~ Oberwinter, 19.04.2023 ~

The promenade of Oberwinter is lined with cherry trees, currently in full bloom.

The town features a harbour for yachts, and a long embankment that shields it from the rest of the river.

It offers a good view of the town, of the harbour, and of the landscape all around.

Downstream along the horizon is the Siebengebirge, with its castle-topped Drachenfels mountain on the left.

The sculpture at the end of the embankment doesn't serve any purpose.

On the northern end of the town is a series of allotment gardens, called Schrebergärten here.

They enjoy a good view of the Rhine, of the town of Unkel upstream, and St. Apollinaire in Remagen beyond.

A tiny strip of beach was littered with white shells.

The cherries flower for about a week or so each spring. Despite lining a busy road, and the cherry blossom in Bonn drawing many tourists in recent years, it's mostly only the locals come to take a few photos.

The noise from the many cars always rushing by is unattractive, I suppose.

The old town of Oberwinter—a main street and a few small alleys branching off—is charming as well.

It is lined by carefully and colourfully decorated half-timbered houses.

Activating the traffic lights to cross the street caused a short traffic jam. Sorry!