~ Remagen, 11.03.2021 ~

It had been a rather windy day (and still was); branches snapping in the distance or lying broken on the ground attested to that.

Forests should be avoided during or after storms, as heavy branches or trunks can suddenly come crashing down.

I followed the road out towards the fields, expecting a good view from there.

As the dirt roads wound through the fallow fields, the view opened up on all sides.

The panorama deserves better than to be cut up into narrow slices.
The view extends far up and down the Rhine, to towns near and peaks far.
Nevermind the beets in the foreground.

The Drachenfels loomed on the western horizon.

To the east, one can see the plateau above Sinzig, and farther upstream the Andernacher Pforte (Gate of Andernach).