Grimoire of Gaia2.0.0-alpha.8Adds many strong enemies and cute monstergirls.both
Patchouli71.1Soft dependency. Enables GoG's encyclopedia.both
Curios API5.0.7.1Soft dependency. Allows GoG accessoires to be worn in dedicated slots.both
Simple Login1.0.0Authentication for offline (pirate) servers.both
Everlasting SkinsAllows the use of skins on offline (pirate) servers.server
Roots Classic1.1.28Nature-themed/druidic magic mod.both
ewewukek's Musket modAdds blackpowder firearms.both
Axes Are Weapons1.6.0-forge-1.18.2Treats axes as weapons (no additional durability loss, can use sword enchantments).server
Cloth Config API6.4.90-forgeDependency for Axes Are Weaponsserver
Responsive Shields2.1-mc1.17-18-19.xRemoves hidden delay when raising a shield.server
JoustingAdds lances and lets you charge on horseback.both
Farmer's Delight1.2.0Farming and cooking mod. Adds new crops, dishes, and some furniture.both
Nether's DelightAddon for Farmer's Delight.both
Spice of Life1.12.0Increases maximum HP when eating a varied diet.both
Chimes1.1.2-1.18.2Adds wind chimes that ward off Phantoms.both
Slimy StuffAdds more uses for slime, including new armour and weapons.both
Recall PotionAdds a potion that teleports you back to your spawn point when drunk.both
Enhanced Celestials2.0.7Adds lunar events.both
Death Chest1.18.1-1.6.2Stores your inventory in a chest when you die.server
CleanCutAttack enemies through tall grass, flowers, etc.both
Open Parties and ClaimsAllows claiming chunks for grief protection.both
Fast Leaf Decay28Hastens leaf decay after felling a tree.server
CraftTweaker9.1.197Allows customising crafting recipies and other scripting.both
More MobGriefing Options2.0.1Allows finetuning of MobGriefing gamerule per entity type.server
FastSuite3.0.2Performance mod.server
FastWorkbench6.1.1Performance mod.both
FastFurnace6.0.3Performance mod.server
Placebo6.6.6Dependency for the Fast- mods.both
FerriteCore4.2.2-forgePerformance mod.both
Lazy DataFixerUpper1.18+Performance mod.both
CanaryPerformance mod.both
PlutoPerformance mod.both
Starlight1.0.2+forge.546ae87Performance mod.server
Chunky1.2.164Chunk pregeneration and world borders.server