~ Bad Bodendorf, 11.09.2021 ~

I revisited the vinyards between Löhndorf and Bad Bodendorf, now bearing fruit.
A few streets of Bad Bodendorf were affected by the devastating Ahr flood two months earlier, but it got off lightly compared to many other places. The damage is still visible: bridges are missing; much of the Ahr promenade is inaccessible, if not outright gone.

The vinyards high on the slopes and terraces were untouched by the flood, but the vinters of the region were hit hard nonetheless. Most of them lost their wine cellars at the bottom of the valley. Equipment like presses and barrels was swept away or destroyed.

The wounds left behind by the flood have not yet healed, and scars will remain in the landscape. The changes are more striking when seen from the ground: The Ahr's bed often doubled in width at the expense of paths, roads, bridges – houses, in many places farther upstream. Trees that once shaped the horizon are missing, exposing the novel view behind.
From up above, the natural beauty of the valley prevails.

The photos from the forest are unfortunately blurry and poorly focused.