~ Unkelbach, 10.06.2023 ~

While the day was young, I ascended the Apollinarisberg of Remagen to venture into the forest to its north.

Not far from the St. Apollinaris church is a small, stagnant lake.

In the middle of the forest there is a corral and shelter for deer.

The path continued, down and back up the valley of a small stream, whose name now eludes me.

At the ridge between the two valleys, the forest opens up to the fields and pastures of the village of Unkelbach, which shares the name of the small beek running through it.

Its main street is unspectacular, if typical.

There is not a lot of traffic here. To the west, the street leads towards Oedingen.

I was not aware of the small older part of Unkelbach, and only discovered it on this occasion. A few well-appointed timber-framed and brick houses line the street, there is a small grocery store, and the church of St. Remigius.

The church was guarded by an intimidating gargoyle, but it allowed me to enter.

Inside and out, St. Remigius is a typica Neo-Gothic parish church—small and tasteful.

The small cemetery behind the church has been converted into a small park.

Beyond, the village continues. The titular Unkelbach runs through the street, crossed over by many little bridges.

The road out to the East leads down to the Rhine.

Unkel can be seen on the other side, and a path frequented by cyclists leads round the meander back to Remagen.