about the paperwork you have to do when you kill someone
Ken (GM):hahahah
true ture
DrExplosion:GI Johnny: "They opened fire blindly while shouting racist slurs"
Brass Bureaucrat: "Okay first off kobolds can't be racist because they do not have institutional power"
Ken (GM):hahahahah
Fiss:"They can't be racist...because they don't count as real people."
Ken (GM):"second off, huge waste of .45"
"Just like, use your sword next time, damnit"
DrExplosion:some may consider a 12 gauge slug at point blank to be "excessive"
those people do not wear power armor
Ken (GM):hahahahahaha
jesus christ
Fiss:Ken, are you alright me buying 'Language Talent" for learning/working around the myriad of speaking/writing I'm likely to know?
Ken (GM):oh shit
Fiss:Or should I learn up each one seperately
Ken (GM):hmmm
I think you'd end up at a point crock problem with the amount I have planned for the game. At least at 10 points
buy it at 5 and you are good to go
Fiss:Cool, I'll still need to learn / find a teacher for them, but I'll be able to learn them faster/cheaper as things progress
Ken (GM):plays out as written, with free broken levels etc, just make it only cost 5 on your sheet for the advantage
Fiss:Gots it
Ken (GM):totaly fine for an indiana jones
Fiss:Works well with my Eidetic Memory too, so it's not like I'm trying to mess with the system, just prepping for the fun
Ken (GM):>Edititc memory
oh shit, right
very yes
Fiss:Yeah, that's 10 pts for both, so it works well either way. Eidedic mem with a mental talent for words
Will throw a point into Cartography to match my promises to make maps of the shattered world.
wow, discord is eating it hard today
Fiss:om nom nom
let me know youre all okay with your tokens, moving, seeing things, etc
Fiss:Looks good so far! Moving/viewing all good
DrExplosion:Johnny is pretty much where he should be
Ken (GM):[oh thank god]
P.P. A.:need to orient myself
DrExplosion:not a whole lot of nuance for this lad
Ken (GM):[the tokens have not yet betrayed me]
P.P. A.:Bartholomew would be a bit deeper inside
Ken (GM):[thats what she said]
Rosettsara:Lily just finished checking on Squire, so she's probably wherever she needs to be
Ken (GM):squire and medic are just up the hall, they had been moving things between the loading bay and galley
which would put lily in the bay, or a standard deviation therein
and I believe eliza was in her room~ish based on last known Joush-emotes
Eliza had finished touring the ship and examining the state of their stores with a stop in her room to make sure everything is delivered and put away when from her bedroom the sounds of gunshots rang out, sudden and sharp..
Ken (GM):[dats a bigass bed
Ryan had just finished shouting a generic sound of alarm so everyone could be aware shit was going down...otherwise...waiting for his init
Ken (GM):just sprinkling in the last of the various porters onto the deck
we are arrnaged
Joush M.:like 9' by 6'6" About as wide as a king sized bed is tall
Ryan:[more fodder for the blood god! mean...porters and other innocents]
BAM BAM BAM BAM The bark of automatic gunfire chatters into the hot air as the docking tower erupts into noise and anger! A box of kobold has been smuggled up the to the ship by a press-ganged prisoner! Johnny sprung to action, sword drawn in response! Ryan shouting alarm! Ryan conspiring with Valin Win and the dwarves and ladies agaog at the turmoil!
Ken (GM):INITIATIVE BITCHES (Johnny granting a +2 for sparking a combat!)
DrExplosion:I thought we already rolled
Rosettsara:I remember that too
DrExplosion:that is, I thought I already rolled a good number and I don't want to lose it
Rosettsara:Though it was without the +2, if I recall
DrExplosion:yeah I only had +1 for combat reflexes
Bartholomew turns around, startled by the gunfire. He did not experience war first-hand, but due to the threat of spies or occasional fighting, he did undergo mandatory firearm training, and knows how to fire a gun, and how loud gunshots can be.
rolling 1d6+7.75
Ken (GM):right lily and Johnny both got 12s!
Eliza gets 8 for Initative, with Johnny granting her +1 for Combat Reflexes, and diden't roll last week
Ryan:ops put me down for 10.75
I misread I thought we were getting the additional bonus
Rosettsara:Though I forgot combat reflexes, so probably add 1 to that
Ken (GM):all the maths!
Ken (GM):shit son, y'all are running hot today
Ryan:[That's what she said!]
P.P. A.:If it's +1 from Johnny then I'm down to 12.5
Johnny has a sword in hand, and stands before the screeching kobold box! Lily has wheeled to the violence!
Lily moves into a better position to start aiming
Rosettsara:(Turn done)
Ken (GM):lily, thats a wall
not an open deck
P.P. A.:oh
Ken (GM):hahahaha
Ryan:[Everything is an open deck with a big enough gun!]
Ken (GM):hahahahah
Rosettsara:(Ah, woops)
Ken (GM):but seriously, thats a wall, bay doors are open tho
gangplank has no railings either, FYI
Rosettsara:(Now it's done)
Ken (GM):gotcha
P.P. A.:I forgot, can you draw your weapon while moving?
DrExplosion:you can step IIRC
Ken (GM):draw as your ready action, +step
Bartholomew takes a step to have a clear line of sight, and draws his gun.
Bartholomew:Having acted only on noise and shouting, he now sees the threat—armed kobolds leaping from a box!
P.P. A.:This is good because he's never shot a person before
flashes of gunmetal grey and sharp looking knives!
Ken (GM):'person'
JOHNNY theyre coming right for ya!
P.P. A.:exactly; no moral qualms here
Johnny springs into action!
Ken (GM):~whispering maths intensify~
DrExplosion:gonna go AoA (Double)
Ken (GM):B407; you shoot through the cover, take a -2 to hit
Johnny steps into the fray and shoots into the box!
rolling 3d6 vs 11
Ken (GM):oh
ma gawd
DrExplosion:is that a misfire
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs misfire?
no! only an impressive miss
There is WHUBOOM and bits of box explode in all directions! There is no blood...
Johnny also attacks the nearest kobold with his sword
most of the box flies apart, and six cramped kobolds with SMGs knives and what look like stick-grenades are all that remains in the debris
rolling 3d6 vs 13
Ken (GM):oh
my gawd
Ryan:[The Dice Giveth, the Dice Taketh Away...]
DrExplosion:good thing I've got Luck!
Ken (GM):yay!
DrExplosion:(to survive the counterattack)
Ken (GM):boo
Ryan drops the manifests/notes in his hands and scrambles to pull iron on the Kobolds as he runs forward
rolling 3d6
That's a fail on Quickdraw by 1, so he'll have to settle for Draw and Step
DrExplosion:we're off to a good start
Ryan:Get all the bad rolls out now...
I hope lol
Kommander barks out in his gutteral kobold tongue! The red menaces spring into action, flying from the box in all ways!
One of them opens fire on the startled porters as he springs down to the deck!
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs spraying murder
The other three swarm after Johnny and the old injured man who pushed their cart up the tower!
Rosettsara:(At least Lily doesn't have to worry about those two getting in her line of fire now)
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs stab an old man
rolling 3d6 vs old man dodge/drop
The old man falls backwards, down the ramp!
DrExplosion:I'm gonna imagine that the kobold jumping and the box exploding threw off Johnny's aim instead of him just being a miserable failure
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs Stab Johnny!
does johnny defend the stabbing bowie knife from the 'bold?
DrExplosion:AoA so I'm guessing that's a stab
no defense
unless there's some rule I don't know of where he magically gets to defend after an all out attack
Ken (GM):oh shit!
DrExplosion:(this is why I saved my Luck)
Ken (GM):(to not roll defenses?)
P.P. A.:for the HT rolls, rather
Ken (GM):
rolling 1d6+1 Imp stab to torso
P.P. A.:though if that initial shot had luckily lander, maybe there wouldn't have been a counterattack
dammit dice
DrExplosion:it was a slug, not likely to kill all of them at once
P.P. A.:oh
nvm then
Ken (GM):johnny has been stabbed; you have DR 1 from your jumpsuit?
rolling 3d6 vs other kobold stab with knife
DrExplosion:+2 with the jacket
rather, DR 2
jacket is only +1
Ken (GM):gotcha, so 5 IMP after DR is 10 wounds
and second kobold
rolling 1d6+1 Imp stab
another....8 wounds
P.P. A.:No attack roll?
Ken (GM):fucking hell
DrExplosion:there was a roll
Johnny is at -6 HP
Ryan:And this is where we remember combat hurts. >_<
P.P. A.:oh, I missed i— sheesh
Ken (GM):goddamn
DrExplosion:roll vs HT to stay standing?
oh wait these were also major wounds, weren't they
Ken (GM):yeah start with a HT roll vs the first
rolling 3d6 vs 12
Ken (GM):yay, and then vs the second
rolling 3d6 vs 12
Ken (GM):yay!
DrExplosion:so they just hurt a lot, rather than being really "major," yeah?
Ken (GM):yeah, you got knives sticking out of ya
bowie knives
to the handles
DrExplosion:that just means they can't run away
Ken (GM):hahaha
Kommander kobold bites the cord on the bottom of his grenade, yanking the fuse!
Eliza draws her pistol, and guards her door (as per joush's wishes, RIP )
The porters and deckhands and dwarves react! Civilians screaming and diving to the ground, crouching and falling willy nilly
Lucky dives for the nearest kobold! Hands going for the gun!
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 for lucky slam!
rolling 3d6 Lucky ST and /r 3d6 kobold resist
rolling 3d6 kobold resist
Lucky tackles him down! and they sprawl~
Ken (GM):Lily! back to you! CHAOS!
Lily takes careful aim at the Kobold Kommander
Rosettsara:(Turn done)
Bartholomew:A pearl of sweat runs down Leclerc's forehead; his leg is shaking, but he (barely) calms his breathing and takes careful aim at the goblin in sight.
P.P. A.:(Aim, turn done)
Bartholomew also takes a step
Ken (GM):gotcha gotcha
DrExplosion:since I'm at negative HP I have to roll HT to stay conscious every turn unless I Do Nothing, correct?
Ken (GM):yes! and you roll HT at the start of that choice, to see if it shoves you over the edge
rolling 3d6 vs 12 to stay conscious
Ken (GM):nice, fit for +1 and On the Edge for +1 too (you risky devil)
who or whatcha stabbing at shock-4?
Johnny slashes at the kobold that most recently stabbed him
Ken (GM):kek
DrExplosion:does this have to be an AOA or can I make it a regular attack without a Self-Control roll?
Joush M.:You don't have to roll to avoid passing out if you Do Nothing or only talk quitely on your turn and don't make any active defenses (419 basic set)
DrExplosion:(forgot I had On the Edge)
Ken (GM):the fact youre doing anything satisfies OTE
so your choice
only berzerk says "you must AOA)
rolling 3d6 vs 9
Ken (GM):reee
no luck?
Johnny clenches his teeth and braces himself to continue fighting through the pain
DrExplosion:I suspect I'm gonna want to save Luck for just surviving
>tfw he truly only missed because of the shock penalty
Ken (GM):s'truth
Ryan:Okay, I'mma shoot mah gun
Not at Oranges Miss
Step and fire?
DrExplosion:shoot gun, not woman
Ken (GM):truly the path to paladinhood
DrExplosion:Deep Moral Choices
Ryan:Oh, shit, I should have asked before hand....Auto machine pistol, does it even DO 1 shot?
Ken (GM):hahahah
RoF 8!
Ken (GM):aALWAYS 8
a taste of their own medicine
Ryan:OK, then 8 going right into the nearest Koboldo
* I hope
Target is 13
Ken (GM):im assuming the nearest clear shot is the Kommander, or stab kobold#2
a slucky is wrestling the one on the ground with a gun
Ryan:Ahh, okay , nevermind, yes, one of those two. What one is stabbing mah friend
I assume Stabby #2?
Ken (GM):the redder one
DrExplosion:pls don't shoot johnny
Rosettsara:(Lily's already taken aim at the kommander, so hopefully we can get rid of two here)
Ryan:OK, I'm at -3 so that's going to be a target of 12. Ugh
rolling 3d6
Ken (GM):~yaaay~
If he crit dodges I fuckin swear on me mum
The Kobold is BRRRTed at, and a bullet hits!
all out is a helluva drug
Ken (GM):on hit damage!
rolling 1d6 + 2
that's (2) pi...what do that mean again?
Do it mean no more Kobold? lol
Ken (GM):hahah
it means half DR on the target
Ryan:Ah, got it. :D
(It's been a LONG time since I've used autos)
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs kobold major owund
the 'bold gets blasted, knocking him sideways off the cart!
Ryan steels himself from the Bbbrrrt and looks satisfied at the down range results
ATTAAAAACAK screams the kommander, as he whips the stick grenade downrange toward your ship doors!
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs grenade throw
Ryan:Ahh, well then.
Joush M.:It's a perfect spiral!
Ken (GM):oh
P.P. A.:RIP everyone
DrExplosion:at least he didn't get shot and drop it next to johnny
Rosettsara:(Please tell me Lily gets a chance to kick it into the water below)
Ken (GM):thers a fuse yeah
The wrestling kobold and lucky tussle! LUCKY GETS THE GUN!
The stabby Kobold see's johnny is still moving! IT SCREAMS AND DASHES ALONG THE DECK WITH ITS BRETHEREN
They scamper from Johnny, confident in their tribe! KNIVES HIGH!
Eliza comes out of the cabin , staying low and starting up the steps.
Joush M.:I think that's about as far as she gets this turn
Ken (GM):>down the steps :P
[note to self, add arrows]
you have aimed, and the kommander dropped a nade right beside you!
DrExplosion:(bit of a flavortext retcon - Johnny dropped his gun and grabbed at one of his wounds after swinging his sword)
Rosettsara:(Would bopping the grenade off the bridge count as a full turn action, or just a step?)
Rose: Step and kick?
Ken (GM):It will be an attack/kick regardless to whack it away
Rosettsara:(Any bonuses due to being stationary?)
P.P. A.:(Any penalties due to the size modifier?=
DrExplosion:wow ppa
THAT guy
Ken (GM):pick a direction, roll versus DX+1 for me (its a stationary long fat thing)
P.P. A.::^)
Ken (GM):SM-3, unmoving thing +4
and declare a direction before kicking plz!
Lily kicks it northward. Less chance of it exploding and hitting Eliza on the way down.
Ken (GM):kek
Lily:15 vs 14
P.P. A.:uh-oh
Rosettsara:(Yeah. Luck.)
Ken (GM):please
Lily:13 13
Ken (GM):kek
Lily takes the 13 and boots the thing off and away from them
Lily loses her aim bonus and will have to wait another two turns before attacking the enemy
The fat bat of a grenade is knocked away! It rattles to the edge of the gantry and tips of the side!
Ryan:[lands on orphanage below]
Ken (GM):[orphanage for war children, and the infirm shellshocked]
DrExplosion:(Secret Enemy: Orphanages)
(All according to keikaku)
Medic and brightsmile flank the door as Bart stands, pistol drawn on the enemy! The dwarves are wide eyed, and the lady dorf hans a short knife in her hand already
Bartholomew , thanks to his intense tunnel-vision and concentrating on his aim, did not have time to panic about the grenade before Lily took care of it. His aim is unbroken, and he fires a shot at the Kobold commander. 13v9
Ken (GM):oh come on
P.P. A.:(Skill of 12, +2 ACC, -5 from distance)
Rosettsara:The dice are cursed today
A shot snaps off, PtingWEEE off the stone of the tower!
the scallyways turn their back to you
rolling 3d6 vs 12
luck tbh
rolling 3d6 vs 12
rolling 3d6 vs 12
Ken (GM):cursed
DrExplosion:any of the kobolds look like they're about to attack Lucky?
the motley tribe of kobolds is in a frenzy, knives up and guns out!
Ken (GM):[no single seems to have aimed, but there is a Kobold in fatigues, as opposed to ragged clothing
[herr kommander
Rosettsara glares at "Lucky"
DrExplosion:(backs turned means no active defenses, right?)
Ken (GM):roughly
the kommander has his back to the cart
the three on the left have bare back-spaces
Johnny lines up a thrust of his sword to skewer the kobold kommander
Ken (GM):FUCK that guy
rolls it!
rolling 3d6 vs 17 (telegraphic)
Ken (GM):the kobold defends at -2 (backside hex!)
oh wait no
youre right, that is his back hex
(I gotta change this grid color
(ok thats a bit better)
rolling d6+2 imp
Ken (GM):my god
IMP tho rite
rolling 3d6 vs Major wound
the kommander takes a poke to the back! it shears off to the side and he bleeds!
Ken (GM):mistah ryan!
Ryan:I'mma goinna shoot moar
Step past OrangeMiss, shouting "RUN!" and let another volley fly at the middle Kobold
Target is 13 this time
Ken (GM):rolls it!
rolling 3d6
I'll take it
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs dodging shooter!
Ryan:FFS lol
8 bullets whiz by
The shots flie over the top of the red skinned devil! Past the staggered JOhnny
Ryan braces himself for the bumrush
P.P. A.:Okay, who forgot to make their weekly pre-session sacrifice to the Dice?
DrExplosion:I have a confession to make
I'm actually somewhere with good wifi
P.P. A.:gasp
DrExplosion:this has doomed us
The kobolds shriek and skitter! Lucky's bold kicks him away and skitters on the stone roof
The others cheer and whoop, scampering forward!
Another descending on the porters, knife rising and falling in a red fury!
The kommander staggers aside form the stb to his back, hissing, and lifts his SMG to Johnny, eye levelling on the sights!
Eliza jogs down the steps. "We are under attack?" She calls to the people gathered near the gangway.
Joush M.:wall here, or can she see the 'bolds from here?
Brightsmile: turns to her with a mad grin, and nods furiously
Ken (GM):[Ill give the benfit of the doubt, the stair has porthole windows
Eliza looks out at the battle and blood. (end turn!)
Medic crouch-hustles out on the gangplank "Keep the missus safe!" he barks to his sister, who nods her assent
Lucky snaps back the bolt and opens fire with the SMG he stole!
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs shoot kobold point blank
CHAT CHAT CHAT red sprays and it goes down!
The woman screams and runs
Ken (GM):LiLEy!
Lily shouts "Miss Eliza, get down! They are using firearms and explosives!" before taking aim again at the Kommander with a step forward.
A drop of several stories looms before her boot
Bartholomew curses. He no longer has the patience to aim again [and the measly +2 isn't worth it anyway], so he takes a step closer and fires another shot at the nearest kobold—the one threatening Ryan.
Ken (GM):fuckity
fuck fuck
P.P. A.:[at least the measly +2 really wouldn't have been worth it]
Squire shirks away from the gunfire, hunched against the wall, trying to be brave
Ken (GM):mr geetar!
The kommander has aimed upon you!
DrExplosion:that's not an open ledge behind him, is it?
P.P. A.:hoho~
Ken (GM):it is, but he is short and its like, shoulder height on a kobold
Johnny steps and slashes
Ken (GM):chop chop
rolling 3d6 vs 13
Ken (GM):YES
P.P. A.:noice
DrExplosion:this was at "whatever presents itself" btw, forgot if I roll for hit location or you do
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs a critical defense?
rolling 3d6 vs location
Johnny sweeps the kobold, and the blade passes low under the gun, and the kobold's thin legs fly off like butchery!
the kobold squeals like a pig!
DrExplosion:oh wait fug
I forgot to roll vs HT
The other kobolds, shriek in fear, mimicking him!
Ken (GM):[oh fuck]
DrExplosion:sud I roll now or just say the critical hit energy pulled him through
Ken (GM):spend a CP and call it buying a match success?
(so say we all)
Johnny introduces the kobold to the war amps, and the trill shatters the resolved of the group!
Ryan:OK! Can I do a sweep at the two closest Kobolds? Or is it best to focus on one target
I mean, basically if I can get off the extra ROF shot, may as well try
Ken (GM):yeah you can shoot one and then the other
Ryan:(and I get a bonus to hit as it's 8 bullets per round)
Ken (GM):it costs one bullet to hop so you have Rof 3 and 4 to split between one and the other
or just blow one to smithereens
Ryan:OK! Let's go for it! Regular Attack, attempting to rake through both of them.
rolling 3d6
I'mma going to Luck this fucker
rolling 3d6
rolling 3d6
Ken (GM):luckerfucker!
Ryan:I think I will go with the 6
Ken (GM):lol
DrExplosion:wise imho
Ryan:Yeah, I think luck will do better here vs maybe not dying when they hurt me
So that's a beat by 10 effectively
Ken (GM):kay so thats 3 successes/hits
DrExplosion:nah I mean picking the 6 instead of the 15 is probably best
Ken (GM):hahahah
rolling 3d6 vs dodge-morale
he doe snot dodge
oh god
not at all
rolling 1d6 + 2
Should I just roll all 3?
Ken (GM):ya fer sure
rolling 1d6 + 2
rolling 1d6 + 2
I'm OK with that
Ken (GM):he is not, but fuck his opinion
the Kobold is riddled with fear and bullets. The bullets kill him
Ryan:The other guy takes one? Or did I misenterp that?
Ken (GM):oh! yeah you did
seperate attack roll versus kobold 2
with the other 4 bullets
I think lol
rolling 3d6
I'm OK with that
Ken (GM):fuck yeah
Ryan:This is all vs 15 so that's still a nice 2-3 hits depending on my 'lost' rounds moving targets
Ken (GM):thats 4 out of 4 hits
rolling 1d6 + 2
Ken (GM):(your math sucks)
rolling 1d6 + 2
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs dodge-morale
Ryan:Damn, ahh well
Ken (GM):only two hit for damage!
fiss! roll two damages!
Ryan:OK well, 4 and 8
Ken (GM):raised eyebrow
Ryan:I rolled above, should I roll again?
Ken (GM):andf im retareded
Ryan:no, I'm retarded, I'm still learning the ROF rules, it's all good
Ken (GM):point blank bullets take the enemy!
and my hand is now warm
the kommander is hewn and the kobolds reduced to cum; two remain, shrieking back and forth at each other! They back up, knives up and tips held at a trembling grip!
DrExplosion:reduced to what now
Ryan:(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
goddamn, sorry
P.P. A.:ahem
Eliza calls out as she jogs forward.. and stays low, like Lilly and Silver told her. "Throw down your weapons! Now!" She commands the enemy survivors of the attack.
Ken (GM):Eliza! Your crew are taking them down!
Eliza is done with her turn!
The Kobolds hiss and open their maws wide and threatening, trembling in fear in the turn of a second! Medic scoots over to his brother, heading for Johnny, hand pointing to him and trying to get the swordsmans attention. Threeshots ducks out of sight alongside his new Lady, Brightsmile making sure she is safe as well, that mad grin leering on her.
the bystander woman flings herself at The retreating Valin Win in the corner, crying in terror at the sight of the carnage
Ken (GM):Lily!
Lily now fires what should be the killing shot against their leader, maybe scaring the others into surrendering?
Rosettsara:(SM penalty for kobold or the fact that it was delegged?)
Ken (GM):kek
-1 only
(oh shit, by the way kobolds are Sm-1 to hit)
Rosettsara makes it an all-out attack as well
Lily:9 vs 17
DrExplosion:(well fortunately I only failed horribly or critically hit so that -1 won't matter for Johnny)
rolling 3d6+1
Ken (GM):oh my damn
Rosettsara:(2) Pi
the bullet snaps out of the gun, cracks in the air, and the kobold crumples, tumpling aside fro mthe blow
Ken (GM):BART!
Bartholomew sees two kobolds still alive and striking a threatening pose. He himself feeling rather threatened, he does not realise that this is the threat of a frightened, cornered animal and rather moves in to try his luck again in dispatching the enemies before they can rush Ryan or something.
P.P. A.:woo \o/
Ken (GM):huzzah!
DrExplosion:it's a christmas miracle
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs dodge-morale
Bartholomew:2 (2) pi- damage!
Ken (GM):god
so many 1's
P.P. A.:I forgot all this time that my gun has RoF 3, did I shoot three bullets each time? (Fortunately it can hold 8+1 so I didn't run out of bullets at any point.)
the Kobold is struck by the bullet, surprise and hissing fear! It wildly swings it's knife, lashing forward at Ryan feebly
Ken (GM):PPA you have selective fire; you can shoot up to 3 but youre not required, like Ryan is
P.P. A.:alright, that's what I tought
Ken (GM):you were correct sah
P.P. A.:He'd only have fired one shot each since he can't aim well anyway, so any more would be a waste
Ken (GM):nods
JOHNZO the medic is here!
DrExplosion:and so is the enemy
rolling 3d6 vs 12
Johnny turns to face the remaining kobolds, staggering and unsure on his feet, but with a firm grip on his sword
DrExplosion:(that's as far as his move can take him after turning around)
Ken (GM):lol
do it
Ken (GM):the thing
do the thing
Ryan:I will do the I will be out of bullets with one more round.
Is that tan thing too high to shoot over?
Ken (GM):no your egood
thats a utility access hatch
Ryan:OK, I'll go for both again, sweeping and hoping I hit. That's going to be a 14 target, and we'll see if I can hit with enough bullets to matter
First target is the one closest to my fellows
rolling 3d6
Eh...well, I hit with ONE bullet
Ken (GM):dodge vs wounded bold?
rolling 3d6 i mean
P.P. A.:kobolds op pls nerf
bullets chatter into the control tower walls!
Joush M.:Might encourage him to surrender though. Ryan putting a line of bullet holes at human head height
Ryan sprays another cloud of lead over the falling corpses next to him....but earns no more pink mist, and only a CLICK! of an empty receiver holding open
the control master dives out of the doorway! Screaming!
Ken (GM):foss, roll vs target two; 4 bullets
rolling 3d6
Ken (GM):noice
Ryan:That's a bit better
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs dodge?
oh no
oh fuck no
he eats at least 3
Ryan:(Sorry, I thought it was 1 Attack Roll, I'm a bit confuzzled)
rolling 1d6 + 2
rolling 1d6 + 2
rolling 1d6 + 2
the Spray riddles the wall and slumps the second kobold, the last standing with his head ducked and his black eyes wide
Joush M.:What do you think, surrender or pull out a grenade and run after people while the fuse is smokeing and hissing?
The Kobold: "SARANDA! no more! SARANDAH!" and he drops to the ground belly up, hissing and writhing fearfully
There is a WHUMP from below th eship, and the shrieking kobold curls into a ball in fear
Ken (GM):eliza!
Eliza steps up to the door and looks around, then swallows at the shocking amount of blood on the tower, then again when she sees Johnny's state. "Medic! Get him to the sick bay.. Ad Victoriam, everyone, but by the Three, what a sight.. W..what should we do, Captain Grigg?"
Eliza remains behind Brightsmile, whom's unsettling smile really dose explain her name, and out of the way.
Ryan:"Get him to the medic now!" Storms over to the kobold and growls. "If you move, you die. Clear?"
Medic hoists Johnny around the waist from behind "I's good laddie, relax, take it easy before ya bleed tah deth 'ere"
the lone kobold cowers and trembles
rolling 3d6 vs 12
Lily steps away from being so dangerously close to falling, and heads back inside the ship, looking no different from usual
Johnny opens his jacket to withdraw his cigar case, but falls unconscious as he does so
Ryan will grab some rope or whatever he can improvise to tie the little demon up
Lily looks at Squire as she returns
P.P. A. puts away his gun and shakes of his shaking.
Medic takes Johnny in a n underarm grip and immediately sets to first-aiding
P.P. A.:“Johnny! Fuck!”
DrExplosion:it's okay ppa he'll live
Bartholomew puts away his gun and shakes of his shaking.
Bartholomew:“Johnny! Fuck!”
DrExplosion:put the gun down
Lily:"We'll be okay now, Eliza. Johnny is a bit hurt though."
Eliza stands there and is glad when Ryan sounds confident about this. She's never seen the results of a battle before, and smiles gently to Lily. "Thank you.. you aren't hurt." She says gladly as she studies Lilly. "Would I be any help out there?"
Bartholomew trudges past the corpses littering the scene; as the adrenaline wars off, he feels the blood splashing underneath his shoes, and notices the severed legs, and the knives sticking out of Johnny.
Medic sets Johnny down gentle and rips open his shirt, pulling clean gause from his pockets and setting to applying pressure
Bartholomew rolls against Squeamish 4v12
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs first aid(Medic)14
Ryan asks for the Dockmaster to ring for some official presence...he doesn't quite trust himself alone with the little beast that almost killed some of his crew
DrExplosion:(Johnny has a standard first aid pouch on his web gear btw, the medic probably noticed this)
Bartholomew feels dizziness overcome him… but he shakes it off. “Can I help any?” he asks the medic.
Lily:"I don't think you want to see some things out there right now. But when the guards come, you can explain to them what happoened."
DrExplosion:(1 dose each of morphine, bandages, and antibiotics)
Ken (GM):
rolling 1d-1
rolling 1d6-1
DrExplosion:the important thing is that the bleeding stops
Eliza nods firmly to Lilly and takes a deep breath, then takes her hand to walk slowly out to the gangway. "Why would SBI soliders attack us?"
DrExplosion:(on that note, do I have to roll against bleeding?)
Medic cusses in dwarven at the ragged stabs, and shakes his head at the red messy bandages "Deep fekkin wounds these, but he's stable, no arteries hit and his cutlets are intact"
Lily is happy to not have gotten her new dress dirty, at least, but shrugs at Eliza's question
Joush M.:It's after a minute, you are currently getting medical attention, so I think he gets a chance to stop the bleeding before you have to roll.
Ken (GM):[nah youre good doc]
[youre high on fuckin morphine, but youre good]
Lily:"Some like them were harassing Ryan's friend earlier."
The dockmaster: "Aye sah, I can call for the police...would you like me tah notify the, er...ah....prince?"
Ryan nods at Lily and the crew then back to the Dockmaster.
Ryan:"Just some police please."
Bartholomew takes his flask out of his pocket. He looks at Johnny and considers offering it to him first, but sees that the medic has already ministered some medicine to him, so that might cause complications. He gulps it down himself.
Lily would visibly go pale and shudder, assuming that she could hear the dockmaster
Eliza considers and nods in agreement. "We have been attacked, Sir. Please inform the police?" She ask the man gently, echoing Ryan's sentiment and carefully not looking to the bodies. "And whomever is in charge of your cleaning, I suppose."
The dockmaster: "Ah, nevermind then. Jus the police then eh?" and he scuttles off to his control room for the land-line
Lily looks at Squire again. "It's over. Go help them clean up."
The old man down the rampway has crawle dback up to his cart, holding his head and moaning in pain from fresh bruises and cuts
Ryan kneels down to the Kobold,
Bartholomew:“Hey,” Bartholomew addresses Rya: “Are these the same ones from the market?”
Bartholomew doesn't even bother trying to identify them; he didn't get a good look at them back then, and wouldn't be able to tell them apart either way.
Ryan:"You're about one wrong word from ending up like your friend there" motions to the corpse to his left. "So when I ask who sent you, you'll tell me the truth."
Eliza goes carefully to the old man, picking her way past dead bodies and spreading pools of blood in expensive shoes. Lilly with her, makeing her feel quite safer about this.
Eliza:"Excuse me, Sir. Are you hurt?" She ask him gently. "You should be safe now. The fighting is over.
Lily follows silently behind Eliza
Medic turns to the porters assaulted by gunfire and knives, but shakes his head dourly
Ryan trusts his crew to handle things while he tries to intimidate an answer out of the Kobold before the constabulary shows up
The Kobold trembles and cowers, hissing and choking back cries of AK-ak almost uncontrollably. His head darts back and forth, tail whipping about
Ryan waits patiently for the thing to speak...or attempt to.
Ken (GM) The Old man moans and is half obliterated; he manages a short "I-I'm so.sah sah sorrrry" before passing out in Eliza's grace
Ryan:"So, I'm going to ask you....why are you here, and who sent you?"
Bartholomew processes all that happened, Though the fight lasted only a couple of seconds, he takes a minute to make sense of it.
Bartholomew:“Oh, f—” He remembers the grenade. “Thanks for saving us from that grenade, Lily.”
Kobold: "Cheeftahn send ahs! GRAVE eeensult to clan! Alfa take us heer, in bohks!"
Bartholomew:“That, ugh… good reflexes.”
a small cloud of black smoke drifts on the wind; many faces below look up and point ot the ship above, from the city of Portsmouth
Eliza tilts her head to the side. "Do you think that he had something to do with this, Lilly?" She ask, then the woman gives into her soft hearted nature and reaches down to the man. "Mister LeCleric, if you could please help me with this man? I would like to take him to the medical room"
Eliza then ask, more pale. "..Grenade? They threw a grenade at you?" She ask Lilly.
Bartholomew nods, and lends a hand.
Ryan nods at the Kobold
Medic cusses under his breath and jogs over, taking a quick glance and the old man. He nods an OK that he should be alright.
Bartholomew is glad he can keep busy, too; thinking about all else that could have gone wrong in that fight—like the grenade—is terrifying.
Ryan:"Can you tell me where your Chieftain is?"
Lily nods to Bart and Eliza. "Yeah, I kicked it out of the way."
Kobold: "Cheef is der" and he points to the chopped leader "No more tribe now. Mee last"
Lily:"It was dangerous."
Eliza nods to the medic. "We will return with a streacher for Mister Legg. Please watch over him?" She dosn't ask Lilly to carry or lift anything. Not because Lilly can't, but because Lilly needs her hands free in case these are not the only attackers today.
Eliza nods to Lily. "I'm so glad you are okay."
Kobold:" Meesa the last..." he says with some profound awe
Lily:"I think this person was probably threatened to get those things here."
Eliza:"Excuse me, Mister Kobold.." As she helps the old man inside she ask the small lizardlike creature. "What were your orders? Were you to kill, or take someone captive?"
Bartholomew walks off to fetch a stretcher.
Squire helps with the stretcher
P.P. A.:Sounds like they acted on their own volition because the party made them lose face
Ryan:"Seems like we offended his clan somehow."
Ryan stands.
Ryan:"And now there is no more clan, save this one who was smart enough to give up."
P.P. A.:(I'll hand over control of the tokens to the GM here because I don't know where the medical supplies are, but my character would)
KObold: "Wesa great clan, stronk tribe. Death before dishonor!" he manages to ruffle proudly, whil ebound
Ken (GM):[the Gm escorts the wounded people ino the ship, under the care of people with hands and feet, where Medic the dwarf helps them
Ryan:"You've proven that quite well."
Joush M.:Do we have a sick bay set up/came with the ship?
Ryan turns his attention back to his crew, most of his anger at the attack burnt up. He gives Lily a thankful bow for the quick work on the explosives
Ken (GM):[If not yet, one of the bunkrooms setup with bunk-style gurneys would suffice. Maybe even a nice clean operating table]
The Kobold wilts at the sharp jab
Ken (GM):[good one Ryan :P]
Lily takes a deep breath, taking some more glances at the surrounding area before heading back inside the ship to avoid being questioned by the police. She wasn't good with strangers.
Lily:15 vs 14
Ryan will stay and deal with the cops
Rosettsara:(Might as well Luck that)
Ken (GM):kek
Lily:9 8
Ryan:"And somebody see if there are any more sense letting the police take them if we can use them."
Ken (GM):hahah ever the scavenger
Lily tilts her head and ponders the way the kobold was speaking
Eliza did stock the ship with a doctor's bag of traveling supplies (full gear for most, -2 for surgery) and 80 person-days of medical supplies (drugs, gauze, antiseptic, tools, ect)
Ken (GM):[oh damn son]
Ryan:Yeah, not going to bother rolling on 'greed' for that, it seems pretty natural to loot the fuckers that almost killed someone
Ken (GM):medic is glad to see that stuf fin the inventory]
Ryan!: Two SMG's, another Stick grenade, and 7 bigass bowie knives
FIne bowie knives
Eliza frowns to the 'bold. "It sounds as if he is.. reciting a litany? Like he would say it the same way every time."
Lily struggles to move a little bit closer to Ryan in order to whisper to him, combating her shyness
Oh my~!
Ryan has seen how shy she is, so tries to let her come to him vs getting all up in her jam
Kobold: "Wesa great clan, stronk tribe. Death before dishonor!" he says again, that same mad tone
Lily:"T--the kobold seems to be pro-programmed to say what he's s-saying..."
Ryan:"I'm not a Kobold expert, but that does seem a bit strange...." kneels back down to look the monster over
Lily exhales once she's no longer so close
Eliza frowns. "Mister Kobold, are you the chieftain now?" The question intended to distract him from the litany.
Ryan:"You're under Rule of Law here at Port. You'll have to answer for the deaths your clan had a hand in, but the battle is over."
Kobold: "Meesa the last..." he says with some profound awe, again...
"Meesa tha lassst....Meesa the laaaast" he recites. Over and over, dully
Eliza frowns. "Suicide is a sin, Mister Kobold. Don't do anything foolish."
Lily heads back into the ship
Ryan looks him over for anything he might use to hurt himself or get free. Also makes sure his feet are tied so he can't try to leap over the edge
From deep below you in the city, the whinging horn of a klaxon wail rises up and the tweet of police whistle shrilly rise up to your height. The police ar ecoming to the call of the battle.
Ken (GM):[that kobold aint committing sudoku on anyones watch]
Ryan:1-9, feelin fine
Eliza waits for the cops, and/or animal control, and janitorial services. "There are handcuffs in the locker, Captain. If we need to restrain someone in the future."
Ryan:[(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)]
"Excellent, thank you, Eliza..." Still getting used to the Captain title, but he does his best to put on the air of it, looking at the bit of blood that isn't kobold in nature
Ryan will basically blame the explosion on the Kobolds, not mention Lily's kick in any way, and will ask that the police help the man's daughter
The towerman: "Tha's the watch now ma'am, coming quick as they can. Had a spot o trouble today, said they'd send who they can and quick as they manage, but to be patient." He grimaces at the tower deck, and looks out to the city "Portsmouth had a rough day. Something happening in the dwarven quarter."
Ryan:"Seems unrest is the flavour of the day."
The towerman crooks a crossbow under his arm, and lights a cigarette in the wind. His raw weather face is sad an dangry looking
Eliza makes an effort to differ to Ryan.. in fact, she's glad to when things have gone so bloody and brutal. The pale beauty standing at the rail of the gangway and listening to the sirens under them. "This is no longer an emergency, I'm afraid." She observes of the brutal but stable situation. "The wounded are tended to and the dead are patient."
Ryan nods at that with grim acceptance
Kobold: "Meesa tha lassst....Meesa the laaaast" repeating, over and over, quietly
P.P. A.:Hopefully the grenade didn't kill any of our crewmembers' relatives
Joush M.:Good game everyone! Well, except the dice. Fuck the dice
Ken (GM):oh my god Doc, how the fuck did yo uget stabbed so damn much?!
Fiss:Yeah, holy fuck did the dice decide to lay into us today
Still, it's always fun when it swaps around so no complaints
I gotta run, but great session!
Rosettsara:Thanks for the session~
Ken (GM):youre welcome everyone!
P.P. A.:Thanks for the session!
Ken (GM):4 xp each
Joush M.:The grenade blew up some dwarves. Luckily, they are ones our dwarves have a grudge with. Like kobolds. And Gallianas. And Visigaridans. And Dwarves. Damn dwarves! They ruined dwarfland!
P.P. A.:Really made GURPS shine
Ken (GM):next up, a little abstracted "what to do now" and some basic redesign of the ship interiors (for like, a medbay etc) but the real adventures can begin!
DrExplosion:went a bit overboard on the bad rolls but the tension was good
also gave Johnny a chance to show his DETERMINATION
Ken (GM):I mean, yeah?! what the fuck dice
way to emote grim resolve but like, did they have to do that?
P.P. A.:I was worried Johnny might properly die there
so the turnaround when Johnny braved his injuries and cut down some kobolds, while Ryan mowed down the others, was all the more elating
DrExplosion:Johnny is at -15 HP
Ken (GM):wat
Eliza ties the last kobold to the front of the ship as a Mad Max style figurehead.
Ken (GM):-15?
you took like, 18 damage?
P.P. A.:ouch
Eliza:So down 15, not at -15
P.P. A.:Oh
that makes more sense
Ken (GM):hahaha
P.P. A.:…but is still very painful
Ken (GM):yeah thats a weeks recovery, give or take
DrExplosion:the first hit dealt 10 damage
second one dealt 8
Rosettsara:We'll take turns being by his bedside
P.P. A.:good thing we'll be travelling for a while anyway
DrExplosion:impaling damage is a bitch
healed 1 HP from getting treatment
Eliza:Depends on if they get a lucky first aid roll.. 3 back from that, then 2/day with bedrest and long term care could have him back up if he takes a long weekend.
Ken (GM):doc, that means youre at 12 HP -18 damage = -6 HP
and then heale dup 1 to -5 HP
P.P. A.:good night
Joush M.:G'night everyone! Good game!
DrExplosion:oh yeah whoops, that was a typo
character sheet says -5
so I've got the right numbers
Ken (GM):lol
DrExplosion:I just threw a 1 in there somehow
Ken (GM):ya scared me doc
dont yo uput that evil on me!
oih man what a week
and happy to gam enow
Ken (GM):kek
Where last we left our heroes...
Ryan:[I'm the Captain Now mode intensifies]
The city of Portsmouth was rocked by devilish shrieks and horrible turmoil; an assault on the Ship Serpentis by Kobold assailants! Led by some kind of trained leader, they took innocent lives and wreaked horrible terror upon the people of the city! Valiant defenders meted out swift justice, and as the hot sun sets on the night, the last of the sirens echo out into the darkness around them.
Ryan:A Tale as old as Time plays in the BGM
The Police are unsurprised at the savagery of the underworld mongrelfolk, and note "this is not the first time a band of tribals got uppity and tried to hijack a ship in port"
Ryan:As stated before, Ryan will offer himself up as the sacrificial lamb to any paperwork, making sure none of his crew's names are on any reports. No sense complicating the start to their journey further
*unless required
*Aliases may be used
Eliza considers that information and nods to the police. Playing the wide eyed girl to support how Ryan wants to play this, keeping the police happy.. and getting any information they can about the underwrold creatures and attacks.
Ken (GM):noted: the Police will need testimony, and a ship captain is a reliable source as any, backed by the dockmaster at port
Bartholomew asks if this is some cultural thing where, if one of them feels snubbed, he rallies his clans‘men’ and they try to take revenge for the insult.
Lily hides away from the authorities, content to play the part of the quiet kid who probably doesn't know anything useful enough to be questioned
"That sticks as much as any other theory, sir" a mustachioed uniformed man states, as they get the bodies arranged for the trip to the morgue "I'd gather the smart boys at the SBI might be able to tell you better. We've had no luck getting any of them on the force jus' yet. Not enough funds to pay a contract"
The dwarves stay aboard the ship, securing the hold and keeping busy away from the police
Eliza ask the man innocently. "What is the SBI? I've heard of it, but don't really understand." She says to the man with such wide eyes. "Do they have something to do with kobolds?"
The officer looks at the wide eyed stare and innocent face with a weight on his heart "Oh nothin you need to worry bout little miss; just some nice folks who try their best to figure out this crazy messed up world. Keep the monsters away".
Lily peeks into the infirmary to check on Johnny every now and then as well. Not really questioning or criticizing anything being done to treat him, but rather occasionally seeking confirmation with her own eyes that he did not die.
Johnny happily dozes under a heavy dosage
Eliza looks away from the blood still soaking the stone of the tower and nods a little. "I hope more people of good will are around. It's been a very hard day."
Joush M.:Did anybody question the old guy that brought us the worst candygram ever?
Ken (GM):he got laid out, and is recuperating in the ship, under Medics care
Ryan:I did want to follow up with him - seems a bit of a unknown point, he said his daughter was being held by them, but that Kobold survivor said he was the last of the clan
[If my memory serves me]
Ken (GM):that it do mr Editic
Ryan:If this dude's kid was simply at the schoolhouse late for study and the Kobolds bluffed him...I'm going to be very angry...and a little impressed
[K: "We'ves got yer daughter, Hooman!"
M: "Oh, shit, well, I was supposed to pick her up from school in 30 minutes."
K: "Yes, we are kidnappers, come with us and we'll let her leave!...and we have to go right now, or within 25 minutes!"]
The police are happy that the survivors are in the care of an able physician onboar dyour ship, and ask you direct them to the 3rd municipal precinct of Ith if they so choose to provide testimony (extraneous as it may be). The red-vested police simply want to bag up the bodies, get the dock in order and get back to the rest of the unease in the city. Some mess of trouble is about and they want the men in the roads asap
Rosettsara:(Let's not forget how the kobold repeating that he was the last of his clan was doing so in a rather bizarre and robotic way,so something's clearly up with that)
Eliza can't help but ask.. "What will happen to him?" About the last of the clan.
"Participant in murder-most heinous and accessory to potential grand theft airship" an officer rattles off "I'd imagine if not expulsion to the Underworld he'll manage to get life of hard labor...if the judge is feeling leniant."
Eliza nods a little at that but has nothing to add, touching the golden triskelion at her throat and nodding up to the police officer.
Lily returns to the others to hear this, and visibly wrestles with some troubling thoughts
Ryan:"Well, he did surrender when the chips were finally down. Perhaps a wise interrogator can tell if he has bloodlust, or if he was simply following orders. Either way, I understand this will be beyond our say... when they chose to open fire, they forfeited their lives in one way or another."
The late afternoon heat is pungent with the coppery fecund smell of battle; the police to try to expediate things and get off to the madness of the rest of town. If you have nothing else for them, they will take away the assailant and remains, and leave you to your business and your ship
Eliza goes bellow to check on the old man once the police have left them to their business.
Bartholomew asks one of the Dwarves, whoever is nearest and not body: “So your people have been dealing with these Kobolds since time immemorial?”
Ryan will visit the infirmary when all is wrapped up and makes sure the Sawbones is satisfied with the stock of medical supplies before they consider leaving dock
Lucky: "Aye, the wee devils are a mad lot. Even the high clans have been bedeviled by them since forever"
Medic has a room dedicated to two cots; Johnny on an IV and asleep. Another with a bruised and flustered old man
Bartholomew:“You have my sympathy… By the way, was there any knowledge of our overworld here before the Cataclysm, or was everyone as surprised as us here when the ocean suddenly fell through the floor?”
Lucky: "I was asleep at the time; my clanhold was secure in the greater depths. Surface was always a fabled dream. Nothing but fairytale."
Lily lightly and cautiously tugs on Eliza's clothing to get her attention
Ryan:"I wonder who it was that travelled between the two to tell the tales?" wondering out loud, but clearly interested
Bartholomew nods. “We also had fairytales of hidden realms, obscured from the senses; or little beings living in the mountains. Our technology improved, though, we mapped more and more of the world, and concluded that was all just myth and stories for children.” He looks out into the distance, where the blue of the water meets the blue of the sky… literally. “Well, and now we're here.”
Eliza turns to Lilly and steps aside with her. "Yes?" She ask attentively. Certanly willing to take anything the pale girl thinks is important seriously.
Lucky: "I still marvel at the stars...the sky. Somuch, so high....all so far away'
Ryan:"Perhaps if we put this puzzle all together, the stars will be the next thing we explore." smiles
Lily whispers her concerns to the noble, taking care not to say things too loudly in case her fears cause undue panic or unease in others. "In my former home, people often take blame and get in trouble instead of the powerful, because getting in trouble is easier than upsetting the powerful."
Bartholomew nods sadly. “Yeah… e thought we had those our grasp, too, but now they seem farther than ever.”
Bartholomew:“Then again, we have flying ships now, so who knows.”
Eliza frowns deeply. "That's awful.. but.. Humm.. You think the kobold will take the blame to hide who hired them? And perhaps the old man too? Let's see what he has to say."
Medic has everone 'stable and out of danger' for now. Johnny is out for the time being, but 'Mister Reggie Dans' is good to interrogate
Lily nods
Ryan:"Let's wake him up and figure this mess out."
Eliza curtsies to him when she comes into the sick bay. The room holding folding beds along the wall, now unfolded to hold patients, while a examination and treatment table in the center of the room serves as the heart of the space and the focus of bright, powerful lights. A refrigerator hums in a corner, holding perishable medicines, while the locker next to it holds other supplies. Sink, microscope and neat for medical tools round out the room. "Are you well, Mister Dans?"
Lily trails behind her, not saying anything yet but keeping a close watch on their surroundings
Dans: "Oh miss, i am so terribly sorry for all that has happened. This must be all my fault. I swear, I will make it up to you and your house...I'll find some way to make reparations" The old man wrings hands and seems in a terrible guilty state
Ken (GM):"/as Dand "I should have been more careful, not been so negligent with my girl, letting her off to school..."
Dan: "I should have been more careful, not been so negligent with my girl, letting her off to school..."
Ken (GM):[derp]
Eliza:"Please sir, simply begin and the beginning and tell us what occured from your perspective?"
Dans: "Right, yes, of course..." he smooths out his dirty shirt, slicks his pate of three hairs over bald head, and composes himself
"I was back from the night shift, at the stocks, when I was walking down the pen street, off of the skids. The lower district. These...Kobolds stepped out, knives up and teeth shinin' " He shudders "They said they had my girl, showed me her uniform jacket...told me to grab a cart, follow them up to the docks, up to here and the airship tower."
"I din't dare say no; I saw the coat. I knew it was hers...It had the flower pinned to it I gave her last night. The Vitrusian Lily I found for her, picked out for her birthday"...he stutters out the last words, his composure breaking, tears welling on his cracked eyes and crushing his resolve
"On NINA!" he manages to sob
Eliza nods to the man and pats his arm. "I pray she's safe. It's possible the kobolds simply robbed her to get your compliance. From what they said, they left noone behind to guard her."
Ryan:"Have you met that clan before?"
Lily tilts her head quizzically at the explanation. Nobody was left to guard her? How odd.
Ryan nods "If she is tied up somewhere, we should at least inform the constabularies to investigate the clan's base of operations."
Lily:"Did they say what to do once you finished your job?"
Bartholomew:“Or have the survivor guide them there.”
Ryan nods
Dans: "No, I..."he wipes away tears, sniffs and tries hard "I've never met thiem before in my life. I try to stay away from the pits they live in, those red skinned devils. I was just...i wanted to take a shortcut home"
"They didnt tell me much, just what streets to take, when to go up. I think I heard one big one, in the box, giving orders. The others did what he said. He seemed to know when to wait, and when to go, giving out his orders" He looks with red rimmed dead eyes "They didnt have any other orders for me, up until this man saved me" he points to Johnny. "I don't know where my daughter is"
in that moment, a very old father wondered if he had outlived his very young child
Eliza nods sympthetically and looks to Ryan. "Should we go try to find her trail? We could ask the kobold survivor.. or the police might be better equipped to find her."
Ryan frowns, seeing an endless cleaning out of the seedy underbelly if they commit too much time to this
Ryan:"I would rather the police handle the rest...unless anyone has some personal vendetta against the clan, then I suppose we could delay...for a brief moment."
Lily:"That man is here. I want to be as far away from him as possible."
Eliza nods at that. "Let's help the old man with the police and trust them to handle this then."
Ryan looks over the rest of the crew to see if we have a consensus. "Unless someone has a contact in town that might be able to assist the police, then I am tending to agree...let the professionals do their job."
Eliza:"I could ask Valin Winn to look into it. Do you think that would help or be needed?"
the dwarves sadly shake heads and look away. Vulcan speaks for the clan "Nae sah; We're our own, no others with us. I'd pay him the honor of his life and perhaps a parting honor...but it's not my place"
Lily looks to the old man one last time. "If a scary person is involved, we're sorry."
Ryan:"Let's get you to the police before the last kobold meets a curiously suspicious end to save a sentencing trial. They will be your best hope in returning your daughter."
Eliza nods in agreement at that, going to see if the cops are still around. If not, she's the first to go off to find them and the station the kobold has been taken to.
Mr:.Dans nods, picks himself up by the bootstraps, and follows you out of the ship.
Lily follows along behind
P.P. A.:(sorry, was distracted)
Ryan:"Ser Medic, please let me know how our man does overnight. I think it will be wise to leave dock and enter open sky tonight, but we'll stay close to the port should we need any further medical supplies."
The police are still ferrying away bodies, carting them down to the waiting ambulance below. They will Take Mr.Dans off for testimony and some summary followup
Bartholomew nods. That private detective got a nice payment up front there, he can put in some work if the police somehow doesn't manage.
Eliza sees the man off with a frown, then jogs off to the radio room and her typewriter, quickly rattling off a letter with slender fingers dancing across the keys. Explaining the situation and telling PI Winn to do what he can to help the man. She encloses one heavy gilt coin marked 500 and seals the letter with wax, then gets a courier from the dockside to take it to the man's office.
"Yes mum!" and away goes the young lad looking to evade the bloody docks
Eliza:"Sorry about the delay, everyone. It's just hard to see a man like that. I hope his daughter is allright.." She shakes it off, takeing a deep breath.
Ken (GM):[alrighty, so the crew is safe, the kobolds dealt with, adn the leftovers passed to the police and Valin Winn]
Lily:"There's been nothing but strangeness since we got here."
Lily looks rather worried at having said that. "You'll still be here after we all go to bed, right?"
Bartholomew:“Relative strangeness.”
Eliza:"I don't suppose you've ever heard of anyone named Justine Justice?" She ask the others as things at last calm down, then nods to Lily with a gentle smile. "I could hardly sneak out without wakeing you."
Bartholomew looks up at a withering islet flying past, far overheard.
Ryan:"We can stay as long as we need, but we should take advantage of the calm weather while we can."
Ryan doesn't hide his wanderlust easily
Bartholomew nods. “Do we have any particular destination, or just ‘down’ for now?”
Bartholomew looks at Eliza, who read her brother's letter.
Ryan:"Our path will primarily follow Eliza's brother's misison. Within reason, of course...the path may have changed greatly as the land floats around."
Eliza:"We have a last reported postion of the Dracos. That's a place to start.. They set off a week before the Cataclsy from a port in east, bound for the Atlantean Sea."
Ken (GM):[a good deal East of the current position, but through safe skies on the borderlands of the PVUT and The Confederation]
Lily wanders away to find Squire
Ken (GM):[lookit map in the discord]
[currently at X, headed to ?]
Rosettsara:(Got it)
Bartholomew goes to calculate where this location is now relative to their position, going by the data he collected over the last 1000 days on the velocity of the continents.
Ken (GM):[HAHA Time for Maths!]
Lily finds her way back to the others
Bartholomew will supplement these calculations with some old-fashioned star charts once night falls, and hopes that the erstwhile seafloor is still where it used to be relative to the stars.
Eliza watches this work curiously, looking to Lily.. wondering what errend took her away, but not asking. She deserves some privicy after all.
(To GM): A shot of rum.
(To GM): 8
(To GM): That should work even if I realise I don't have Navigation yet and have to use one of the defaults
(To GM): although that may be retconnable, since we only settled on the roles on the ship (Ryan as Captain, Leclerc as navigator) during play
Ryan will work on the maps/reports but also watches the infirmary like a hawk
Ken (GM):[Bart does complicated math, while drinking]
Eliza assist, getting 9 vs 10 on Applied Mathematics.
Lily checks in on Johnny again, this time taking an extended look at his equipment
Eliza:"If the rich girl thing doesn't quite work out at least I can be a calculator." She says as a joke as she works.
Lily especially takes an interest in his swords
Eliza studies his work. "Humm.. You've done a brilliant job, especially with so many variables. Is this drift formula original work?"
Ken (GM):[Schnapps bottle hand-labelled "Drift Formula"]
Ryan:om nom nom
Bartholomew:“Some of it is original, but I'm also drawing on some colleagues' data,” Bartholomew notes while his hand scribbles down all kinds of unreadable formulæ. “Hasn't been published yet though because I don't know how accurate it is, or if another Cataclysm happens tomorrow and everything turns upside-down or something.”
Eliza nods to the scientist. "You will be able to collect empirical data on our trip. Refined navigation in our new world could help a lot of people, Mister LeCleric." She says to him gently as they stand in the chart room. "Shall I tell the Captain we have a course?"
Ken (GM):[the math follows at least; once you get past the shorthand and bring out a few calculus log tables, its verifiable]
Bartholomew asked his colleagues to keep sending him data on his journey, by telegram or courier or otherwise, but it's been difficult keeping up. While out in down, he wrote them a letter that the next expedition would probably sever their communications for a while.
P.P. A.:*town, though that down is in fact also down
Ken (GM):mmm drinky emotes
Bartholomew nods to Eliza, and hands her a sheet with more readable numbers charting their course.
Eliza takes the papers and goes to find Ryan.
Ryan is findable
Ken (GM):kek
Eliza:"Good evening, Captain. Mister LeCleric's complements, we have a course." She offers him the papers and carefully marked chart copies.
(To GM): spent two points on “Navigation (Air(?))”
Ryan:"Wonderful work! This looks perfect. As much as we can hope for at least for now."
Eliza nods up to him. "I'll put them in the bridge's map case. I think we are ready to depart when you are.. Oh, just on the way, but there are some suits of powered Knight armor in Galicia. If you think we might need them we could divert slightly south on the way." She tells the older man, then turns to go put the maps in the bridge case, add the course to the logbook, then carefully mark things with the grease-pen on the glass cover of the case, showing their current position.
Ken (GM):[ a slight detour, but we could jam shinji in the mech, if we so choose]
Joush M.:Get in the goddamn robot, Shinji!
Ryan is pleased, [and tells Shinji to get in his damn mom already]
Lily continues to wander around the ship, stopping by to check on Bart next
Ken (GM):[The dwarves are heard, conspiring belowdeck, about their 'mad weeaboo taskamsters']
Bar tis likely becoming drunk
Lily nearly coughs at the stench of alcohol, but bravely presses on. "Mister Bart? Are you okay?"
Ken (GM):ppa?
(From Ken (GM)): poke
Ken (GM):I shall assume hes reached a somewhat encouragable state
but! the course is handled, crew is manned and stocks are loaded; disembarking while the weather is fair?
P.P. A.:oops
Ken (GM):hey buddeh
Bartholomew replies with a bit of delay, apparently a bit drunk already—drunk but well. “As well as can be.”
Eliza goes to tend to Johnny with Stitch. Glad to hear from the dwarf that what he most needs now is rest and peace.
Lily:"Are you sad?"
Bartholomew 's table has a few more sheets on it than before; it seems that after charting the course, Bartholomew went on to double-check some calculations, and experimented a bit afterwards. …and kept drinking throughout—an effective treatment for his being a workaholic.
P.P. A. is taken aback by this simple, straightforward question. His is—was—a world of papers full of obscure terminology, with a bit of pretentiousness as well. He looks at Lily, and his eyes answer her question. “…yeah, I guess that… hits the nail on the head.”
Bartholomew is taken aback by this simple, straightforward question. His is—was—a world of papers full of obscure terminology, with a bit of pretentiousness as well. He looks at Lily, and his eyes answer her question. “…yeah, I guess that… hits the nail on the head.”
Lily:"People back home were sad too. I'm sorry."
Bartholomew feels guilty now, and shakes his head. “It's nothing that bad. I guess I'm more just… offended by the universe, but that's really more on me.”
Bartholomew:“Others endured terrible things in the Cataclysm; I got off with some injured pride.”
Lily still keeps her usual distance, but looks at him more directly instead of at the ground. "Do you want to be friends? That can make things less sad."
Bartholomew smiles at that. “That's very kind; sure, I'd like that.” Lily must be lonely too; he never talked much to her about her past, but from the snippets he overheard, and from what Eliza had alluded to sometimes, it must have been very, very dark. “Did you—” he was about to ask if she'd had any friends back home, but stops himself—if they died in the Cataclysm or otherwise, that would not be a pleasant memory to bring back up. A moment of awkward silence.
Bartholomew:…well, but this is what friends talk about, after all. “Are there any people back home you want to see again someday?”
Lily "There were a few kids I knew while traveling and working, but I haven't seen them in a long time." She does look somewhat somber after a moment of thought, though. "They may not be alive, but i'd like to know who my family was, too."
Ken (GM)::O
Ryan:[epic tragic backstory/motivation intensifies]
Bartholomew:An orphan, or an adoptee, huh? “Miss Eliza is a very kind woman. Once we've found her brother, I'm sure she'll be eager to help you find your family, too. Even if they're gone, there's got to be church records, birth registers, whatnot that can be scoured.”
Lily shows him her knife. "I think I remember Mom giving this to me once."
P.P. A.:[Is the knife a tool-knife, or a weapon-knife?]
Bartholomew looks at the knife—the manufacturer could provide a clue as to where it was made and sold—but sobers up a little as he notices this is no cutlery, but a weapon.
Bartholomew:“…you've been through a lot, haven't you,” slips out of his mouth, is tongue loosened by the alcohol.
“What else do you remember of your mother?”
Lily shakes her head. "Nothing, really. A scent, maybe? It was different from the smell of alcohol that was always around that man who made me work."
Ken (GM):[gasp]
Ryan:[surprised detective pikachu face]
Ken (GM):[the plot thickens]
Lily points at the bottles. "Please don't become too sad. Talk to me first."
Joush M.:Desire to Know More Intensfies
Bartholomew follows her finger, and himself takes a long look at the bottles. He thought he was only destroying himself, and not bothering others. Mustering up a smile, out of gratitude for her concern, and moreso out of admiration for this hardy kid, he nods. “I will; thank you.”
Bartholomew:“…if you ever want to talk about anything, you're very welcome here too. I'll make sure the air is fresher from now.”
P.P. A.:Time to quit alcohol to not evoke memories of abuse in the crew's loli
(or to only drink in the bar or on deck :^))
Ken (GM):i mean, of all the reasons
you could chose worse ones
Lily "I will. See you later, Mister Bart." with a nod and awkward curtsy, she went to go back to her quarters
Bartholomew feels like getting even more drunk now, but makes it a point to tidy up his desk instead, and to put the recently-opened bottle back onto its shelf.
Ken (GM):nice
and, on that auspicious note... to the air? Galician mechs and Adventure?
Ryan:ONWARD. With full bellies of backstory and morphine!
Ken (GM):heheh
Eliza shows Lily an image from a letter before she can settle in. "Apparently this woman was on he expiation with Alexander.. I don't suppose you've ever heard of Justine Justice? She was with the National Arts and Culture Syndicate."
Eliza is otherwise ready to fly!
Ryan:Not sure if Ryan is there to hear the name, can offer his input if he remembers as he's been in that line of work/study
Lily shakes her head. "I don't know her."
Joush M.:She'd ask eariler to everyone. Mentioned it to Lily only because an arts and culture agent sounds like a cover for an assassin
Ken (GM):I mean, who else would you pretend to be? A mechanic? A baker?
Ryan shrugs when he head the name. "Justine? She was an archive desk clerk...I always wondered if that was her real name...but I never had the chance to ask her. The one or two times I spoke to her she seemed perfectly normal."
Ken (GM)::O
Ryan:[A little TOO normal?]
Eliza:"Where did you meet her?" She ask, curious. "She was involved in archology?"
Ryan:"I don't know if she was particularly assigned to one portion of the archives, just she was one of the head clerks. Surely, the amount of knowledge passing through her fingertips would have been enviable by anyone, but the position would have been more about shoo-ing mice from the rare papers about seedstock than hunting for archaeological treasures in the past. Not that one can't do both, though...I've done my share of paperwork and library work."
Ryan ponders
Ryan:"Not much else I can say about her, but if I see her again I'll certainly recognize her."
Eliza nods and shows him the picture to confirm they mean the same person, then retires for the evening. Thinking on that deeply.
Ryan confirms/denies the picture as the GM lords command
Ken (GM):hahaha
I assure you, this is not a succubus using suggestion and illusion spells
this time
Ryan:Oh, well, that's good to know...but I mean, if it was someone else using the clerk's name, then that might be interesting too...which one was actually her?
the Airship smoothly retracts her gangplank, and the umbilical is unhooked; a hiss of pressurized cables and the hum of high voltage power shutting down at the tower. The steady thrum of power being fed to aetheric engines, thrusters tuned to the strands, and humming with life again. Ryan throttles up, Lucky and Threeshots bring the generator to full power, and with a little kick, Serpentis makes for the skies
And so begins the journey, in search of the truth, a loved one, and adventure
End prologue and Begin Chapter 1: Open Skies!
Ken (GM):[Immediately, Ith explodes in the background]
[kobolds! In every which way and direction!]
P.P. A.:Can't have cliffhangers if your ship can fly.
Fiss:Plot Twist...Kobolds are actually all how Xenomorphs have acid blood
Joush M.:There are possbilities there. Bombolds
Ken (GM):I mean, ghouls explode when you shoot them with lightning
why not both?
Eliza:I like to think most things explode if you hit them with enough lightning.
Rosettsara:So long as their blood isn't chlorine trifuoride, we're probably safe
Ken (GM):>.>
scratches out 'explodey blood' and writes 'chlorine trifuoride'
You have a crew, a ship, provisions, and (omitting a single stop) a few spare mechs.
Johnny is recouperating, Bart and Lily are bonding, Eliza is calculating, and Ryan is at the helm
P.P. A.:I sure hope there won't be any epidemics of underground diseases nobody on the overworld has ever encountered killing millions, and vice-versa
Ken (GM):dwarves abound, and squire hasnt spilled naything explosive(yet)
NEXT WEEK the GM has more material
Joush M.:It's C3H8 working fluid at 110 PSI. They just explode violently when containment is lost
P.P. A.:although I guess quarantining places is easier if they're floaitng at different speeds in different strata
Ken (GM):he has to take his kids to a barbacue in the rain
P.P. A.:*on
Joush M.:Hey, we've got a dwarf doctor. Underground diseases should be fine!
Have fun Ken! Thanks for the game
P.P. A.:Thanks for the game!
Rosettsara:Thanks for the session~
P.P. A.:I hope the hot dog tastes well!
Ken (GM):have a good weekend everyone!
(also take 4 points)
Fiss:How goes the battle?
Ken (GM):~Whats a batt;le?~
[Oh fuck yeah spicy chicken pizza and black coffee]
Rosettsara:It goes well
Joush M.:That sounds like a kind of battle, Ken. Challenge your stomach to a fight.
Fiss:Coffee is like Stick. It always wins.
Break stick in you fight 2 Stick.
Ken (GM):alllllrighty then
thats all of us until doc defeats his dragons
Rosettsara:Johnny's still recovering anyway
P.P. A.:Yeah, it works out
Where last we left our heroes aboard the Airship Serpentis... The flight from Ith was bloodsoaked and drenched selfsame in mystery; leaving behind kobold militants and unanswered questions the ship sailed the Aether for Eastern Galicia, picking up new mechanical armor suits paid for out of pocket by Madame Eliza. Now some days later, the ship sails the skies Eastward, Aethercords fluttering in the breeze and dappled with shining blue energies,
Lily listlessly looks to the horizon, having grown somewhat weary already of the sights that could be seen. SHe would check on Johnny every now and then while keeping an eye on Squire and ensuring Eliza was untroubled. Having recently made friends with Bart, she made sure to stop by his place to check on him as well.
The days have been bright, airy and clear; the roil below boils up with energies and air, clouds of steam and earth rioting safely below you. The Aetherstreams light and smooth with the ship gliding along their path between Galicia and Visigard without issue. The open airs ahead are pockmarked with geysers of light and cloud, small Aetheroids of stone flying errantly below. You pass by disks of earth, spinning listlessly in the middle distance.
Eliza stares with some curoisity at the way the ship 'sails', watching the colors along the cords as her slender hands rest on the rail, turning to Elzia, nodding to her with a faint smile as she sees her emerge from the medical bay. "I'd never imagined anything so strange."
Johnny grunts about the ship, staying mobile but resting when he tires. There are guns to clean and swords to polish, and a week of sitting in the hold drives him a bit stir crazy
P.P. A. , who is not drunk, is inside his cabin, reading one of the books he bought back in Ith. There is little to be gained from watching the turmoil of clouds and debris outside of the ship, and it makes him kinda depressed, so he is staying inside.
Bartholomew , who is not drunk, is inside his cabin, reading one of the books he bought back in Ith. There is little to be gained from watching the turmoil of clouds and debris outside of the ship, and it makes him kinda depressed, so he is staying inside.
Ryan spends my time equally at the helm, observing, and walking through the ship to get a feel for the paths and lines that will become important should an emergency occur, but otherwise is content just to check in on everyone for meals and make sure morale isn't being replaced with boredom
The dwarves keep the ship running, trimming Aether-line and sail when required by the weather, checking on ship guages and dials throughout, and ensuring the ship hums along smoothly. Vulcan takes cross-shifts with Ryan overnight, and alongside Brightsmile the ship putters on at a steady pace. Threeshots sits with the batteries and dynamos, he and Vulcan steadying the charge and drain.
Today marks your first day, out in the open Airs; you've nightly docked in friendly ports alongside Galicia Minor, but now, the wide world spreads out ahead, a blue sky over a roiling sea of clouds below
Lily wipes her tired eyes and returns to Eliza with a yawn. "I don't think any ships are following us."
Eliza nods in reply to Lily. "Thank you for keeping such a good watch. I hope the flying agrees with you?" She ask gently, then nods and gestures for Lily to walk with her as the world falls away behind them she looks ahead and goes to the bridge to see Ryan. "How are things, Captain?"
Ryan:"Mundane...which is hardly a bad thing, good Lady. I hope the infirmary will not need to be used again for some time."
Lily followed along. "So far, no more enemies."
Bartholomew steps out of his cabin for some fresh air and to move his legs. His attempts to moderate his alcohol consumption have made him a little restless.
Ryan:"Sir Bart, good to see you in the fresh air. We may be going under the clouds soon, so I'm glad you had a chance.
Eliza:"The new crew are settling in well?" She ask Ryan. "Lilly hasn't spotted anyone following us. I think that means we are safe for the moment.. she has quite excellent vision." She snaps her fingers and ask Lily. "There are binoculars, if you'd like them for when you go watching.. or just to watch things."
Bartholomew:“I do wonder what's it like down there: seafloor laid bare? Drowned underworld landscapes? A wet, crumpled mess?”
Lily examines them carefully. "They're like a scope."
Bartholomew:“Although my bet is on the latter.”
Lily:"Mister Bart, how are you doing?"
Ryan:"Aye, the skies are lonely. But that lets us focus on our task at hand. While I think you could be right, Bart, you'd be surprised what survives even what man calls an apocalypse."
Eliza:"Yes, like two telescopes put together." She says with a smile. "The focal length is adjustable via the thing in the middle." Then her attention turns curiously to the others. "Your studies of ancient people included other 'apocalypse'?"
Bartholomew:“I'm well, thanks,” he replies with a smile. “And you?”
Lily:"It's a little cold without my old coat, so I found a cloak. It's nice and warm."
Bartholomew almost reflexively recommended vodka to stay warm, but catches himself in the thought.
Ryan:"Aye, Eliza, Archaeology is one of those things where the nastier labels apply. More often than not, we are grave robbers trying to piece together life." pauses for dramatic effect "Usually, though, the corpse is long dead. We have the unfortunate dishonour of defiling fresh remains to learn what happened not a lifetime ago."
Eliza:"Has there ever been anything like the cataclysm before?"
Lily worriedly looks to Eliza. "I don't think your brother is a corpse like those."
Ryan blushes
Bartholomew looks over to Ryan. “Sounds a lot like what I used to do: piecing together bits of data into some kind of narrative that made sense. …we went about it more rigorously, but I guess that wasn't worth much in the end.”
Ryan:"I'm sorry, I was trying to be poetic and talk about the world, not...not your Brother."
Ryan clears his throat, hoping not to dwell on it
Ryan:"There have been dramatic uphevals before...never on this scale, but keep in mind that to a people who's entire life may be at the foot of a mountain, a volcano would have been equivalent to the Cataclysm for them."
Bartholomew thinks for a moment. “Now that the continents are… flying, have there been any excavations done on their underside? That wouldn't have been possible before.”
Eliza nods firmly, fiercely to Lily and Ryan. "Indeed. He's not.. the world might be, but fuck it. We are alive. As long as I remain so, I shall find my brother."
Ryan:"Aye, some ruins may be accessible now that were buried and locked away."
Lily:"One person I met said there was new types of cheese to be found on the undersides, and that they could be reached easier than on a moon."
Ryan:"I....I am not sure they understand how cheese is formed...but...who am I to argue without proof?" smiles
Ken (GM):[some work has been possible, but not on a grand scale; the world tensions keep everyone on their heels and little private work is done outside exceptionally wealthy folk, like ELiza]
Bartholomew:“Pffft.” Bartholomew chortles—doubly so at the irony, because that isn't especially far from what he heard from the neighbouring geology department once.
Eliza smiles, glad for the broken tension. "Next stop, northwest of Bastion."
Ryan looses interest in the conversation as he spots something on the horizon
Ryan:"Can I borrow your spyglass?"
Lily tilts her head quizzically at everyone's laughter before handing her binoculars to the Captain
Ryan adjusts them for his face and looks out into the sky
Ryan:"I see Aether-spark in the clouds yonder."
"A ship...looks tethered and listing on that island-cluster."
Lily:"Is it bad?"
Far yonder on the edge of the roiling horizon; a cluster of dark spots tumble in the clouds, between blue sparks of Aetherflash and lightning. A pall of black smoke rises like a inkblot
Eliza hestates and nods in agreement with Lily, then jogs down from the bridge. When she returns she a pair of thin wooden boxes marked "BINOCULARS, Mk 4". She opens open and unwraps the things inside from the crumpled paper it was shipped in, holding it up to gaze out where Ryan was looking. Leaving the other pair for anyone else. "There are more in the ship's stores." She informs them absently. "Should we try the radio?"
Lucky: calls up from belowdecks "Ship-Ho Sire! Do you see, 1 o'clock low?"
Ryan:"Aye, let's try the radio and mark course for a wide circle, let's not get fooled should this be either the victim of an attack, nor bait."
Lily:"I'll protect you Eliza, and you too, Mister Bart."
Bartholomew notices that Lily seems confused, and takes her aside. He knows her at least well enough now to know better than to assume that she has a basic education: “Later today we can talk about cheese and the moon if you want, but let's see how this situation develops, first.”
Eliza mentally draws a clock above the ship and checks to see if it's the ship they see or another one.
Ryan hands off the binoculars and jogs to the bridge
The shortwave chirrups and squeals in the staticy way, and you broadcast and listen on the emergency frequency bands; the only response is a weak signal in crude morse "S...O...S......S...O...S......S...O...S..."
Ryan:Does the ship have any 'shuttle craft'?
... --- ...
Bartholomew looks to Ryan: “Do the basic rules of maritime law apply here in the… sky?”
Eliza nods as she listens to the short, long, short then goes after Ryan. Falling silent to keep from undermining his authority, to let him make the choice.
Ryan frowns and nods.
Ken (GM):@ryan: your destroyer has no out-riggers, unfortunately. The belly has a hatch for the cargo crane though, a few tons of chain lifting power tied to the steel structure
@Bart: With no formal Aerospace accords, Maritime law is the usual rule, where it is applicable, yes
this is why piracy is coming back in full stride, in the Confederation
Ryan:"Do a wide circle first. See if they are alone, especially below the islands"
Ryan orders all hands to look-out
Lily decides to take the binoculars in order to look too
Bartholomew will find a window as well.
Eliza:"Aye aye, Sir." She says with a small nod of approval as they go to respond to the distress signal, but carefully. She goes to watch carefully and stops in the radio room. Carefully tapping out "RESPONDING TO DISTRESS CALL STOP. WHAT IS YOUR EMERGENCY STOP"
Window seats become scarce property as the Serpentis makes for the rocks on a wide berth. On the approach, the Roil below becomes darker and more turbulent, with thin streams of water and air whistling up in little geysers well below you. The rocks ahead grow larger, bobbing on the surface of clouds like marshmallows in cocoa
Ryan nods at Eliza's message
All the while the radio rattles out morse signals, th eonly response heard back is a thin and wavering ... --- ...
Rosettsara:(Getting some Dead Space vibes here)
Ryan wears a frown as they circle the wreck.
The details of the ship grow clearer through the smoky haze; a large wooden ship, two old stumps of mast abovedeck, with 4 large air-fan engines and blue sparkline levistone protruding; a converted old craft
Bartholomew does not believe in ghosts—although he isn't quite sure anymore—but worries that there might be some odd kind of ætheric turbulence that the Serpentis could be drawn into as well.
Ryan:"If anyone sees signs of life, call out."
Eliza nods at that and goes to quitely watch the ship. Studying the damage and looking for any crew. She also looks for any signal flags or markers that might offer alittle more information.
Lily focuses on trying to find well, anything that isn't just a seemingly dead ship.
Ryan:"I have a bad feeling this is an old wreck."
Bartholomew watches the ship, but moreso the weather around it.
Ryan:"Or a patient trap."
Lily:5 vs 14 (Observation)
P.P. A.:test
Bartholomew:9v any of Navigation (Air) 14, Physics 16, Perception 14, or Ætherology(?) at default
Ryan:"Cut the power, go to Battery."
"May be a natural phenomenon.. some kind of power draw here."
Ken (GM) The dwarves sound of fin the engine room and scamper to reel in the aether-sails; blue lines coil back into the hull as the ship slows
Eliza:"The distress transponder is automated. It should keep calling until it's sparkstone battery dies if people can't respond. Their radio might otherwise be damaged or.." She doesn't say 'they are dead', instead just nodding. "We could take postion well above and lower down? Avoid getting too close that way?"
Lily:"The ship doesn't look damaged nor shows signs of crashing. It seems to be there willfully."
Bartholomew:“The ætheric streams below the ship look very upset. I don't quite know what's going on there, but it seems unsafe.”
Ryan:"They may have not noticed the power draw in time."
Bartholomew:“Getting close seems like we mught just get drawn into that whirlpool; can we shoot them a tow line and salvage them from a safe distance?”
Lily:"If people were there, wouldn't they be coming out to wave at us?"
Ryan nods, pondering their options
Ryan:"I am reluctant to put us at risk, but I'm sure each of us would welcome salvation should our mission fail with us stranded in a similar situation."
Lily:"I can go and see."
Ryan nods
Ryan:"Alright. But not alone."
Eliza nods and considers. "I shall accompany her?"
Ryan:"Aye. I'll have the medic on standby should you find survivors, and the rest of us armed and ready should this be a trap."
Lily:"Miss Eliza, if there's something bad there I would protect you, but the better way to protect you is to not put you in danger in the first place."
Ryan:[we have Flare Guns, I assume?]
Eliza:ooc Yes, shotgun/pistol flareguns
Ken (GM):[yus, definitely. A locker full]
Johnny appears from belowdeck, suited up in his jumpsuit, sword and gun on his belts.
Johnny:"Like hell anyone is going down there without me. And like hell miss Eliza heads down"
Ryan smiles and nods
Eliza blinks at Lily.. then nods. "..Alright. If you are sure. Please promise you will be careful?" She ask the young Visigardian.. then sighing, she frowns to Johnny. "I understand. With my training.. I might get in the way."
Johnny:"You're green miss, thats all; this is not a day for training"
Ryan:"I will stay on the ship with the rest to pilot, but we will be a moment away should you need us."
Johnny:"You can practice your shooting today if you promise to miss me and Lily"
Eliza nods firmly and goes to get dressed as the ship moves to get into postion, returning out of her dress and instead wearing a leather rideing suit and high boots tight to the skin, zippered vents open and gloves pulled on her slender hands, gun strapped to her side and the dark haired teenager comeing to look over the rail to the other ship.
Bartholomew:“I'll come along to,” Mr. Leclerc volunteers. He could hardly stay behind doing nothing while Lily goes down there; he also noticed, during the battle with the Kobolds, that he needs mot exposure to stressful situations.
Lily:"If it becomes too much, stay behind us."
Lily wields her cloak as a shield, and uses her knife in the other hand. Exploring the ship's depths would make for awkward combat if she were to rely on her rifle this time, so it's slung around her shoulder.
Johnny:"We drop down from the cargo lines, onto the top of their deck; you guys haul us out if it gets weird?"
Ryan:"Whatever you decide is best, I'll make sure the ship provides."
Johnny:"good; The dwarves can toss us the line, and if the plan works, we'll get the thing at least floating for you to tow it up and out"
Eliza nods, getting climbing harnesses and decenders from the ship's lockers. "Hold tight to go slow, loose to go fast." She says, that's as much as she remembers of them in any case, then hands Lilly something else.. a radio, about the size of a large brick.
Lily holds on to the radio
Johnny:"Dont drop those; theyre expensive"
The ship swoops to the roil below, the telltale tug of loose and wild streams eddying below. Rocks tumble and crack in the wak eof your ship even on the simple approach from above. The crew make ready
Ken (GM):Ryan! Piloting roll please
rolling 3d6
Eh....that's a fail by 1...I'm going to luck it
rolling 3d6
rolling 3d6
There we go
Ken (GM):hahah
Stability is a thing
but better safe and lucky than dead
Ryan:Xactly. setting my 30 min timer just in case
the ship draws in and Mister Ryan keeps it aloft and even steady on the approach; as you near the wreck and the smoky oily cloud, the belly of your ship opens and the loading bay rubles with the turning of steel gears and heavy chain rattling. Lucky and threeshots nimbly dodge about the room as you get ready to descend
The roil earns its namesake today, and the sea of white cloud and grey mists churn and boil as your ship passes lower and lower; in the depths, rocks tumble and sparks of energy twist. Many of the stones and debris tumbling down there gleam with blue-white flashes of Levistone
Ryan watches the battery levels to make sure they're not dropping at an unnatural rate
Johnny CLICK-CLACKs into his mech suit, the batteries whining to life and glowing with Cherenkov brightness of miniature actuators. He takes up the tail end of the tow cord, and hooks it to his frame directly.
Johnny: "I make the bait for our hook"
Eliza nods. "Not to mention you will be strong enough to clear any blocked doors and help anyone trapped."
Lily:"I'll make it back hoime, Eliza."
Ken (GM) as Johnny manages to shrug in a suit of five-hundred pound metal armor
Eliza smiles to Lilly reassuringly and nods.
Bartholomew equips his gun, and casts a few worried glances down at their destination. At least he is not afraid of heights—he has long stared into the stars without any vertigo, and that is a much vaster and darker void than the finite one below them.
JOhnny: "READY" he bellows out, over the thrum of machines and sharp whistle of winds
Ryan presses bootans and pulls leevars
Ryan finishes triggering the deploy sequence, then hangs on the wheel, keeping it responding steady as the little eddies and movements threaten to tug them
The ship swoops down and parks neatly over the wreck; Ryan stops it dead and pushes steady against the pull of the streams over the landing site
Johnny jumps down
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs 12 "they showed me how to do this in boot camp"
P.P. A.:(They did not.)
Ken (GM):@+1 for on the edge "oh god what is he doing"
Johnny dumps himself bodily from the craft above and relies on the chain reel SCREAMING AND SPINNING above him to slow his fall, just like they told him in boot; the dwarves cuss and haul on the brake of the line, letting is throw sparks as they slow his descent to the craft
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs dwarf panic work 14
Ryan:WHOO! Dorfs earned their hazard pay
Lucky and Threeshots manage to grind gears and brake Johnny's landing
P.P. A.:“Panic Work” is the standard for Dwarves
Eliza:"By the three!.." She tries to help, then nods thankfully to Lucky and Threeshots. "Well, now we know the wenches work."
Johnny lands on the deck, squarely, by the chain
Ryan:[Dwarfs: "Hazard pay? You mean...'Pay'"?]
Lily climbs down next, assuming there were no immediate sounds or signs of doom following Johnny's landing
Lily:8 vs 13 (Climbing)
Lily repells down, twisting only slightly in the wind. Ziplining like a pro
P.P. A. looks up the default for climbing
Ken (GM):hahah
Joush M.:I think you get +4 for the harness and decender combo
Ken (GM):yeah
thank christ
P.P. A.:phew
Bartholomew wavers in the wind, and his heart wavers too, but he makes it down safely.
Bart comes in hot, before realizing that its "let go to slow, not death grip"
he lands with a THUMP
Lily:"Are you okay?"
The wind whistles and the WHUM WHUM of Levistone humming about you is the only noise; JOhny takes a few tenative steps CLUNK CLUNK and the ship creaks beneath him, old wood
Ken (GM):[dumb question; yall can see the map?]
Bartholomew gets up, a little shaken, but well. “Y-yes, thank you.”
Rosettsara:(I can)
P.P. A.:(Yes)
Bartholomew looks around the ship for signs of life, and at the rocks around them for anything interesting.
Lily checks her knife and radio
Bartholomew looks at this blue lightning going down from the ship to a rock on the ground—is it an anchor? Is it normal?
Lily then looks around for things like used food and drink containers, more subtle signs of life
Sparks of thin aetheric energy eddy from the fore-engine to a nearby stone in the outcropping; the rock has a line of shimmery levistone in the core, glimmering like a hot reactor.
Lily also keeps her companions in sight at all times
Lily:"It looks like nobody has even been living here."
Johnny manhandles the chain to attach it under the forward engine
Bartholomew:“Hmm…” He gets out his notebook and pen, and copies the runes he sees on the levistone-infused rock close to the ship.
Ken (GM):Ryan! Piloting roll to keep her steady!
rolling 3d6
Ken (GM):
rolling 3d6 vs dwarf-teamsters 12
Ryan:Woo! Statistically Better Than Average!
Lily:"Why would there be a ship with nobody to crew it..?"
the ship hovers above, steady on the streams, and the chain is let out for Johnny to attach it to the wreck
Bartholomew:“Perhaps…” He looks a little pale. “The crew is dead?”
Lily:"There are no bodies, no blood. Unless there's some below deck."
Johnny loops the chain round a thick beam of wood he suspects was the mast, several times
Bartholomew considers if the crew might have starved to death, or committed suicide by jumping off the ship into the abyss. He decides to look for an entry into the ship's interior
Ken (GM):[Bart is standing over a door-hatch on the deck
Lily would go past him as soon as he found an entrance
Ken (GM):[zoidberg noises]
Bartholomew checks if the hatch can be opened; if it can, he calls over the others.
Lily:"Johnny, we found a way in."
Bartholomew:(If not, he'll ask Johnny in his mech to open it by force.)
Eliza ask Lucky and Threeshots as she stands in the venteral bay near the open door, watching out for the others. "Are those harpoon guns on the bow?.. And that thing far forward, what is that?"
Threeshots: "Aye, those are speargun. An' I suspect the one up front is a firethrower ma'am."
Johnny maneuvers over the small ship to the hatch
Bartholomew looks around the ship's equipment. “This looks like a whaler.”
Lucky: "I suspect it's a whaler ship. Maybe hunting for the bloatwhales?"
Ken (GM):[whale-mind]
Lily:"How eerie."
Ken (GM):[saluto doc! Youre on a ghostship, and you just chained it to your own craft, fifty-ish yards above you!]
Eliza nods. "A fire-thrower?" She ask as she keeps an eye on things.
Ryan over the Radio
Ryan:"Check for survivors and get out of there if there are none. We're belly full, no need to salvage unless you see some documents that can help us."
DrExplosion:[still catching up]
Lily fiddles with the radio until she gets it right. "Okay, Captain. So far we believe that there are no living people on the ship, but we'll take a quick look below deck."
Ryan:"If you see a Log book or Maps, grab them."
Lucky and Threeshots see Johnny has the chain secured, and winch in the line, locking the brake and pinning it in place "We're secure up here, Mister Ryan!"
Ryan:"Copy that, be safe!"
The dwarves chuckle and say something back and forth in dwarven, broad smiles
Bartholomew gets out his flashlight. He considers telling the Dwarves about the runes he found, but they couldn't read them over the radio anyway.
Lily:"It'll be okay, Mister Bart."
Bartholomew feels patronised being comforted by this girl half his age, but shrugs it off. “Let's see what we'll find, then.”
P.P. A.:The hatch can be opened without much brute force, right?
oh nvm, checked Discord
Ken (GM):[whee
Johnny yanks open the hatch
Below the deck a short wooden stair descends to the hold...if the hold itself werent squirming full of sickly black squirming water full of wriggling eels!
The wriggling heap of flesh squiggles and lashes about a the sudden light, and the forms dive below the brackish water immediately, shunning the light above
Fiss:[fuckin eels....Ken, I'm beginning to worry about you....]
Ken (GM):[:P]
the ship groans loudly below your feet, and you feel the weight of it shift noticable
Ken (GM):noticibly*
Lily:"Can you eat those?"
Bartholomew takes a step back at the movement.
The ship goes GROOOOOOAN CRACK and there is the sound of cracking wood below your feet
Ken (GM):mister ryan!
Bartholomew:“…perhaps we should get off.”
Ryan:Oooooh shit.
rolling 3d6
Lily:"We should go."
The sperpentis stays up as the chain goes very tight very fast; the ship's weight suddenly on the one above!
Bartholomew motions for Lily to go ahead and get off first. He knows himself to climb slowly, so he would hold up the others.
Lily heads back to climb up
Ken (GM):[marked of fyour climb lines there
Joush M.:do we have wenches for those climbing lines? Can they grab and get reeled up?
the ship miserably gorans and heaves like a dying man in the throes of his last moments; in the hold, something LURCHES hard!
Lily begins her climb. "Hurry!"
Eliza calls down, not sure they can hear anyway.. "Johnny, get on the chain and cut us loose!"
Ken (GM):Joush; yeah the dwarves have the two climb-lines on racheted spools
Bartholomew hurries after her.
DrExplosion:(we were going to tow this ship, right?)
Ken (GM):Lily, Bart and Johnny! ROLL DX as the ship bucks underneath you!
Ken (GM):@doc; yes you were!
rolling 3d6 vs 12
Ryan:Oh sheet
Ken (GM):jfc
Lily:13 vs 13
Bartholomew:kaksoispiste de de de
Eliza lets the dwarves do the work of reeling in Lilly and Bart, worrying about Johnny
DrExplosion:gonna start with my Luck already
P.P. A.:The dice really want Johnny dead.
Ken (GM):IKR?
rolling 3d6 vs 12
rolling 3d6 vs 12
Ken (GM):huzzah!
DrExplosion:reminder that I am literally cursed rn @ppa
Johnny's mech suit tips crazily, but he holds on with a quick rebalance
Ken (GM):lily! Bart! one climbing roll please!
Lily:9 vs 13
P.P. A.:(sorry)
Ken (GM):woot
Johnny heads back to steady himself on the chain
Lily and Bart strap back in and tie off correctly!
Bartholomew wishes he had some more alcohol in his blood as he makes his way up the chain, knowing it anchored to a wreck full of eels teetering above the abyss.
The dwarves wave frantically at them from above
The Dwarves crank the tow lines and hoist Lily and Bart up hard, once they see them strapped in and ascending
Ken (GM):JOhnny! Whats your plan?
Eliza calls out, pointing. "Kraken! Under the ship!" She keeps pointing, trying to give them an idea where she means. "Johnny, get out of there!"
Bartholomew:“Wait, a Kraken?!”
Bartholomew , who had been looking down at Johnny, now looks to the side of the ship… to find, indeed, something matching Eliza's description.
Ryan:"Is everyone on rope or chain?"
DrExplosion:(Johnny has only the tow chain available to climb, correct?)
Bartholomew:“What the…!”
Lily:"Is that what those fish were?"
slithering tentacles rise up from under the hull
Ken (GM):@doc; give or take; you have a hard point on yourself you can tie off to as well, on your armor
DrExplosion:(and is that connected/is there anything available to connect it to the Serpentis)
P.P. A.:So the plan would be to tie the chain to your suit, and then to sever it from the wreck
Ken (GM):the chain is tied off above, and you looped it round the mast stup, under the forward engine
a Fat, slimy, dog-sized leech slithers up from the below through the open hatch; the ship creaks and sloshes
P.P. A.:“Johnny, hurry! Get on the chain and cut it below you or something!”
Bartholomew:“Johnny, hurry! Get on the chain and cut it below you or something!”
Johnny:I'm basically just trying to figure out if he has any options besides "try to climb the chain," "try to cut the ship loose", "try to fight the kraken," or "hang on to the chain for dear life and tell them to PULL"
Ken (GM):hahaha
Eliza takes aim at it and tries to ignore the roll of the ship as the weight pulls at the chain.
Ken (GM):eliza aims!
DrExplosion:because if those are his options the last one is definitely the most fun
Ken (GM):hahahah
P.P. A.:Are Barth and Lily ob board of the Serpentis again, or still dangling below it?
Ken (GM):still dangling for the moment!
the coils of heavy cord twang as they spool upward! the dwarves whirring the cranks to get them up fast!
Ryan:So, just to confirm, the main chain are holding us together, but all the crew is on free lines?
Bartholomew pulls out his gun and starts aiming at the tentacle closest to Johnny. He's swinging on the rope, he's scared, and he doesn't know if shooting this thing will make it tear down the shipwreck in anger, but he aims anyway, just in case.
DrExplosion:(seriously though I walked into the middle of this so I'm confused as to the situation)
P.P. A.:Ok, briefly:
Ken (GM):[oh man, I understand]
P.P. A.:You dropped down onto the shipwreck and attached a chain to it.
Then Lily and Leclerc followed you.
DrExplosion:(lemme know if there are any other apparent options available so I can choose which foolish thing Johnny is going to do)
P.P. A.:The chain tethers our ship to the wreck.
Ken (GM):but johnny is not tethered directly, yet
the madlad
P.P. A.:Right now the wreck is being pulled down by a Kraken, and since the chain connects it to the Serpentis, the Serpentis is being pulled down with it.
Lily and Leclerc are (reasonably) safe, Johnny is sitll oboard the wreck, and the chain is still connecting the two ships.
So 1) Johnny needs to get off and 2) we need to sever this link
Ken (GM):[yeah, and the wreck's levistone engines are off, so it has no life
P.P. A.:unless Johnny wants to stay and fight a bunch of spooky eels, giant leeches, and a kraken
DrExplosion:I mean
does he have any idea how big a kraken is
Ken (GM):never met one, but theyre fabled to be big as ships
rolling 3d6 vs 12 self-control